Amazing Health Benefits and Medicinal Uses of Camphor


Usually, the camphor found on the tree pits and branches is called Apakava (natural) karpura. The height of the camphor tree can be up to 100 feet and width is 6 to 8 feet. The bark of its stem is rough and thick above the top and smooth from inside.

  • Its leaves are yellow, smooth, alternate, fragrant, green and light yellow in colour. Its leaves are 2-4 inches tall. The flowers appear in clusters, small in size and white in colour.
  • On ripening, its fruits become black in colour. The seeds are small. The fragrance of camphor keeps coming from all parts of the tree. On cutting the bark of its tree,  a type of gum oozes, which is known as Kapoor after drying.

camphor tree

What are the types of Camphor?
There are many types of camphor according to the location, texture and its colour but Bhimseni, Indian and Chinese varieties are more popular,

  • Bhimsen Camphor is considered as a good variety and has been used since ancient times. It is heavier than Chinese Camphor variety and sinks in water whereas Chinese Camphor does not sink in water.
  • The liquid form of Chinese Camphor is obtained by mixing it with peppermint and juice of carom seeds turns into liquid form.
  • Indian Camphor is obtained from Tulsi plant which is a species belonging to Lamiaceae. Just like basil, leaves of this plant has a strong fragrance. The camphor obtained from these leaves is 61-80%, whereas the quantity of yellow oil obtained from the seeds of its leaves is 12%.

What are the qualities of Camphor according to Ayurveda?

qualities of Camphor

(Reference: SushrutSamhita, Sutrasthan, Chapter No. 46, Shlok No. 203 and 204)

Meaning: It, is bitter, emits fragrance, coolant, and light in nature. Camphor has scraping property, relieves mouth dryness and bad breath problem.

  • Camphor is sweet, bitter, pungent and light in nature. It undergoes pungent taste conversion after digestion.Being pungent in taste, it balances all the three doshas Vata, Pitta and Kapha.
  • It mitigates the thirst, increases digestion power, prevents fever, treats anorexia, heart stimulant, induces sweating, expels sputum, relieves pain, increases semen, useful in digestive disorders and inflammation.
  • It removes intestinal worms and useful in backache.
  • Use of camphor in worms, TB, chronic fever, diarrhoea, cholera, asthma, arthritis, joint pains, tetanus, lung diseases, etc. is very beneficial.
  • It is also useful in tachycardia (rapid heart rate, more than 100 beats per minute).

Amount of Intake

  • It is beneficial to use camphor in the quantity of about a quarter of a gram after shodhan karma.

What are the uses of camphor in the treatment of various diseases?


  • Mix 10 grams camphor in 500 ml sesame oil and fill it in a bottle. Close the lid of the bottle and keep it in the sun. When the camphor completely dissolves in the oil, massage with it on the affected joints. One can also use turpentine oil.

Arthritis Treatment in Ayurveda


  • In itching, mix camphor oil in jasmine or coconutoil and massage with this oil.

3. Cramps in hands and feet:

  • Mix camphor in four times quantity of mustard oil and massage on hands and feet. Consumption of camphor also relieves cramping of hands and feet.

4. Scorpion Stings:

  • The patient affected by a scorpion sting should add camphor to vinegar and apply on the affected part.

5. Labour Pain:

  • If there is acute pain during labour, the woman should be given with 125 mg of camphor with ripe banana as it eases delivery.

6. Skin Disorders:

  • Crush camphor in coconut oil and applying regularly 2-3 times helps in getting rid of skin diseases.

7. Cold and Cough:

  • The patient suffering from cold and cough should snap a piece of camphor in a napkin and take its fragrance. It provides relief in the cold and blocked nose as well.

8. Headache:

  • If there is a headache, then camphor and sandalwood should be rubbed in basil juice to make a paste. Applying this on the head relieves headache.


9. Impotence:

  • In impotency, knead camphor in ghee and massage the penis with it. Impotency is treated successfully by using it for few weeks.

10. Eye disorders:

  • In eye disorders, grind bhimseni camphor milk and apply on the eyes with the help of finger.

11. in breast’s milk:

  • If a breast fed child dies, then after death also milk is secreted from the mother’s breast. To reduce the secretion of milk in mother, put camphor in water and make a paste. Apply this paste on breasts thrice a day. It reduces excessive production of milk in the breasts.

13. Bleeding Disorders:

  • Grind a little camphor and mix it in rose water. This mixture should be instilled in the nose as it destroys blood disorders due to excessive heat.

14. Wounds:

  • If the wound is not recovering quickly, then camphor should be applied on the wound.

15. Asthma:

  • Mix 125 mg of camphor and 125 mg of heeng (asafoetida) and take this mixture thrice a day. All breathing problems are resolved by this remedy.
  • Grind 125 mg of camphor and 10 grams of roasted asafoetida and mix ginger juice in it. Make pills equal to 1 gram. These pills should be dried in the shade and take the 1-1 tablet with water for 3-4 days.
  • Boil camphor in water and inhale its fumes. It provides relief in respiratory troubles.
  • If there is a complaint of respiratory diseases, injury or sprain, then every night, a little camphor should be sucked in the mouth. It eliminates all the respiratory disorders.

16. Itching:

  • Mix 10 grams of camphor, 10 grams of white catechu and 5 grams vermillion in a glass vessel and then add 100 grams of ghee and stir well. Wash this mixture 121 times with water. Applyingthis ointment on the itching skin helps in relieving itchiness. It is also beneficial in rotten wounds.

17. Intestinal worms in kids:

  • If the child has worm’s in the stomach, then consumption of little bit camphor or 1-2 drops of karpurasava (for children above the age of 5 years) mixed with jaggery helps in expelling out worms from the intestines. It also gives quick relief in stomach pain as well.

18. Swelling around the eyes:

  • Mix camphor in banyan tree’s (Ficus benghalensis) milk and apply around eyes for 2 months.

19. Semen in urine:

  • The patients suffering from urinary tract disorders should place camphor on the penis or grind the camphor in water and soak the cloth in it. Keep this cloth onthe penis.

20. Hair falling of the eyelids:

  • Applying camphor with lemon juice relieves hair fall of the eye lids.

21. Stomach Ache:

  • Taking 125 mg of camphor or 3-10 drops of karpurasav (for adults) and 1-3 drops (for children) with sugar helps in relieving stomach ache.

22. Respiratory Disorders:

  • Burning camphor and taking its fumes through the nose helps in relieving respiratory disorders.

23. Uterine Pain:

  • Mixing camphor in ghee and massaging it under the navel and eating 125 mg of camphor with sugar helps in relieving uterine pain.

24. Pain in the eyes:

  • Applying camphor powder helps in relieving pain in the eyes. If someone is suffering from insomnia, then it should be applied in the eyes.

25. Nocturnal Emission:

  • Grind 125 mg of camphor and add a teaspoon of sugar and take this mixture while sleeping every night.

26. Indigestion:

  • Take 125 mg of camphor and asafoetida and prepare small tablets. Take 1-1 tablet thrice a day with water to relieve indigestion.

27. Acne:

  • In acne, make a paste by mixing 3 spoons of gram flour, 1/4 spoon turmeric,a pinch of camphor and lemon juice. Apply this paste on the face and when it gets dry, wash face with plain water.

28. Spots and Scars on the face

  • Mix 2 teaspoons of turmeric, rose water and a pinch of camphor. Apply this mixture on the face regularly for 15-20 days to get rid of scars and spots. Avoid applying this mixture around the eyes.

29. Lice:

  • In lice, add a pinch of camphor powder in 3 spoons of coconut oil and apply on the hair scalp at bed time. In the morning, wash and brush the hair witha fine comb.

30. Typhoid:

  • The patients suffering from fever should take 3-10 camphor drops. It helps in the expansion of blood vessels which results in excessive sweating. Excessive sweating causesa decrease in body temperature.
  • If a child is suffering from diarrhoea in typhoid fever, then grind camphor and drink it with water to stop immediately.

31. Toothache:

  • In toothache, make powder by grinding 5 grams of camphor and 5 grams of gram flour together in a fine granular form. It helps in reducing the swelling of gums.
  • If the tooth is hollow and there is a pain in it, then grind camphor or ginger and Ammonium chloride (NH4Cl) and wrap it in the cotton.
  • Keep this mixture in the hollow of the teeth to get relief in pain.

32. Itching in the Testicles:

  • The patient should take 120 mg of camphor in the morning and evening. Burn the camphor and mix the ash with oil. It helps in providing relief in itching.

33. Malaria:

  • Taking 125 mg powder of camphor with plain water helps in relieving malaria fever.

34. Fever:

  • Take 600-1800 mg of camphor or 5-20 drops of Kapurasav or Kapoorambu (Kapoor’s water), consuming 28-58 ml of it helps in curing fever.
  • By binding its powder in a thin cloth and applying on the body, the blood vessels dilatewhich results in sweating and decreases the temperature of the body.

35. Whooping Cough:

  • Whooping cough in children can be treated by massaging with camphor oil on the chest and waist of the children.

36. Cough:

  • Cough in children can be cured by massaging the back and chest with camphor oil.

37. Cataract:

  • Grind Bhimsen camphor and mix it in milk. Instilling this mixture in eyes gives relief in cataract.

38. Strengthening the teeth:

  • Mix 10 grams of camphor and 10 grams of salt and rinse the mouth with this mixture at night. It strengthens the teeth.

39. Improving eyesight:

  • Mix camphor and honey and apply it in the eyes 2-3 times regularly helps in improving eyes sight.

40. Cavities in teeth:

  • Mixing camphor in alcohol and placing this mixture in teeth helps in removing cavities. Camphor powder can be rubbed on teeth for removing dental caries.

41. Influenza:

  • Keeping a piece of camphor along with you does prevent influenza. Consuming 5-20 drops of Karpurasava with sugar crystal and drinking water after it can help in treating influenza. Influenza can be cured by taking this in the morning and evening.

42. Dengue Fever:

  • Take 5-10 drops of karpurasav with sugar crystal in morning and evening. It helps in the dilation of blood vessels and induces sweating and  reduces fever.

43. Pyorrhea:

  • In pyorrhea, take a pinch of camphor with betel leaf and chew it properly. While chewing, make sure that the juice does not go inside. Spit out the juice.
  • For pyorrhea, mix camphor with desi ghee and rub on the teeth and gums daily 3-4 times and rinse after a while. It helps in treating pyorrhea.

44. Pneumonia:

  • Mix 2 gm camphor with 10 ml turpentine oil and massage on the ribs or mix a piece of camphor in mustard oil and massaging the ribs with this oil helps in pneumonia.

45. Burning and itching inthe vagina:

  • For itching and burning sensation, consume 120 to 240 mg quantity of camphor regularly in the morning and evening. Mix the camphor in oil and apply on the affected area.

46. Vomiting:

  • Consuming 3-4 drops of juice of camphor in water helps in relieving vomiting. By mixing camphor in sugar also relieves vomiting.

47. Blood in vomiting:

  • Grind 125 mg of camphor and 1 gram cannabis and mix it in water. Make the small tablets of this mixture of the size of a lentil and let them dry in the shade. Take 1-1 tablet with water at every 3-3 hour difference. It provides relief in bloody vomiting.

48. Mouth Ulcers:

  • Applying camphor powder on the mouth ulcers helps in treating ulcers.
  • Mix equal quantity of camphor and sugar candy then suck a pinch of this mixture 3-4 times a day.
  • Grind sugar candy to make a fine paste and mix it with little camphor then apply on the affected areas. It helps in treating mouth ulcers. It is also useful in mouth ulcers in children.
  • Mix camphor in coconut oil and apply on the mouth ulcers.
  • Mix camphor in desi ghee and apply this mixture 4 times a day.

49. Hiccups:

  • Mix 3-10 drops of camphor and musk melon,  taking it 2-3 times regularly are quite beneficial in hiccups.

50. Miscarriage:

  • Grind Bhimseni Camphor in rose water and applying on vagina helps in preventing miscarriage.

51. Diseases of the uterus:

  • If there is any kind of a pain in the uterus at the time of menstruation, consuming 120 mg of camphor in the morning and evening provides relief. It is also useful in pain in the uterus due to other disorders. A pregnant woman should not consume it because it reduces milk.

52. Back Pain:

  • Mix camphor in 4 times flaxseed oil and massage on the back. It is beneficial in back pain.

53. Hemorrhoids:

  • Mix camphor with castor oil and warm the oil. Make the ointment and apply cleaning pile tags, apply this ointment. The pain and burning sensation are relieved by using this ointment. The pile tags get dried and fall away by this remedy.

54. Injuries:

  • In injury, add ghee and camphor in equal quantities and bind it on the area of injury. It provides relief in pain due to injury, and bleeding is also controlled.
  • Mixing camphor in oil and massaging the affected area helps in relieving sprains, cramps and also remove the pain.

55. Menstrual Disturbances:

  • Mix half a gram refined flour (maida) and a pinch of powder of camphor and make 4 tablets. Consuming one tablet twice a day in morning and evening helps in relieving menstrual disturbances. It should be consumed approximately 4 days prior to menstruation. It is harmful to consume it after the onset of the menstrual cycle.

56. Wounds:

  • Mixing dried aqueous extract of Berberis aristata and camphor and applying on wounds helps in healing even chronic wounds.

57. Weak Digestive Fire:

  • Mix 10 grams of camphor, 10 grams of celery juice, 10 ml of mint juice and 10 grams of eucalyptus oil. Keep this mixture in a glass bottle for 1 hour. Take 2 drops of this mixture in the morning and evening each with water after taking meals.

58. High Blood Pressure:

  • Taking 120 mg of camphor in the morning and evening helps in reducing high blood pressure.
  • Consuming 5-20 drops of juice of camphor with sugar candy 2-3 times a day helps in maintaining normal blood pressure.

59. Sneezing:

  • If sneezing is due to cold or damp weather, then take camphor equal to the size of rice grain and mix it with sugar crystal. Take this mixture followed by a glass of water. It gives benefits in sneezing and cold.

60. Sun stroke:

  • If someone suffered from a sun stroke, then the juice of camphor gives relief. Mix 10 drops of camphor juice in water and take this juice in a little while.

61. Urticaria:

  • In urticaria, camphor should be added in coconut oil and applied on the skin or mix camphor with neem oil and apply on the affected area. It gives quick relief in urticaria.

62. Drowning in Water:

  • Taking 125 mg of camphor or 5-20 drops of camphor juice in the sugar crystal helps in increasing energy and the hope of living in the patient also increases.

63. The decrease in the temperature of the body:

  • If the body’s temperature is decreased due to cold, then consume camphor by mixing it in sugar crystal. It increases the body’s temperature.

64. Plague Disease:

  • Burn the camphor to avoid plague and to clean the environment around you.

65. Dental Caries:

  • Applying a piece of camphor on the tooth or a molar helps in removing cavities.

66. Sexual disorders in males:

  • Mixing camphor in flaxseeds oil and massaging it on the penis helps in treating sexual disorders in males.

67. Excessive secretion of milk from breasts:

  • Grind camphor and make a paste. Applying this paste on the breasts and consuming 120 mg of camphor reduces the excessive secretion of milk.

68. Semen defects in men:

  • Mix 125 mg of camphor and 30 gm of opium and make small tablets. Consuming one pill at night helps in curing semen defects in men.

69. Diseases of the nose:>

  • Mix 10 grams of camphor with 10 ml of turpentine oil and store it in a bottle. When camphor melts well, mix it and instill 5-5 drops in the patient’s nose.
  • Smelling the camphor also helps in treating the cold.
  • Consume 120 mg of camphor mixed with sugar crystal followed by a glass of water. It helps in the treatment of a cold. This remedy is enough to take for only one time in the beginning and if necessary, then take it for the second time as well.
  • If there is sneezing due to cold, then drink water by keeping the camphor equal to one grain of rice in the mouth with a teaspoon of sugar. It helps in relieving cold and sneezing too.

70. Epistaxis:

  • Mixing camphor and sesame oil together and instilling it in the nose brings relief to the diseases of nose (bleeding from the nose).
  • Applying camphor and white sandalwood on the forehead bring relief in bleeding from the nose.
  • Nasal bleeding can be cured by mixing a little camphor in desi ghee and putting it in the nose.
  • Make a mixture by adding 120 grams of camphor powder and green coriander in water. Instilling this mixture in the nose helps in epistaxis.

71. Chronic Cold:

  • Mix 3 grams of desi camphor and 6 grams of soapstone together and make powder by grinding them. Smelling this powder helps in removing chronic cold.
  • Mix 10 pieces of camphor and 10 grams of turpentine oil and dry it in sunlight and put it in the bottle. From this mixture, pour 5-5 drops of oil into the nose of the patient 3-6 times a day.

72. Fainting (Unconsciousness):

  • Take 1 gram camphor and 6 gram white sandalwoods. Rub this mixture in rose water and apply this paste onthe forehead, chest and whole body. It helps in getting rid of fainting.

73. Tachycardia:

  • If there is an increase in heartbeat, then the patient should consume a little camphor. This makes the heartbeat normal.

74. Cholera:

  • Grind 125 mg pure camphor, 12 grams roasted asafoetida, 10 grams pure opium and red chili and 5 teaspoons of isabgol in 5 grams water. Make pills equal to 1 gram and take the 1-1 tablet with rose water and fresh water at 1-1 hour intervals.
  • If there is cholera in the initial stage, then taking karpurasav with sugar crystals repeatedly helps in treating cholera. It is used as a stimulant for breathing, heart rate and blood circulation.
  • Mix camphor, carom seeds juice and peppermint in equal quantities and take a 1-1 drop of this juice by keeping it in sugar crystal. It is quite effective in the treatment of cholera disease.

75. Hysteria:

  • Hysteria is cured by consuming approximately 3-10 drops of camphor juice in the morning and evening.

76. Nail Problems:

  • Take 125 mg of camphor and sulphur and mix them in kerosene. When it is like an ointment, then apply it on the nails twice a day.

77. Chicken Pox:

  • In chicken pox, about 120 mg of camphor or 5-20 drops of Karpurasav is beneficial. It results in excessive sweating which helps in providing relief in fever.

79. Ringworm:

  • Mix 125 mg each of camphor, sulphur and sugar in equal quantities, grind it with water and apply on the affected area.

80. Boils:

  • Grind 20 grams of camphor, 20 grams of resin, and 10 grams of blue vitriol, 20 grams of wax and 20 grams of vermillion and mix them in ghee. Applying this mixture on the boils helps in treating them

81. Roughness in the hands:

  • Take clean wax and a little camphor in sesame oil and heat it. Now fill this mixture in the bottle. Applying this oil on the hands helps in removing roughness.

82. Dry Itching:

  • Mix 10 grams of camphor in 58 grams of jasmine oil to make a paste. Apply this paste on the affected area. Dry itching is quickly removed by this remedy.

83. Dry and Cracked Lips:

  • Put camphor in cow’s ghee and apply it on the lips. It results in the cure of dry and cracked lips.

84. Bleeding:

  • If there is bleeding from any organ of the body, then it is beneficial to consume red sandalwood and 3-10 drops of karpurasav for  a few days.

85. Hard and dry skin:

  • Rub the sandalwood with rose water mixed with camphor in it. Apply this paste on the affected skin. It eliminates swelling on the skin and makes the skin soft.

86. Measles:

  • By taking 120 ml of camphor or 5-20 drops of camphor juice, the child gets relief in measles.
  • When the measles get dried, then camphor should be applied, mixed in coconut oil. It provides relief in a burning sensation.

87. Vascular Disorders:

  • Using 120 mg of camphor or juice of 5-20 drops of camphor, stimulates the action of the cardiac system and blood For normal pulse, massage the body by camphor mixing with four times mustard oil.

88. Diseases of the children:

  • Grind 3 grams of camphor and 1 gram Lodhra (Symplocos racemosa) and tie them in a cloth. Soak this cloth in water for one hour. After soaking this cloth for 1 hour, apply it on the eyes as it removes pain, burning sensation and swelling around the eyes.

89. Inflammation

  • Inflmamtion in the body: During an inflammation, mix camphor in cow’s ghee and make a paste. Massage with this paste on the body.

How to prepare Camphor oil, its usage method and benefits:

  • To make camphor oil at home, put some pieces of camphor in coconut oil or pure sesame oil and keep it in an airtight container. The coconut oil will absorb the ingredients of camphor.
  • This oil is beneficial in relieving the pain of arthritis, swelling of the joints, scars, wounds, pain etc.

What are the side effects of Camphor?

  • Consumption of camphor in excess quantity has toxic effects on the body, causing stomach ache, vomiting, delirium, confusion, paralysis, obstruction of urine, numbness in limbs, insanity, unconsciousness, low eye vision, blue coloured body, inflammation of the face, diarrhoea, impotence, sleepiness, weakness, anemia etc.
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