Best Foods for Vitamin D deficiency


Weak muscles and fragile bones is how your body appears if you lack vitamin D. It enhances the chances of deficiency that can cause asthma in children, cognitive impairment in  older age, intolerance to glucose and multiple disorders and diseases of heart.

Best Foods for Vitamin D deficiency

The Important Role of Vitamin D

  • Vitamin D is essential to keep one’s bones strong; its deficiency makes the bones go fragile. It also boosts the immune system, nerves health and enhances the muscle functions. It also works as a protective agent against many infections like cancer, stroke, heart diseases, depression, autoimmune diseases and diabetes.
  • A normal human does need at least 600 IU of vitamin D every day. When you surpass the age of 70 years, you require it a little more.
  • Vitamin D is the only nutrient produced by your body, when it comes under the sunlight. But still 50% of world’s population doesn’t get enough sun to attain the required amount of vitamin D. the reason behind this is that currently people stay indoors mostly and wear sunblock’s when they venture outside and eating junk food has become the latest fashion these days, which lacks in healthy nutrients including vitamin D.
  • So we all need to have a diet that is rich in all the nutrients that our body needs to function normally. If you don’t get exposed to sunlight your intake should be around 1,000 IU per day. There are various diets that we are going to discuss, that you can consume to enjoy a healthy life

The Important Role of Vitamin D

Best Foods for Vitamin D deficiency


  • Except the foods in whom we add the energy, the mushroom is rich in possessing vitamin D. Just like human beings it also gets the vitamin D when exposed to the sunlight, actually it produces vitamin D2, where as the animals produce vitamin D3. Vitamin D2 does raise the level of blood produced, but is not as healthy as vitamin D3.
  • But still, the wild mushrooms contain a superb amount of vitamin D2. Mostly these vary on physical factors. Some of them produce a high amount of this vitamin equivalent to 2,300 IU per 100 gram, about 4 times the required amount.
  • Whereas, the commercially grown mushrooms have a little amount of this vitamin. But these days due to high competition the commercial ones are also gaining popularity as these are grown where they are exposed to maximum sunlight and contain around 130 to 450 IU per 100 grams.

Mushrooms for Vitamin D


  • Cheese is such a yummy dish which is loved by the majority of the population around this world.
  • It not only enhances the flavor of your cooked dish, but also provides the basic nutrients required by the body.
  • In fact cheese is such a vegetarian diet that includes a high amount of vitamin D in it.
  • You can choose any recipe you love eating, add a little amount of cheese to it and see the difference it creates; it will provide you enough vitamin D which your body requires to function normally.

Soy milk and its products:

  • Soy milk is the plant-based milk that is made after soaking the dry soybeans and then grinds them along with the water and grind well. The result is you get soy milk that has the same amount of nutrients that you get in cow’s milk.
  • It contains a high amount of vitamin D, C and iron. All these nutrients are essential for the upkeep of the human body. It provides you with 180 IU of vitamin D per 100 gram, which your body absorbs easily, making you appear physically healthy.


  • The egg yolk is back in business after being ignored for many years as it contains vitamin D.
  • Egg white consumption had become a craze among the majority having a healthy breakfast, but after a research proved the value of egg yolk, the yellow part because of vitamin D’s efficiency, it had brought it back to the limelight, Eating a full egg a day provides you with 10% of required amount of vitamin D.
  • Pasture-raised poultry spends a lot of time staying and feeding in the outdoors, so they have the maximum amount of vitamin D in their eggs Besides vitamin D, eggs also contain a good amount of vitamin B12 and protein.

cheese for vitamin D



  • Some forms of cereals also have vitamin D: Stay alert when buying the different cereals, pay attention to their labels and check their nutritious value before you buy them. Select the ones that have at least 100 IU of vitamin D in them.
  • Bran cereals have a hefty amount of vitamin D in them, about 131IU. White favored cereals do have 111IU of vitamin D in them.
  • Most of the cereals are fortified with different nutrients and many of them just fleece you.
  • Better opt for some quality ones, which hold a solid reputation.
  • A single cup of fortified cereal fills the 30% of the required amount every day.

Orange Juice:

  • A glass of fresh orange juice is a healthy way to begin the day. Mostly oranges are fortified with vitamin and other nutrients and their juice provide you a fair amount.
  • Vitamin D is not present naturally in many fruits and veggies, so it is fortified to enhance its sale.
  • 1 glass of orange juice can make you get 142IU of vitamin D, around 24% of your daily requirement.
  • Most of the countries around the world fortify packed orange juices some nutrients like vitamin D and calcium.

Cow’s milk:

  • Cow’s milk is the most common drink that is famous all over the world as it elevates your health. It is considered a nutritious diet and the packed milk is also fortified with many nutrients, to keep you healthy and absolutely fit.
  • Such kind of milk provide 21% of vitamin D that your body requires functioning normally.
  • Cow’s natural milk has several nutrients including vitamin D, phosphorus, calcium and riboflavin.
  • It covers your vitamin requirement to around 22% or 130IU per cup.

Other Natural Foods

  • There are some other natural food items that have a fair amount of vitamin D in them like spinach, butter contains a small, but still a significant amount of vitamin D, oatmeal is also fortified with vitamin D, dairy products like cheese, cottage cheese and yogurt are usually fortified with vitamin D to enhance the calcium absorption and not many know that sour cream is also one of the foods that are rich in containing vitamin D


  • Be aware, all these food items should be organic, especially if you are not getting enough sunlight, otherwise you will not be able to reap in the maximum benefits. But it will be much better if you pay a visit to your doctor before proceeding.
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