Treatment of Femoral Hernia with Herbal Remedies

Our body is wonderful. All the functions it does daily on its own are breathtaking! We have several layers of protective mechanisms to prevent us from having damage easily. But are all of us that damage-proof? Everybody has a weakness that reveals itself at some point. For example, you may have noticed covid provoking all those lifestyles and genetic diseases in its host. A factor that puts the body through stress can trigger a condition. As you already know hernias are caused mostly by overstraining the body, but it also needs a weak spot to bulge into. So, it was a condition that was always there just waiting for a trigger!

Some hernias are very small, unnoticeable, without any complication or some even can be manually put back into their previous spot. But some are dangerous, like those with strangulations involved. Whichever you got; it is always important to completely understand what you have before you make any decision about your treatment. So, let’s start…

Femoral Hernia

Femoral Hernia

As mentioned above, a hernia occurs when the body goes through immense straining, and any contents of our body bulge through a weak spot. Usually happens in the abdomen and is called Inguinal Hernia. Femoral hernia is comparatively lesser in occurrence. It is the bulging of intra-abdominal tissues through the Femoral canal, which is near your groin.


The majority of femoral hernias are minor and do not cause any discomfort. Some are large and appear as a bulge near your groin or upper thigh, causing hip pain, especially when you strain. Because both bulge near your groin with very little distance apart, you should seek medical help to rule out an inguinal hernia.

When the herniated contents are strangulated by something and are devoid of proper blood flow, it is extremely dangerous and needs immediate surgery. If a hernia is strangulated, it shows symptoms like intense pain, discoloration of the bulge (red or purple), nausea, vomiting, unable to pass bowel or flatus. Any of these signs indicate you to rush to the nearest hospital and fix the strangulation before permanent damages sets in.


The cause is usually overstraining due to heavy lifting or pressure during defecation due to constipation, which forces the intestinal contents to bulge through a weak spot. Weak spots can be congenital or caused due to childbirth, chronic constipation, chronic coughing, being overweight, difficult urination due to a prostate enlargement that needs constant straining, etc.


The condition is diagnosed through thorough physical examination and ultrasound imaging. USG can show the herniated contents and weakness in the muscular wall.


Small asymptomatic hernias are not usually treated in modern medicine. Moderate to large hernias are surgically repaired, either through open or laparoscopic surgery. Strangulated hernias are immediately repaired with emergency surgery.

How Does a Hernia Happen According to Ayurveda?

3 entities of our body named Vata, Pitta, and Kapha are the managers and damages of the body. Vata is to blame for the majority of our illnesses. Vata is easily vitiated and can cause a variety of diseases. It is also the only entity that has the ability to move anywhere inside our bodies, so if anything is displaced, Vata is to blame! Don’t think of Vata dosha as a bad guy. It controls every movement in our bodies, including the heartbeat. So, without Vata, we would perish. However, it must be maintained in its normalcy. In this case, we have to bring it back to normalcy. There was a weak spot, which favored the vitiated Vata to create a displacement. This happens due to the decreased strength of our protective muscle layers. Regaining its intactness is also a target of this treatment. Some hernias can be manually reinserted back into their place and our treatments make sure it stays there.

Mild abhyanga and swedana are the external therapies we recommend to strengthen your muscles and alleviate the vitiated Vata. With the right medicated oil used, it can strengthen and nourish your muscles and keep your internal organs in place. With the unctuousness and heat, vata will be pacified.

Internal medications also have their importance. Even though it is a structural issue, pacifying Vata is not just a job that is to be done from the outside. We have to help the body from the inside too. Especially if you have done an emergency surgery due to strangulation, it will be easier for your body to heal with a bit of extra help.

Let us introduce ourselves

We are Planet Ayurveda, a globally recognized ayurvedic pharmaceutical company with a wide range of services. We try each day to make Ayurveda available for all those who seek it for regaining their health. Our motto is to deliver the best medicines for our customers and help them have a body that functions at its utmost potential. All of our medicines are 100% vegetarian and chemical-free. It is completely safe to consume and unable to deliver any kind of collateral damage. We have both classical medicines and medicines that our expert doctors created that are tailor-made for the health issues this society faces today. We have listed below a few of our hand-picked medicines that will benefit you in your condition!

Herbal Supplements for Femoral Hernia
Femoral Hernia


A bi-herbal capsule containing equal amounts of Shallaki (Boswellia serrata) and Haldi (Curcuma longa). Curcumin, a phenolic derivative from Curcuma longa, is an anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and immune modulator. shallaki is a known ingredient for pain relief. This is great medicine for post-surgical care. Shallaki is best for managing the pain and curcumin is best for avoiding infections. Consuming this will help in healing the damages caused by the strangulation and absence of blood flow. A good companion as you walk back to your normal life.

Dosage: 1 capsule twice daily, after meals with plain water is recommended.


Kanchanaar guggul is a classic polyherbal medicine in tablet form that is widely used to treat tumors and bulges. Guggul is a potent Vata alleviator and is used for pain relief. Hip pains caused by the hernia can be effectively managed with this medicine. All the ingredients included in this formulation can successfully bring down the vitiated Vata and help in strengthening the muscles.

Dosage: 1-2 tablets twice or thrice daily is recommended.


The arjuna capsules are filled with standardized extract of Arjuna (Terminalia arjuna). This is also a great choice for post-surgery care in the strangulated hernia. Arjuna is an excellent wound healer and avoids any chance of inflammation and further discomfort in the post-surgery period.


A single herb capsule containing standardized extracts of Gotu kola or Mandukaparni (Centella asiatica). The drug helps in nourishing and strengthening the muscles and pacifying inflammation if any. It is perfect to heal wounds, enhance collagen production at the surgical incision site.

Dosage: 1-2 Capsules twice daily is recommended.


A polyherbal capsule containing Haridra (Curcuma longa), Shallaki (Boswellia serrata), and Trikatu (Zingiber officinalis, Piper nigrum, Piper longum). Rumogin 5 capsules are formulated specially to enhance muscle health. The medicine decreases the chance of any recurrence of hernia by strengthening the intra-abdominal muscles.

Dosage: 1-2 Capsules once or twice daily is recommended.

Ayurveda can do wonders in diseases regardless of whether it is structural or functional. As a person trying to find a way to heal your body, you deserve to know all the possibilities to handle your situation and heal yourself with minimal side effects. Our site is filled with information about as many diseases we could cover. Anyone can visit us and understand their issue in the simplest and most accurate words. We hope you will choose us to assist you in your journey to better health.

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