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Vegetables, pulses, grains, fruits, nuts, and tubers…all those lined up eatables that are nutritious and provided by nature.!! What if we could rely on the learning curve to use metals for our bodily advantages alongside other foods for their nutritional value? What if natural minerals, such as gold, have therapeutic properties? Have you ever considered whether or not that is possible…? Well, indeed, it is.!! In Ayurveda we have Bhasmas which are fine powders of important minerals serving therapeutic purposes.

Bhasmas in Ayurveda

Ayurvedic Bhasmas are metallic-mineral mixtures that have been homogenised with herbal juices or decoctions and are heated to purportedly cleanse heavy metals. Due to its efficacy, it is extensively advocated for the treatment of numerous illness conditions by complementary and alternative medicine practitioners.

In Ayurveda, The Bhasma formulation could be of three types :

  1. Mineral-based Bhasma.
  2. Metal-based Bhasma
  3. Herbal Bhasma.

Here are some important fine mineral powders in Ayurveda.!

  • Mukta Shouktic Bhasma : The Bhasma is made from the outer layer shell of a pearl-oyster.
  • Varatika Bhasma : Identified as the external shell of the sea animal Cypraea moneta, which is subjected to respective procedures to extract the Bhasma.
  • Mandura Bhasma, made from Iron.
  • Naga Bhasma, that is made out of  Lead.
  • Tamra Bhasma, made out of Copper
  • Abhrak Bhasma,  prepared by treating biotite (mica) , which acts as a powerful cellular regenerator.
  • Yashada Bhasma, which is specially processed with zinc.
  • Sankha Bhasma, prepared from the calcined conch shell, which is known for its digestive properties.

Now, let’s dive right into the magnificent features on why we brought you Swarna Bhasma out of all..!

Swarna Bhasma

Swarna Bhasma, also known as Gold Bhasma or Suvarna Bhasma, is a monoatomic gold that is thought to have wonderful medicinal properties in the ancient discipline of Ayurveda. Swarna Bhasma is made up of colloidal and nano gold particles that have been shown to be a potent antioxidant, powerful antitoxic, rejuvenative, nervine tonic, and cardioprotective in their natural condition.

So did you ever think of such an effect of ‘shining dawn..’ except for its ornamental power.? Let’s see more of this.!

Swarna Bhasma: How Do You Make It?

We have the classical reference right here to have a look at.!

स्वर्णस्य द्विगुणं सूतमम्लेन सह मर्दयेत् । तदोलकसमं गन्धं निदध्यादधरोत्तरम्॥

चूर्णीकृतं ततो रुद् ध्वा शरावद्वयसंपुटे । मृदा सवसया कुटितया संवेष्ट्य यत्नतः ॥

त्रिंशद्वनोपलै दद्यात् पुटान्येवं चतुर्दश। निरुत्थं जायते भस्म गन्धो देयः पुनःपुनः॥


That explains the procedure as:

Inorder to get the red colored Sobhita Swarna Bhasma, we take one tola pramana Swarnapatras and make it into a paste by using Sainda Nimbu Swarasa. After completely drying, we keep it in the Sharava and make Samputa (1 Kukutaputa).

Swarna Bhasma and about our Formulation

Swarna Bhasma is formulated from the combination of 4 minerals alongside 1 highly therapeutic herb, Eranda.

swarna bhasma


  1. Suddha Suvarna (Purified gold)
  2. Suddha Gandhaka (Purified sulphur)
  3. Suddha Parada (Purified mercury)
  4. Eranda Patra (castor leaf)

1. Suddha Suvarna (Purified gold)

Purified gold is used in medicine for a variety of purposes, including:

  • An excellent Tridosha pacifier
  • Improves the appearance of the skin
  • It improves strength and has a rejuvenating effect.

2. Suddha Gandhaka (Purified sulphur)

In Ayurveda, pure Gandhaka aka sulphur is taken with Triphala powder, Honey, or Ghee for clear vision as sharp as an eagle’s vision, and it is thought that its administration will keep a man disease-free and prolong his life.

3. Suddha Parada (Purified mercury)

Mercury is administered to treat low urine output, microbial infections on dead surfaces, microbial infections on living surfaces, constipation, and other ailments in Ayurveda.

4. Eranda Patra (castor leaf)

Eranda is commonly used as a purgative and stimulant, and because of its hot potency, it has been shown to be a useful remedy for calming Vata and Kapha. Rheumatoid arthritis, Piles, Abdominal pain, Constipation, and other conditions as per the classical reference are relieved using Eranda.

Swarna Bhasma and Tridoshas

According to this age-old medical system, every biological reaction is influenced by the three primary humours of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Swarna Bhasma’s colloidal gold particles are thus gifted with Sweet and Astringent tastes, as well as Light and Oily properties. Sheeta Virya (cold potency) and Madhura Vipaka (sweet aftertaste) are also incorporated in the heavenly formula used to make Swarna Bhasma. The golden concoction of Swarna Bhasma is thus Tridosha Hara, balancing all the three doshas, primarily Kapha (the water element), Vata (the air element), and Pitta (the fire element).

It has a beneficial effect on the Rasa (plasma), Rakta (blood), Mamsa (muscles), and Shukra Dhatus as well (skin) (i.e. Reproductive Fluids). Swarna Bhasma boosts physical strength and enlightens both our minds and bodies. Thanks to its wide ayurvedic characteristics.!

Lend an ear to : Swarna Bhasma and its Health benefits.!

Boosts Immunity

Our bodies are protected by an intrinsic immunity system known as Ojas in Ayurveda. This life force serves as the initial line of defence against infections and is the keeper of vitality. Swarna Bhasma is rich in antioxidants and has revitalising effects, making it an ideal cure for boosting the immune system and keeping the Ojas functioning at its best, combating microorganisms and protecting the body from diseases. It also depicts the presence of powerful antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal characteristics, which are particularly useful in avoiding diseases such as fever, common cold, tuberculosis, and other skin infections.

Helps to ease your nerves and strengthens memory power

Swarna Bhasma’s adaptogenic, anti-anxiety, and sedative effects may help to boost mood and ease stress symptoms. Swarna Bhasma can certainly help you with your anxiety, lack of focus, ignorance, and irritation. It is essential for mental stability because it regulates the stress hormone serotonin, which reduces restlessness, unease, cold hands and feet, and provides a fresh and cheerful mood.

As a nervine tonic, it aids in the correction of memory problems in middle-aged people, inflammatory conditions in the brain and pillar brain health.

Assists in the Treatment of Respiratory Problems

Swarna Bhasma is a well-known traditional medicine for all types of respiratory distress accounting to its anti-asthmatic, antibiotic and anti-inflammatory characteristics. It plays a critical role in the treatment of common cold, cough, flu symptoms and  sore throat. Swarna Bhasma, when combined with Giloy Satva, Shringa Bhasma and Praval Pishti effectively loosens the dense sputum particles in the lungs, nasal cavities and chest, allowing for easier breathing. It can also help with non-productive coughs, asthma, and other bronchial disorders.

Supports Cardiac Function

Swarna bhasma’s plethora of cardioprotective and cardiotonic characteristics help to strengthen the cardiac muscles while also purifying the blood. It stops plaque from forming in the blood vessels and cleans the coronary arteries, preventing atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) and lowering the risk of heart attacks, blood clots, heart blockages, and other heart problems. It also relieves the tightness in the chest, pressure, sensations of heaviness as well as any other type of chest discomfort, by boosting blood flow to the heart muscles.

Dosage: 125 mg for an adult.

This formulation can be taken twice a day, combined with ghee or honey. Swarna Bhasma should be consumed 30 minutes before or two hours after a meal, whichever comes first. Cream, milk, or Sitopaladi Churna are some of the adjuvants that can be used with Swarna Bhasma as per traditional wisdom. Due to its immense medicinal powers, this mystical golden mixture has been cited numerous times in several ayurvedic classics as the ultimate treatment for heart abnormalities and even tuberculosis.  If something that has such a high mineral content and a therapeutic impact can be formulated from nature for our overall health benefit, why would you still wait before giving it a try..? Let’s open up our arms to this wonderful option right here. In case of any query kindly visit www.planetayurveda.com

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