Top 7 Superfoods to Stop Asthma Symptoms at Home

When our airways are inflamed, they become narrower and this starts a lung disease called asthma. Asthma shows various symptoms like a lot of mucus, trouble in breathing, constant wheezing, and chest tightness. Asthma is one of the most common allergies triggered immune disease.


There is really no diet that will eliminate or cure asthma completely, but there are certain foods that can help stop the Asthma symptoms at home. These are well known Anti-Asthma Superfoods that the patient should consume on a daily basis. Diet and lifestyle changes are meant to complement asthma treatment at home. Having a healthier diet also leads to weight loss, improved digestion, lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol. For better result please check the given diet plan for asthma patients.

1. Water


Water is the most beneficial and easily available remedy to stop Asthma symptoms at home.  Dehydration is one of the major causes of asthma symptoms. Decrease in water vapor in the lungs causes airways to constrict. This will lead to mucus and aggravate asthma symptoms. Always prefer filtered water or the water that has been through a verified purification system.

2. Coffee


In case of frequent asthma attacks, it is always advised to consume coffee right away. Coffee immediately treats asthma attacks or symptoms as they happen. Coffee expands the airways and makes it easier to breathe. Caffeine in coffee is a bronchodilator that may improve airflow for up to four hours after it is consumed. It has the same effect as black tea.

3. Foods rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids


These include fish like salmon, tuna, cod and mackerel, flaxseeds, chia seeds and soy. Omega 3 Fatty acids go well beyond protecting against heart disease. They provide anti-inflammatory effect that can counter the bronchial inflammation leading to asthma attacks.

Research shows that long term use of omega 3 supplements leads to substantial decrease in asthma symptoms, especially for those suffering from allergic asthma.

Increase the Intake of Vitamin C: Vitamin C helps in promoting a healthy immune system and reduce wheezing in children. Good sources of Vitamin C are berries (strawberries/ blueberries/raspberries), leafy greens like spinach, Kale, Broccoli, Bell Peppers and Carrots. Spinach and Kale are also high in beta carotene, Vitamin E, potassium and magnesium too. Both Magnesium and Potassium deficiency aggravate asthma symptoms. Magnesium is a helpful ingredient as it relaxes the muscles surrounding the bronchi, the airways and keeps them open.

One most well-known superfood to treat asthma is Avocado. Avocado has high levels of L-glutathione that protects our cells from free radical damage such as histamine.  It is the master of antioxidants and rich source of Vitamin E. Avocados have monounsaturated fats that we need in our diets as it helps lower cholesterol. Avocados cleanses the body of pollutants and other harmful substances. Avocado can be consumed as is in salads or in the form of guacamole.

4. Garlic


Garlic has anti-inflammatory properties and obliterates lung congestion. Fresh garlic is a food source of Vitamin C, Potassium and Selenium. It tops the list as a remedy for any ailment ranging from hemorrhoids to viral infections. Garlic is very effective in maintaining cardiovascular health, preventing cancer and reducing high blood pressure. Garlic contains allicin which is an exceptionally powerful antioxidant that decays in the body and produces an acid which destroys free radicals. Thus, Garlic is a great food for asthma patients. Garlic is rich in Vitamin C which neutralizes the molecules causing airway constriction. One may consume garlic with meals. It is best to boil 3 cloves of garlic in 2 cups of water, till one cup is left and consume it.

5. Ginger


Ginger is the most common immune boosting herb that also helps in fighting cancer and treating asthma. It keeps the respiratory tracts in good condition, helps in airway muscle relaxation and regulates the calcium uptake levels which are responsible for lessening the asthma attack. It is a wonderful anti-inflammatory spice that can be consumed as ginger tea. To prepare ginger tea, one need to grate ginger root in boil in water, you may add some honey to it for taste. It can be safely added to everyday meals and beverages for good health.

Ginger works better than antihistamine drugs available in the market for clearing airways and stopping inflammation as ginger is natural herb and has no harmful side effects.

6. Turmeric


The most easily available herbs in the kitchen are very helpful in treating asthma symptoms. Turmeric helps dilate blood vessels and relax muscles. It is anti-inflammatory. Turmeric may be added in warm milk and consumed before going to bed. There are no known side effects of consuming turmeric. It should be used in cooking on a regular basis.

7. Vitamin D


Fruits like Apples, Bananas, Kiwi, Red Grapes and Melons are considered best in guarding against asthma symptoms.

Getting enough Vitamin D also helps the reduce the number of asthma attacks.

Individual reactions to the food vary from person to person. The above foods and guidelines surely help in relieving asthma symptoms. One needs to stock their kitchen or pantry with food items mentioned above, as these are medically proven to fight asthma. Herbs like Rosemary, Peppermint, Thyme, Marjoram and Oregano are dietary sources that can keep the lungs open for easier breathing.

It is always advised to know the foods you are allergic to as consuming those foods will counteract the symptoms you are trying to get rid of and can put your health at risk. It is also recommended to refrain from certain foods like dairy products, especially milk in some cases can result in wheezing coughing and other respiratory symptoms. Eggs and Peanuts also provoke fatal allergic reactions in some people. It is very important to decrease the consumption of salt while treating asthma.

There is no conclusive evidence that a specific diet has an effect on the frequency or severity of asthma attacks, but consuming fresh and nutritious foods always improve the overall health of the patient.

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Dr. Vikram Chauhan (MD-Ayurvedic Medicine) is an expert Ayurveda consultant in Chandigarh (India). He has vast experience of herbs and their applied uses. He has successfully treated numerous patients suffering from various ailments, throughout the world. He is CEO and Founder of Krishna Herbal Company and Planet Ayurveda in Chandigarh, India. He researched age old formulas from ancient Ayurvedic text books to restore health and save human beings from the worst side-effects of chemical-based treatments.