How to Treat IgA Pemphigus in Ayurveda

IgA is an autoimmune disorder. There are some synonyms of IgA Pemphigus such as immunoglobulin A pemphigus, SPD type IgA pemphigus, IEN type IgA pemphigus, IgA pemphigus vegetans, Unclassified IgA pemphigus, IgA pemphigus Vulgaris, etc.

It is a dermatological problem in which the reddish colored blisters are formed on the skin. IgA pemphigus is also called IgA dermatosis.

IgA Pemphigu

IgA Pemphigus has two Major Subtypes:

  • Subcornealpustulardermatosis: it is known as SPD Type
  • Intraepidermalneutrophilic: it is called as IEN Type.

IgA is a very rare problem which means that it is not a common disorder. It affects the middle-aged people and also people of old age groups, but still, IgA pemphigus can affect any age and can also manifest in one month child.

Ayurvedic Description of Iga Pemphigus

It is called as VISFOTAK in Ayurveda studies. As per Ayurveda, the body is dependent on the three doshas. The three doshas are:

  • Vata
  • Pitta
  • Kapha

These three doshas maintain and regulate all the functions of the human body. If they are in a balanced condition, the body remains alright, but when doshas are vitiated, they will give rise to complications.

The VISFOTAK is caused due to aggravation of Pitta dosha, the red color blisters are formed due to the vitiation of Pitta dosha that causes DAAH, (burning sensation). Basically, IgA is described under CHARMAA ROGA in Ayurveda (a skin disorder).

Causes of IgA Pemphigus

During the normal situation, the human body produces the antibodies that help to fight against the foreign microorganisms, but in IgA pemphigus immunity of the body is weakened, therefore the antibody starts fighting against own body and damages the cells that are present in our skin and also the mucous membranes.

Well, IgA pemphigus is not an epidemic disease that spreads from one to another individual. The causes of IgA pemphigus are not cleared. but it is related to immune disorder.

There are Some Causes that Affect Immunity. These are:

  • Improper diet, low nutritional diet which lacks vitamins, minerals, etc is also the cause of IgA pemphigus.
  • Excess intake of alcohol disturbs your immune system.
  • Smoking is also an important factor for the development of IgA pemphigus because smokers have weak immune strength.

In some diseases, immunity is weakened such as in the cases of HIV, Hepatitis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Crohn’s disease. In these diseases, there is an increased risk of occurring IgA pemphigus.

Risk Factors of Iga Pemphigus

  • IgA Pemphigus risk increases in the middle-age and older age groups. During middle age, the lifestyle and food eating habits can make the immune system weak, that’s why IgA affects the middle-age group people. In older age, normally the immune system becomes weak that is why in this age risk factor increases.
  • The IgA pemphigus is most common in people who belong to the Middle – Eastern places like- UAE, Turkey, Egypt, etc.
  • It is also common in people who belong to the JEWISH religion.

Complications of Iga Pemphigus

The common occurring difficulties that are present in the IgA Pemphigus are as follows:

  • Infection can occur on your skin because sores are present on the skin that is the major cause of the disease.
  • Ulcers or sores are formed in the mouth that is very painful while eating or talking.
  • Lack of nutrition occurs, because of mouth sores, there is pain during eating time.
  • IgA pemphigus has many side effects like Hypertension which is common.
  • Due to poor diet, there is a loss of body weight.
  • Muscular weakness is present, due to malnutrition
  • Daily physical activities start decreasing.

 Signs and Symptoms of Iga Pemphigus

Normally blisters are formed on the skin. The lesion occurs on your skin and also on the mucous membranes.

The blisters start rupturing easily, and after the blisters rupture they leave open sores, that is muddy or oozy and become a cause of infection.

There are two common types of IgA pemphigus and there signs and symptoms are described as follow:

  • Pemphigus Vulgaris
  • Pemphigus Foliaceus

1. Pemphigus Vulgaris:

  • This type of pemphigus mostly starts from the mouth
  • After the mouth, blisters reache to the skin or also atthe genital mucous membrane
  • The blisters are mostly painful but won’t create itchiness.
  • The blisters can also present in your throat make the skin
  • General body weakness because of less food intake.

2.   Pemphigus foliaceus:

  • The blisters are present on the chest, shoulders and on the back side.
  • Blisters in this are itchier than pain
  • In this, pemphigus blisters are not formed in the mouth.

If pemphigus is not treated properly, it can lead to death also.

Some Home Remedies in Iga Pemphigus

  • Just protect your skin. Blisters are present in the form of open sores. So generally take care of your skin. Protect your skin from any injury, from UV rays, or any infection. There should be proper care of the wound.
  • Try to stay stress-free because stress makes your immunity low.
  • Avoid bad habits like smoking and alcohol.
  • Take care of oral health. Go to the dentist for a regular checkup, and avoid spicy foods that can erode mucous membrane. Use natural mouthwashes that protect your oral cavity.
  • Do exercise or yoga for improving your lifestyle. Try to stay fit and active.
  • Use oil on your skin, apply coconut oil and add a pinch of mushakapoor. You can apply directly to your skin.
  • Aloe vera is also useful in skin disorders, use the gel of aloe vera, apply on the blisters, that gives you soothing effect.
  • Use neem oil on your skin. Another way of using neemis that take a bunch of leaves and boil them in the water at mild flame for about fifteen minutes. Strain this solution, and apply this solution on your skin or even you can take a bath with this solution.
  • Eat fruits and vegetables that are good for the skin. Fruits rich in vitamin C should be added to your daily diet, green vegetables and low-calorie diet should be taken.
  • Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water it is useful in infection and also in skin disorder.

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