Significance Of Molecule C60 in Medicine Science or are there any  Relevant Ayurvedic Herbs?


The C60 molecules contain 60 atoms of the carbon and C60 is a potent antioxidant which fights ageing signs and free radicals. The C60 molecule looks like a soccer ball and is the third carbon allotrope. Fullerene and its derivatives have enormous potential in materials science owing to their chemical and physical properties. The C60 molecule and its derivatives have a great potential in materials science due to their unique physicochemical properties.The most unique property of fullerenes is the ability to assume the different forms and to engage the compounds. Let’s discuss in detail about the C60 molecule.

Molecule C60


The C60 molecules are spherical carbon molecules consisting of the conjugated p orbitals, which are beneficial in photocatalytic processes and photon energy conversion due to their superior electron conductivity. The C 60 molecule is based on nano-structures including nanosheets, nanorods, nanotubes and has attracted unique attention in the nanotechnology and nanoscience fields. Their different optical, electrical, chemical and physical properties allowed their application as the added components of improved or new materials and devices leading to advancement in industry, science and engineering. The parent fullerene is made of five-membered rings and six-membered rings and the five membered rings are necessary to cause curvature hence leading to perfect spherical structure.

Benefits of C60 Molecule:

C60 molecule is very good in health conditions like: Inflammatory conditions, joint pain and arthritis etc.

Useful in diabetes:

C60 molecule results as nephroprotective and neuroprotective in diabetes.

Muscle relaxant:

This molecule reduces muscle weakness and fatigue and also fights the ageing signs.

Cognition booster:

C60 molecule also works on the sharpness of the brain and also improves the overall functioning of the brain. The molecule is very effective in the enhancement of cognitive functions.

Antioxidant property:

This molecule acts like a potent antioxidant and works against acne, ageing signs and human- immunodeficiency virus infection and some other skin related disorders. In the diseases related to the heart, neurodegenerative and muscular degenerative C60 molecules are very effective to manage the condition.

Side Effects of C60 molecule:

According to the Paris Baati study the C60 molecule was found to be non- toxic in the scientific studies on test rats at 10,000 times at a normal dosage. Whether it is possible to feel overly stimulated by taking more C60 than is necessary, studies using the whole molecules of C60 dissolved in oil have demonstrated no danger for animal or human consumption.

Which Ayurvedic herbs provides same Benefits A that of C60 Molecule

Ayurveda is the science which has been providing amazing benefits to humans for many years. All the remedies, herbs and therapies in Ayurveda are very useful in management of any type of the disease. According to Ayurveda it is very important to manage the disease of the patient but we also have to maintain the health of the healthy person. There are lots of herbs which have various types of properties and are able to fight against the foreign body and are beneficial in boosting the immunity. The most important feature of the Ayurvedic herbs and therapies is : they do not cause any type of side effect, allergy and infection to the body and work to give strength to the body. As we want to use C60 molecules for various health problems, these herbs contain the same medicinal properties and help in sustaining life without diseases. In Charak Samhita Acharya Charaka has mentioned about the Medhya rasayana in chapter 31, sloka 30.

These herbs are:

  • Patla
  • Mandukaparni
  • Jivanti
  • Shankhpushpi
  • Giloy/ Guduchi
  • Ashwagandha
  • Amla
  • Brahmi


This herb contains analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, also pacifies the tridoshas (Vata, Pitta and Kapha). Patla (Stereospermum sauaveolens) works as wound healing property, works as potent appetiser and is anti dyspeptic. Patla is very useful in the management of calculi, hiccups,dysuria and works as a diuretic. Patla is very effective in febrifuge and the flowers are aphrodisiac and hence used in debility of the semen.


Brihat panchmooladi kwath and Dashmoolarishta etc.


Mandukaparni is very useful in the pacification of Pitta and Kapha, the disease in which these two dosha are aggravated, this herb is very effective. Acharya Charka has described Mandukaparni as a Medhya herb ie. Medhya rasayana are those which boosts the memory, prevents the ageing signs and also boosts the functioning of the brain. Mandukaparni (Centella asiatica) contains the alkaloid which is called as hydrocortyline and the leaf of the herb contains sugar, valerian, tannin, aluminium and fats etc. The bitter taste of Mandukaparni acts as an antipyretic and increases the appetite, hence useful in the loss of appetite and in anorexia.

The herb is cold in its nature and thus beneficial in managing diarrhoea and sprue and also helpful in the management of hysteria, weak brain and epilepsy. The herb is very helpful in dysuria, asthma, cough,cold, causes vasodilation and promotes healing and cleaning of the skin tissue. The herb is used in conditions like insomnia and calms mood, this is also used in general debility. Mandukaparni also contains rejuvenating properties and provides strength to the body, promoting longevity.

Some of the formulations of Mandukaparni are :

Saraswat ghrit, Saraswatarishta and Brahmi taila etc.


These herbs contain anti-inflammatory properties and are helpful in bleeding disorders. Jivanti pacifies the tridosha (Vata, Pitta and Kapha) but mainly works on aggravating Vata and Pitta dosha. Jivani (Leptadenia reticulata) is very effective in eye related diseases and useful in constipation, Irritable bowel syndrome and in inflammatory bowel disease. The herb is diuretic, is effective in pyuria, micturition, dysuria and also helpful in bronchitis. Jivanti is an aphrodisiac, functions on semen quality and helps in spermatorrhoea.

Some of the formulations of Jivanti are:

Jivanti churna, Jeevantyadi ghrita and Jeevantyadi taila etc.


Acharya Charka has mentioned Shankhpushpi as a medhya herb which boosts memory and provides energy to the nervous system. Shankhpushpi is very useful in skin related diseases and pacifies tridoshas mainly Vata and Pitta dosha. The herb has its great effect on hair growth and enhances intelligence. Shankhpushpi (Convolvulus pluricaulis) acts as an aids digestion and as an appetiser and functions as an diuretic. The herb also works on clotting of blood and in the reduction of blood pressure hence useful in bleeding disorders. This herb contains antipyretic properties, increases fertility and works in healthy conception.

Some formulations of Shankhpushpi are:

Shankhpushpi powder, Shankhpushpi panak and Medhya kshaya etc.


Guduchi is a very important herb that acts as potent analgesic, antiseptic and contains universal antipyretic properties. Acharya Charka mentioned Guduchi as a medhya rasayana boosts the immune and nervous system. Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia) is useful in pacification of all three doshas and contains chemical constituents like: starch, berberine and gilion etc. Because of the antipyretic property of Guduchi, it is regarded as ‘Sarvajwarhar’ which means it is able to reduce any type of fever. This herb is an aphrodisiac, anti-inflammatory and due to its antidiabetic property, useful in diabetes. The oil of Guduchi is very very useful in management of skin disorders and soothes the skin. Guduchi works as an antiemetic, anthelmintic, antacid and appetiser.

Some of the formulations of Guduchi are:

Guduchi taila, Guduchi loha, Guduchyadi churna and Guduchyadi kwath etc.


Ashwagandha is a very important herb and has great results in many diseases, provides strength to the body and is useful in the pacification of aggravated Vata and Kapha dosha. Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) is also called the ‘Winter cherry’ and contains the chemical components like anahygrine and tropine etc.

The herb acts as an appetiser, potent diuretic, alleviates the inflammation and increases the functioning of the brain. The herb is very effective in the shortness of breath, sharps the memory and improves premature ejaculation, vigour and helps in erectile dysfunction. Ashwagandha acts as an sedative that helps in insomnia and alleviates the pain related to the uterus and vagina also boosts the immune system.

Some formulations of Ashwagandha are:

Ashwagandha rasayan, Aksandpak, Saubhagyashunthipak and Sukumar Ghrita etc.


Amalaki contain the properties like: antipyretic and anti-inflammatory and are most helpful in boosting the immune system. Amla (Emblica officinalis) pacifies the tridoshas and contains chemical constituents like vitamin C, tannic acids and chemicals etc. This is very useful in boosting the memory, promotes the growth of hairs and provides strength to the immune system. Amla acts as an aphrodisiac, appetiser and works in good digestion. In both male and female infertility Amla is very helpful, promotes health of the heart, helps in the bleeding disorders and also manages diabetes. It gives very effective results in the nervous system, provides health to the brain and strengthens the immune system.

Formulations of Amalaki are:

Amalaki rasayan, Chandan Amalaki Chatan, Brahma Rasayan and Dhatriloha etc.


Brahmi is a medhya herb and used to enhance the functioning of the brain and boosts the memory. Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri) is very helpful to manage depression, mental retardation and anxiety. Brahmi contains analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties and contains alkaloid brahmine. In aggravation of Vata and Kapha dosha this herb plays a very important role. Brahmi also contains astringent property which helps in management of diarrhoea, has diuretic effect and it also contains cardio tonic property. Overall Brahmi is very useful in many conditions and known as Indian pennywort, water hyssop and thyme leaf gratiola. It also works on the growth of hair and in some regions is also used to manage pyrexia.

Formulations of Brahmi are:

  1. Brahmi ghrita, Brahmi taila, Saraswat ghrita and Brahmi panak etc.
  2. Planet Ayurveda’s Herbal remedies which results as good as C60 molecule

Planet Ayurveda is an US-FDA registered, GMP certified and ISO 9001 : 2015 certified company established worldwide. All the remedies formulated here are pure, made of natural herbs and do not contain any type of chemicals, preservatives, adulteration and colours etc. The products which are formulated here are available in different forms like: churna (in powder form), vati (in tablet forms), jams (pak/ avaleha) and syrups (in arishta/ asava). All the herbal remedies are formulated under MD Ayurveda experts. Planet Ayurveda offers some of the herbal remedies which are alternatives of C60 Molecule. Herbal remedies by Planet Ayurveda which replaces the C60 molecule are:-

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As we know that Amla is very important for boosting the immune system and great for eyesight. Amla (Emblica officinalis) rejuvenates the cells of the body and gives relief in many problems. This formulation enhances intelligence, provides strength to the body and prevents various diseases. The product fights against free radicals and prevents the anti-ageing signs. Amla is the great source of vitamin C and also known as Indian gooseberry. Amla pacifies the three doshas but mainly works on the pacification of the aggravated Pitta dosha. This formulation contains such wonderful properties and hence shows the best substitute of the C60 molecule.

Dosage- 1-2 Capsules twice daily, with plain water after meal.


Ashwagandha capsules are very useful in the purification of blood and reduce inflammation. The capsules of Ashwandha contain the standard extract of Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) and are helpful in putting on weight. The formulation provides strength, vitality to the body and helps in fatigueness, general weakness and in muscle wasteness. These capsules are very useful in management of neurological health and pacify the three dosha. It mainly pacifies the aggravation of Vata and Kapha dosha and gives benefits like C60 molecule.

Dosage- 1-2 capsules twice daily with plain water after the meal.


Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri) is a medhya herb which boosts the nervous system and relaxes the mind. Brahmi is cardiotonic and brain tonic, contains antiinflammatory and analgesic properties. These capsules improve brain health and help in boosting the immune system. The formulation pacifies all three dosha and is beneficial as C60 molecule.

Dosage-1-2 Capsules twice daily with plain water after the meal


Spirulina is very useful in a wide range of health issues, boosts the immunity and is very useful in autoimmune disorders. Spirulina (Arthrospira Platensis) helps in increasing the production of the white blood cells. It is also called a ‘superfood’ and also called the ‘miracle of the sea’. These capsules purify the blood, maintain the high energy level of the body and boost the immunity. Spirulina is very useful in increasing the blood haemoglobin level and is very rich in vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin B6.

Dosage-1-2 capsules twice daily with plain water after the meal

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No doubt that the properties of C60 molecules are very effective but it is in the testing rounds and the benefits and properties are not established yet. Weather the Ayurvedic herbs are completely established and manages various type of diseases.These herbs are full of potency, contains the properties like: anti psychosis, brain tonic, immunity booster, mood elevating, antiemetic, anti inflammatory, antioxidants, antiepileptic, analgesic, mind calming and antidiarrhoeal etc. These are some of the properties of Ayurvedic herbs which are able to manage different conditions. So all the formulations which are mentioned above are the perfect replacement of the C60 molecule. The most important thing is that these formulations not only manage the diseases but boost the immunity and give strength to the body.

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Dr. Vikram Chauhan (MD-Ayurvedic Medicine) is an expert Ayurveda consultant in Chandigarh (India). He has vast experience of herbs and their applied uses. He has successfully treated numerous patients suffering from various ailments, throughout the world. He is CEO and Founder of Krishna Herbal Company and Planet Ayurveda in Chandigarh, India. He researched age old formulas from ancient Ayurvedic text books to restore health and save human beings from the worst side-effects of chemical-based treatments.