Natural Remedies for Lichen Amyloidosis

Lichen Amyloidosis

Lichen amyloidosis is a type of primary localized cutaneous amyloidosis. It is characterized by pruritus and papules. Paules are gray brown plaques which are present on the outer surface of extremities. Initially these lesions are unilateral and lateral develop bilaterally. The exact cause of this disease is not known yet. Genetic factors, Epstein- Barr virus and some environmental factors are responsible for this condition. The most common triggering factor is chronic rubbing and friction. Complications usually related to pruritus with bleeding due to excessive scratching.

Lichen  Amyloidosis

According To Ayurveda

According to Ayurvedic review, body has three doshas that are:

  1. Vata
  2. Pitta
  3. Kapha

LA is a dermis related disorder and in Ayurveda Kapha dosha is involved with skin disorder. In this vitiated Kapha causes blockage in the channels means Stotras avirodha and also affects the immune system and leads to various symptoms associated with LA.

Causes of Amyloidosis

The causes are described with various types that are:

Amyloidosis is caused due to family and hereditary reasons. It is present in a rare form which is received from the family. In this case, affected areas are nerves, heart, liver, and kidney.

Age Related Amyloidosis

It is mostly present in the older men, in which normal TTR means Transthyretin are deposits in the heart and also on the other tissues. Amyloidosis related to a specific organ, in this case the amyloid protein starts depositing in the single organ and skin is also included.

Risk Factors of Lichen Amyloidosis

It is the disease which can develop in anyone, but there are some factors that increase the chances of LA.

  1. Sex: In 80% cases, LA mostly saw in men only. It is rarely present in women.
  2. Age: LA is mostly present in between fifty to seventy years.
  3. Lifestyle: Some dietary and lifestyles habits also trigger LA. Such a poor nutritional diet and lack of exercise can trigger LA.
  4. Excessive alcohol consumption is also the important risk factor of all the major issues.
  5. Smoking can also increase the chances of LA.
  6. Some other disorders which can lead to LA. If a person has any chronic inflammatory or any infectious disorder then risk factors of developing Amyloidosis are increased.
  7. In kidney patients chances of developing LA are high as kidneys are unable to remove protein from the body.
  8. Race: African origin people are having higher risk of LA.

Complications in Amyloidosis

Lichen amyloidosis can leads to below complications:

1. Cardiac Complications

LA can hamper normal function of heart. Due to which heart is unable to pump enough blood which leads to shortening of breath.

2. Nervous System

When amyloid protein affects the nervous system, then a person may experience some issues like: pain, tingling effect or numbness in the fingers and burning sensation or lack of feeling in the toes and also in soles of feet. If nerves of the bowel are affected, then constipation and diarrhea can appear.

Symptoms of Amyloidosis

  1. Itching is present on the affected area
  2. Reddish gray color spots are present which can be characterized by the scaly type papules.
  3. A small similar type of protrusions is present on the lower limbs and on the shins commonly. They are collected together and form raised thickened papules.
  4. Inflammation also occurs in the affected area.
  5. Papules are also present on the arms and back.
  6. Multiple spots are raised on the affected area.

Diagnosis of Lichen Amyloidosis

  1. Skin Biopsy
  2. Blood and Urine Tests
  3. Echocardiogram
  4. Histological Investigations

Natural Remedies of Amyloidosis

  • Try to adapt a healthy lifestyle by adding yoga and meditation in your daily routine.
  • Try to do light or mild intensity exercises that will help you to stay healthy such as yoga slow walking, tai chi, etc.
  • Maintain your diet like reducing salt intake in your diet. Salt causes an itching effect so try to skip salty foods.
  • A foot massage can help to alleviate the symptoms such as pain and fatigue. It also improves blood circulation.
  • Take a diet rich in high fibres and omega-3 fatty acids.

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