End Stage of Liver Diseases – It’s Determination and Prevention


Anyone with some chronic liver ailments or a Candidate for liver transplant then MELD (Model for end stage liver diseases) score will be helping you to determine how urgently someone needs a transplant. Liver diseases can be chronic and life threatening if not managed well with proper treatment and precautions.

Liver Health and Common Problems

As we know that the liver is an essential organ which is involved in digestion and detoxification of toxins from the body. When your liver functioning starts getting disturbed which even sometimes leads to need for liver transplant in worse situations. Liver transplant can involve some severe and chronic conditions which cause liver failure like Cirrhosis, alcoholic liver disease, hepatitis, biliary atresia and primary sclerosing cholangitis. These conditions can affect one’s general well-being and lowers the quality of life.

What might be the Symptoms which Depict end Stage Liver Disease?

Signs and symptoms of end-stage liver disease includes –

  • Sudden loss of appetite
  • Yellow coloration of skin and eyes
  • Mental confusion and lack of concentration
  • Bruising or easy bleeding
  • Nausea and fatigue
  • Swelling (due to accumulation of fluid in legs and abdomen)
  • Bleeding from Gastrointestinal tract
  • Hepatic Encephalopathy
  • Weight loss
  • Itchy skin

What is MELD Score?

MELD or Model for end stage liver diseases is basically a scoring system for analysing the severity of chronic liver diseases. This was found to be really beneficial in determining prognosis and a source of prioritising for receipt of liver transplantation. Moreover, this has been used by UNOS (United network for organ sharing) and Euro Transplants for allocation of liver transplant.

What does MELD Score Indicate and its Determination?

MELD includes serum bilirubin, serum creatinine and INR (International normalized ratio for prothrombin time) serum sodium level for predicting survival rate of patients.

Where creatinine levels depict the functionality of kidney, Bilirubin levels indicate the functioning of liver, serum sodium level indicates normal liver and kidney function and INR shows how your liver forms factors required for Blood clots.

Usually, MELD score is a number that ranges from 6-40 which tells the severity of sickness and the need for liver transplant. Higher the number on scale, the urgency of your case is higher. It is one of the important factors which decide your place on the list for liver transplantation. If your MELD score is below 10 then it will be calculated once a year and if the score is between 11-18 then calculation is done every three months. Likewise duration for recalculation varies with the score.

What are the Causes of Liver Ailments?

Some of the major causes that can be included in list of triggering factors are –

  1. Infection – Many parasites and viruses can cause severe inflammation that reduces liver functioning and reduces liver function.
  2. Autoimmune liver disease – When our immune system starts attacking certain parts of our body and this causes onset of various diseases like Autoimmune hepatitis, primary biliary cholangitis, etc.
  3. Genetic factors – Gene mutation and inherited abnormal genes from parents can contribute to liver diseases.
  4. Lifestyle –Increased intake of alcohol, medication, accumulation of fat in liver and unhealthy diet can cause degeneration of liver cells and increased risk of chronic liver ailments.

How can you Prevent the Situation of the end Stage of Liver Diseases?

End stage liver diseases can be prevented effectively with slight changes in our diet and lifestyle.


  • Reduce intake of alcohol, milk products (milk, buttermilk and curd) and frozen food items.
  • Try to consume more fruits like Avocado, apples, papaya, dates, guava and walnuts.
  • Add these vegetables in your diet for healthy liver functioning i.e. carrots, bitter gourd, ridge gourd, round gourd and sweet potatoes.
  • Avoid red meat and smoked/ canned fish but you can eat grilled fish in small quantities, egg whites and lean meat.
  • Reduce intake of chillies, table salt and thyme in daily diet.
  • One can consume whole wheat pasta, tofu, kidney beans, khichdi, moong daal, millet and green tea for keeping healthy liver.


  • Maintain heathy weight if you are obese or overweight.
  • Regular exercise and Yoga for better health.
  • Avoid toxins i.e. aerosol, insecticides and chemicals which can damage liver cells.
  • Quit Smoking and drinking habits.

Natural Remedies by Planet Ayurveda for Management of Liver Diseases

Planet Ayurveda is offering a “Liver care pack” for maintaining a healthy liver. This pack has been formulated using Indian traditional herbs and all the supplements are 100% pure and natural.Herbal Remedies for Liver Diseasebuy-now

Product Description

1. Yakrit Plihantak Churna

The word ‘Yakrit’ means liver while ‘Pliha’ is referred to spleen in sanskrit. This is an wonderful herbal combination of medicinally important herbs like Bhumi Amla (Phyllanthus niruri), Kalmegh (Andrographis paniculata), Kaasni (Cichorium intybus), Katuki (Picrorhiza kurroa), Punarnava (Boerhavia diffusa), Sharpunkha (Tephrosia purpurea), Bhringraj (Eclipta alba) and Makoy (Solanum indicum). Bhumi amla and Makoy in this churna helps in regeneration of liver cells very effectively. Katuki helps in flushing out toxins from the liver and aids in improving digestion. Punarnava and Kalmegh are other amazing herbs which are beneficial in rejuvenation of the liver.

How to use

  • You are advised to boil 1 teaspoon powder in 400 ml water. Boil it until the initial volume is used to 50ml
  • Strain it and discard the residue. Drink the strained water twice a day and it is recommended to make fresh decoction everytime.

2. Liver Detox Formula

Liver detox formula from Planet Ayurveda has been formulated from numerous Ayurvedic herbs i.e. Kutki (Picrorhiza kurroa), Makoy (Solanum indicum), Kaasni (Cichorium intybus), Kalmegh (Andrographis paniculata), Haritaki (Terminalia chebula), Birangjasipha (Achillea millefolium) and Punarnava (Boerhavia diffusa). Punarnava and Kutki are wonderful herbs for rejuvenation of the liver, relieving symptoms of liver cirrhosis and supporting the health of the liver. Katuki is an amazing liver tonic and is way too effective in maintaining healthy liver. This herbal formula which lowers the chances of frequent infections and maintains proper assimilation of nutrients by keeping our liver healthy.

Dosage- 2 capsules two times a day with plain water after meals.

3. Echinacea Capsules

Indian Echinacea is another amazing Ayurvedic formulation containing high quality standardized extracts of Kalmegh (Andrographis paniculata). Kalmegh has tremendous action in strengthening our immune system and managing inflammation in the body. This herbs magically detoxifies the liver and is considered as a natural cleanser. These capsules have amazing properties i.e. digestive stimulant, hepatoprotective action, supports healthy liver, blood purifier and reduces inflammation.

Dosage- 2 capsules two times a day with plain water after meals.

4. Phyllanthus Niruri

Phyllanthus niruri capsules from Planet Ayurveda contain standardized extracts of high quality herb Bhumi amla. Bhumi Amla possess anti-oxidants which removes free radicals which may cause cell damage and significantly reduce the inflammation. These capsules are also helpful in lowering toxicity levels and fatty acids in the liver for maintaining healthy functioning of the liver. Bhumi amla possess anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties which protect the liver from various infections that might lowers the risk of chronic diseases.

Dosage– 2 capsules twice a day after meals with plain water.


If you are an adult with some liver ailments and doctors have recommended you for transplantation. Don’t panic and go for proper diagnosis and natural management. Moreover, your lifestyle and diet will add a major point on your health issues. Along with natural remedies, some changes in your lifestyle or diet can manage this condition and prevent the transplantation.

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Dr. Vikram Chauhan (MD-Ayurvedic Medicine) is an expert Ayurveda consultant in Chandigarh (India). He has vast experience of herbs and their applied uses. He has successfully treated numerous patients suffering from various ailments, throughout the world. He is CEO and Founder of Krishna Herbal Company and Planet Ayurveda in Chandigarh, India. He researched age old formulas from ancient Ayurvedic text books to restore health and save human beings from the worst side-effects of chemical-based treatments.