Ayurvedic Treatment for Baker’s cyst

Bakers cyst are the fluid filled cysts that form behind your knees and might induce a feeling of tightness and associated pain along with it. Baker’s cyst is also known as synovial cyst (synovial fluid is the lubricating fluid that is present in knee joint) and also as popliteal cyst( cavity behind your knee is known as popliteal fossa). This disorder derives its name from the doctor, William Morant Baker, who first discovered it, gathered that the fluid is accumulated as a result of the fluid that might have arisen from a damaged knee joint.

Baker Cyst


The formerly mentioned synovial fluid is produced excessively in order to rectify the injury and provide lubrication for the smooth functioning of the knee joint, it eventually collects around the area behind your knee (popliteal bursa) and causes Baker’s Cyst. The conditions that lead up to such an activity of baker’s cyst varies from an injury (ligament tear, cartilage tear, meniscus tear etc), inflammation of the joints (including various structures of the joint), gout, to differing types of arthritis.


You are recommended to see a doctor if you observe swelling in the popliteus, or could be your leg -mild to moderate to severe knee pain ,swelling in the knee such as a bulge behind should definitely be attended to by a certified doctor .however in some cases , there might not be any pain in the pilot phase, hence leaving the disease unnoticed .Other symptoms also include inability to fully flex the knee ,enabling a short range of motions-due to the stiffness if it is accustomed to activities such as standing for a long time.

Sometimes, baker’s cyst fades out eventually as and when the fluid is absorbed back to the body ,nonetheless-if the discomfort and pain is concerning and if untreated for a long time , it may cause complication due to bursting of the cyst and leakage of fluid to your calf region resulting in redness , shooting pain and swelling of calf which may closely resemble the symptoms of that of a blood clot in your leg , hence this should be precisely diagnosed in order to identify any underlying conditions and should be treated accordingly.

Ayurveda And Bakers Cyst

According to the holistic science of Ayurveda which bases the abnormality of the body to the vitiation of the three humours that make up the body viz Vata , pitta and kapha ,bakers cyst is associated with simultaneous corruption of Ama(toxins) formed in our gut due to a faulty digestion , and vata which aids in its propulsion (vata is characterised by the property of ‘Chala‘ or movement) and finally culminates in the lodging of ‘sandhi’(joints) emanating stiffness of the joints and this condition in Ayurveda is duly known as amavata,which is closely associated with rheumatoid arthritis in modern era. Ayurveda relies on the complete uprooting of the disorder and hence provides at our dispense a comprehensive routine to be followed taking into account the daylight variations, seasonal variations, disease etc. Ayurveda Also sets out commands on the effective consumption of food and drinks so as to derive the best of its benefits and places it’s complete pedestal on the digestion and gut health of an individual that might lead to any type of disease. Hence, this time-tested science places it’s faith in modifying the unsteady diet habits and applies gear to an otherwise accustomed fast paced lifestyle of today’s era.

Planet Ayurveda and Baker’s cyst

Planet ayurveda has in store for you its very own specially formulated ayurvedic supplements, these formulations are 100% natural, pure vegetarian and is marked free from chemicals or preservatives or any additives as such which brought to you carefully by an MD Ayurveda expert. This herbal combination is specially fabricated to cater to the needs for a healthy and flexible joint by the Vata relieving properties, the dosa which is related to the joints and responsible for pain if an imbalance occurs.

Some of the common ingredients that has specially been harnessed include: –

1. Kanchnar Guggul

A very effective medicament which is composed of the rasayana combination of triphala (amalaki,bibhitaki and haritaki) -ginger, black pepper , long pepper, varuna , cardamom,cinnamon resin in equal amounts .guggulu is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘protection against all diseases’ rightly named due to its enthusiastic functioning against the toxins by enhancing the lymphatic system. Kanchnar guggul’s countless benefits include purification of the blood owing to its content of plant steroids, detoxifying the body, curing swollen lymph nodes due to its anti-inflammatory , antibacterial properties.

Dosage– -2 tablets twice a day

2. Boswellia Curcumin

Boswellia serrata (indian frankincense) and Haridra (Curcuma long)a A renowned herb mentioned in classical treatises for its remarkable effect on osteoarthritis (an underlying cause of baker’s cyst), attributed to its anti-inflammatory properties and alleviate any sort of joint pain, and finds itself as a natural healer ,external or internal wounds mutually!

Dosage– 1 capsule twice a day

3. Ashwagandha Capsules

‘A pearl of great price’- this versatile, renowned and most valuable herb commonly known as winter cherry is held as a 1st class apoptogenic tonic and finds a major portion in classical ayurvedic treatises and is referred as ‘ayurvedic ginseng’ as it wards off both physical and mental stress productively!This is popular amongst the laymen as an ayurvedic rejuvenator, bearing a major component of countless ayurvedic formulations. Ashwagandha is a jewel considering its impact on the vata dosha!This herb is profitable for refurbishing the muscles. Proves beneficial irrespective of all ages and genders. Ashwagandha also recuperates our overall health by enhancing each of the systems that accounts for our body.

Dosage–2 capsules twice a day

4. Shilajit Capsules

Shilajit is renowned nature’s gift to mankind useful in preventing an array of disorders, it renders the body active keeping weakness of the body at bay and is also one of the best anti-ageing, rejuvenate , replenishing and restorative supplement and can be felt within 5-10 days of its consumption !Shilajit is lavish in its antioxidant contents in order to discharge the toxins of the body, the resin composition also helps to maintain the body’s electrolytes and body fluids.

Dosage -2 capsules twice a day

5. VriddhiVadhika

This supplement composed of a range of 31 handpicked ingredients is sworn best for the vitiated vata and kapha of a person, and is known to intensify the immune mechanism of the body.It aids in eliminating the toxins and thereby rendering maximum comfort to the body.

Dosage-2 tablets twice a day

6. Graviola Capsules

These capsules are formulated with Annona muricata(graviola) herb which possess various properties such as anticancer, antibacterial antiviral etc .Hence it is effective in ailing any underlying conditions of the baker’s cyst.

Dosage-2 capsules twice a day

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Your Safety is our Primary Concern

Some of the ingredients may-

  1. Not to be consumed in exceeding quantities than the mentioned dosage.
  2. Not recommended for pregnant/nursing/breastfeeding women.
  3. Consulting with your healthcare provider if any difficulties related to joints are experienced.

Why Planet Ayurveda

Planet ayurveda reaps the benefits vested in the science of ayurveda which is the science of life itself. Joining hands with planet ayurveda will find yourself going on about any of your conditions effortlessly, its products pull off as excellent handy supplements for the lifestyle and dietary options suited for you! Let’s make the brave choice of appreciating a healthy body in this fast paced world by coalescing with planet ayurveda!

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