How Cell phones Affecting Our Overall Health?


The cell phone is a technology that meshed perfectly with public demand. People like to talk, and cell phones let them do so from anywhere. But the mobile phones bring closure to the person far from you but take you away from the ones sitting next to you. Moreover, there is a list of side effects on our day to day life and overall health including physical and psychological effects on its excessive use. We are going to discuss some adverse effects caused by cell phones on our health in detail in this article.


The excessive use of mobile phones has so many effects on our body and mind. Lack of physical activity, sleep disturbances due to late-night use of phones, gradual reduction in visual activity, radiation i.e. radio waves through which cell phones communicate are harmful to our organs especially the heart and are responsible for creating many types of mutation in young during pregnancy. Furthermore, lack of social skills, loneliness, and depression altered mental health and even suicidal tendencies are some other consequences of excessive exploitation of mobiles.

Health hazards due to cell phone

Some major health hazards due to overuse of cell phones

  • Impaired immune system-Radiations from cell phones increase the body temperature and ultimately damage the lymph glands which are responsible for fighting against foreign bodies
  • Memory loss: Cell phones are also responsible for memory loss. This affects the gyrus of the brain and causes dementia-like problems.
  • Headaches: Excess use of the phones altered brain functions. After using the phone for a long time, our brain gets disturbed and starts aching.
  • Pressure or tingling in the head: Overuse of the phone will cause restlessness to your hands and further leads to the tingling sensation in the hands.
  • Tumors of the hearing nerve: There is a condition called acoustic schwannoma in which there is inflammation of the hearing nerve that is the vestibule-cochlear nerve. Continuous use of phones damages our hearing power because of the emission of harmful radiation from the phone.
  • Brain tumors-Due to the use of cell phones, it will also lead to the formation of tumors in the brain just because of the harmful radiation from the phones.
  • Break-in BBB(Blood Brain Barrier): The blood-brain barrier is a selectively semi-permeable membrane of endothelial cells that prevents circulating blood from the extracellular fluid. Overuse of higher radiation phones will hamper the function of the blood-brain barrier causing many problems regarding the brain.
  • DNA alteration or damage: Use of mobile phones during pregnancy will cause damage to the fetus. Harmful radiation from the mobile phone alters the structure of the DNA of the fetus and causes many congenital abnormalities.
  • Reduced melatonin: It’s obvious that excess use of mobile phones hamper the sleep pattern. When a person is using his or her phone late at night, then it suppresses the function of melatonin which is responsible for sleep.
  • Altered brain electrical activity: When we get continuous exposure to harmful radiations of the phones, then it will directly hamper the electrical activity of the brain. Because mobile phones have an electromagnetic effect which further suppresses the function of the brain.
  • Genetic damage: Harmful infrared rays will damage the genetic pattern of the fetus. It may even cause intrauterine death of the baby.
  • Cardiovascular stress: Overuse of phones increases the load of cardiac output due to the ionizing radiation of the phone. Eventually leads to cardiac problems.
  • Interference with pacemakers: Pacemakers are the artificial devices which are used in heart patients whose electrical activity of the heart is not working. This pacemaker is an electronic device and radiation from the phone disturbed the electrical activity of the pacemaker.
  • Eye problems: Phones give too much damage to the eyes. It will hamper our vision and also cause headaches due to eye strain. It will affect our eye lens and ultimately lead to vision impairment
  • Fatigue: Overuse of the phone gives stress to the muscles of the eyes and arms. This will automatically suppress brain activity and the person feels tired after using the phone for a very long time. it will disturb the movement of the hands, wrist, and elbow.

Some tips that are beneficial to protect our body from various hazards that are caused due to cell phones

  • Use Bluetooth or earphones for longer conversations:
  • The distance between phone and body will decrease by using earphones or Bluetooth which gradually decreases the exposure of radiation.
  • Text more: Your phone will be at a distance from your body while chatting. This distance lower downs radiation exposure.
  • Limited calls: An area where the mobile network is low, to reach out mobile signals mobile works multiple times harder which gradually increases radiation.
  • Avoid the use of mobiles while driving:-While diving, use of mobile phones leads to dangerous results like accidents.
  • Avoid keeping your phone in your trousers pocket: This will reduce male fertility and semen count.
  • Avoid body contact: While sleeping, keep your phone away from your body because when you are not making a call your phone continuously emits radiation.
  • Limit children’s use The brain of kids is still developing and they also have a thinner skull. These harmful radiofrequency radiations affect kids’ brains more deeply as compared to the adult brain.
  • Be careful about cell phone cases: Some cases can shorten battery life, weaken cell phone signals or increase radiation emission.
  • Switch off the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or hotspots: Always on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or hotspots functions of a cell phone are like replicating a mobile tower scenario at home. This leads to an increase in radiation exposure by 40%. So to protect from these harmful radiations, keep the switch off all these functions when not in use.
  • Always carry your phone in the hip pocket or a belt clip purse because these are the least damaged places.
  • During pregnancy, minimize carrying, usage and exposure to cell phones.

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After going through this article, we can say that the overuse of mobile phones emits harmful radiations that cause several harmful effects to our body. By understanding the adverse effects of cell phones and following above mentioned tips we can reduce the hazards of mobile phones on our health.

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