Herbal Supplements for Controlling Diabetes

Diabetes Mellitus commonly known as diabetes is no longer an age specific disease. You can even find the people who are suffering this ailment at the age group of 7 to 14 year old. Though there are various medicines that have been invented time and again but in most of the cases this disorder is something that goes along with the patient for the rest of his or her life. Though diabetes is a very homely name but many of us still don’t understand the basic disorder that leads to diabetes.

Diabetes It is generally defined as a lifelong condition/disorder that affects person’s ability to use the energy found in food. It also affects the way a person’s body uses glucose. There are three major type of glucose in our body; Type 1 diabetes, Type 2 diabetes and gestational diabetes. However, irrespective to the type of diabetes one is suffering, one will have too much sugar in their blood.

Let’s briefly look at the type of diabetes mellitus

1. Type 1 Diabetes: It is also known as insulin dependent diabetes. It is mainly caused by the genetic indisposition. In this type of diabetes, the body attacks its own pancreas by antibiotic. The damaged pancreas does not make any insulin.

2. Type 2 Diabetes: This type of diabetes is developed when pancreas does not make enough insulin. For the cells needs the insulin to use the energy of glucose, it becomes a barrier in completing the metabolic process. Since cells cannot utilize the energy of glucose, larger amount of glucose stays in the cell which leads to high blood sugar.

3. Gestational Diabetes: It is characterized as a high sugar levels in bloods and it normally occurs at the time of pregnancy. This is usually the case during pregnancy for almost all the women suffer from impaired glucose intolerance as a result of hormonal changes. Though there is a high sugar level in blood at the time pregnancy but that is not enough for a person to suffer from diabetes. There are some changes that one can suffer from gestational after diabetes.

Though it is considered a life style disease but it can be managed by having proper diet and treatment. Allopathic medicines have not proven to be very effective in a long run since it has seen that they also affect liver and kidneys. Though one cannot curb diabetes totally, one can still live a healthy life if proper precautions are taken on time. Ayurveda has proven to be very effective in maintaining proper level of glucose. Besides, one does not have to worry about any kind of side effects.

There are diabetes herbal remedies that are preferred by all the people who do not want to take the risk of any kind of side effects. Planet Ayurveda is providing special diabetes care pack for the proper management of diabetes. It constitutes all the herbal remedies for controlling diabetes neuropathy. This pack mainly constitutes of three herbs Ashwagandha, Shilajit, and Chandraprabha. All these herbal supplements for diabetes have proven to be very effective. The herbs in this pack are purely natural and do not contain any kind of preservatives or chemicals.

Ashwagandha: Studies have proved that hyperglycemia found in Type 2 disease can be improved by taking Ashwagandha.

Shilajit: It is proven very effective in controlling the blood sugar levels.

Chanderprabha: It helps in reducing the insulin resistance in diabetes.

Other than this some herbal diet and herbal remedies that one can adopt in their daily lives to properly manage all types of diabetes:

Methi is very effective in controlling diabetes. Recent studies have shown that Methi/ Fenugreek have the valuable property in reducing the rate at which sugar is absorbed. It is also found capable of stimulating pancreatic to increase insulin production.

Bitter Gourd/ Karela: Almost everyone is familiar with this bitter vegetable. Though it is not everyone’s favorite but it has got a lot of many properties. It has got the ability to reduce hyperglycemia one of the main reason of increase in the blood sugar levels.

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