Natural Ways to Improve Concentration

         Natural ways to improve concentration

According to this shloka:

Use the juice of mandukparni (brahmi/Gotu kola), powder of yashtimadhu (licorice/mulethi) with milk, use of guduchi (giloy) stem along with its roots and flowers and the paste of shankhpushpi for improving concentration. These herbs are life supporting, disease alleviating, increase strength, digestive fire, skin complexion, voice and intellectual promoting. Shankhpushpi is especially used for promoting intellect.

(Reference: Charak Samhita (Chikitsa Sthan) Chapter-1 (3rd part) and shloka-30 and 31)

As per modern aspect:

  • Just imagine what will happen if you could not remember anything. A good memory and high concentration power is a must. It helps you to remember the skills that you have learned and retrieve that information which is stored in the brain. Every individual has moments of forgetfulness especially when life gets busy. Having a poor memory is frustrating.
  • Genetic factors play an important role in decreasing concentration power and memory loss, especially in various neurological conditions such as Alzheimer disease.
  • Researchers have proved that diet and lifestyle have a major role in memory too.

As per Ayurveda aspect:

  • Doshas are the main functional representatives of the body.  Vata is the main dosha that gives stimulation to the mind for its normal functioning and working properly.
  • The main dosha is udaan vata (a type of vata) which resides in the moordha and ura (head and chest).
  • The other main type is prana vata which maintains the proper functioning and maintains a relationship between the indriya, mana, and buddhi. Acharyas have explained that Smriti is the remembrance of events that is perceived or experienced earlier and buddhi is an instrument for the atma for its attachment.

causes of low concentration power

What are the causes of low concentration power?

1. Alcohol or any drug abuse:

  • Alcohol can cause the brain to function less and even any medication or drug abuse can have this effect.

2. Hormonal changes

  • With the hormonal changes, many women  face problems of forgetfulness and low concentration.


  • Head injury may cause temporary confusion while more serious injuries can cause permanent damage. This may lead to concentration difficulties.


  • When the oxygen is not transported directly to the body then it can result in the lack of red blood cells.


  • Brain stroke or problem in the blood flow can cause severe changes in the organs that sometimes results in severe memory loss or an individual is unable to concentrate.

6.Improper sleeping habits:

  • Improper sleeping habits may lead to a lack of focus and low concentration power.

Main Cause of Depression


  • Low concentration power and lack of focus are the main symptoms of depression.

8.Emotional stress:

  • Emotional stress and fatigue can cause concentration problems.

What are the symptoms of low concentration power?

  • A patient is unable to remember things or talks that occurred over a short time.
  • Difficulty in sitting still for a longer period
  • Difficulty in thinking and remembering things
  • The person is unable to make decisions
  • Lack of focus and low concentration
  • Person takes a long time to finish the assigned tasks
  • Easily distracted when someone talks to them

How to improve concentration power naturally?


  • Asparagus root is very beneficial in increasing the concentration power. This herb is an incredible source of folate which acts as energy for the brain. It is highly nutritious and has been used as the herbal medication in Ayurveda since many years ago. It acts as a brain tonic for the nerves of the brain. People with lower levels of folate tend to experience symptoms related to low concentration power.

Lemon Balm:

  • Lemon balm has been used in the treatment of low concentration power by alleviating brain fatigue. It has a calming effect on the nerves. About 30 grams of lemon balm should be added in a half liter of cold water and allowed to stand for 10 to 12 hours. After that, it should be strained and can be taken in small doses throughout the day.


  • Apple is one of the most effective remedies for increasing the concentration power because it contains several chemical substances such as vitamin B, potassium, phosphorous that can control the wear and tear of nerve cells. You should take an apple with honey. . This will act as a nerve tonic and provides new energy to the nerve cells.


  • Use of cardamom is very effective. Prepare a tea of it by boiling the cardamom powder in a cup of water. Add a very pleasing aroma to it as a medicine in the treatment of this condition.

Cashew nuts:

  • Cashew nut is the best and effective remedy for increasing the concentration and curing nerves weakness because it contains vitamins of group B in  it especially  thiamine, which stimulates the appetite and also contains riboflavin that keeps the body energetic and active.

Vitamin B:

  • Diet rich in vitamin B such as green vegetables, fish, eggs, whole grains is very helpful in restoring the vitality. This diet has a useful effect on the mental health of an individual.


  • Mediation is very useful for sharpening the mind’s ability to focus and blocking out the distractions. This will improve the blood flow to the cerebrum.
  • Meditation also reduces stress and acts as a memory-boosting factor for the brain. It also prevents an individual from several neurodegenerative disorders such as Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

Reduce stress:

  • When an individual is under stress it becomes harder for them to remember things and talks. It can affect both directly as well as indirectly because at that time the body releases stress hormones such as cortisol. This hormone hampers the memory process of the brain and the brain is unable to retrieve the long term memories. Researchers have found that stress not only induces a deficit in memory retrieval but also changes the way of storing  the information.


  • Do exercise daily and it is good for the memory because exercise increases the volume of the brain’s structure (hippocampus) involved in the memory and learning. It provides oxygen to the brain that carries out the essential nutrients to the brain. This also reduces the risk of several diseases such as cardiovascular diseases and diabetes that may lead to memory loss.

Some useful Tips:

  • Exclude the intake of tea, alcohol, coffee, cold drinks, sugar, and white rice.

Diet of an individual should be restricted to three meals.

  • In the morning: fruits should be taken for breakfast with milk and a handful of nuts with it. Consume steamed vegetables, whole wheat chapattis and a glass of buttermilk in the lunch and in dinner, consume available sprouts such as cottage moong beans, and green vegetables with a glass of buttermilk.
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