How Ayurveda can help in treating Diabetic foot

What is Diabetes

Diabetes is an endocrinal disorder of pancreas which is characterized by either no production of insulin by pancreas or resistance of insulin by body’s cells or both. Three main features are – Polydipsia (excessive thirst), Polyurea (excessive urination) and Polyphagia (excessive hunger). In Diabetes, high blood sugar levels are seen.

Ayurvedic perspective of Diabetes

Ayurveda calls Diabetes as Maharoga because it involves all the organs of the body. According to Ayurveda, there are three energies found in our body which are Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, when the imbalance occurs between these three energies, the disease occurs. Diabetes mainly occurs due to vitiation of Kapha dosha which leads to increased Agni, resulting in increased blood sugar levels. Two synonyms for Diabetes are – Parmeha (passing of excess urine) and Madhumeha (passing of sweet urine).

Ayurvedic perspective of Diabetes

Diabetic foot

Diabetic foot is caused due to Diabetic neuropathy that is a complication seen in Diabetic patients which occur as a result of high blood sugar levels, that damages nerves leading to loss of sensation in particular part, especially foot.

Causes – 2 main causes are –

1.Peripheral neuropathy

In this neuropathy, those nerves are damaged which carry messages to or from the Brain and Spinal cord, to or from the rest of the body.

2.Autonomic neuropathy

In this neuropathy, those nerves are damaged which help in managing everyday body functions.

Clinical features

Diabetic foot can present with following clinical features depending upon the nerves involved

1.Peripheral neuropathy – It can present with

  • Pain or cramps in the arms and legs
  • Bone pain or joint pain
  • Muscle weakness
  • Loss of reflexes
  • The tingling sensation and burning sensation in the legs and the arms due to nerve damage
  • Numbness (sometimes  able to feel pain and temperature, gets reduced)
  • Serious foot problems like Diabetic foot, ulcers or infections can occur.

Peripheral neuropathy

2. Autonomic neuropathy-It can present with

  • Low blood pressure
  • Low blood sugar levels
  • Increased sweating
  • Constipation or diarrhea
  • Urinary tract infections or urine retention
  • Female problems like vaginal dryness or other sexual problems
  • Gastric problems
  • Difficulty in swallowing
  • Increased heart rate

How to diagnose the Diabetic foot

  • If you notice any of the following symptoms, consult your Physician
  • Skin color changes, temperature changes, swelling, ulcers or persistent sore in the foot
  • Pain or tingling sensation in the feet or ankles
  • Dry, cracked skin on the heels
  • Athlete’s foot or fungal infection of the feet
  • In growing toenails

Complications of Diabetic foot- Diabetic foot can lead to the following complications

  • Nonhealing foot wound or ulcers
  • Infections – skin infections, bone infections, and abscesses
  • Gangrene
  • Foot deformity
  • Charcot’s foot – In which bones in the foot and toe-shift or break leading to the altered shape of the feet

Ayurvedic treatment for Diabetic foot

Ayurvedic treatment for Diabetic foot


Planet Ayurveda offers the best herbal products for the treatment of Diabetic foot in the form of “Diabetic neuropathy care pack“. Diabetic neuropathy pack contains three herbal products which are very beneficial in balancing vitiated Vata and Kapha doshas. All these products are prepared under the supervision of experienced MD Ayurvedic Doctors by strictly following the principles of Ayurveda. All these products are safe, pure, natural, chemical-free, and preservative-free and are vegetarian in nature. These are not having any side effect and can be used for a prolonged period of time. “Diabetic neuropathy care pack” includes

  1. Shilajit capsules
  2. Ashwagandha capsules
  3. Chanderprabha vati


It is very useful for the treatment of diabetic neuropathy.

Herbal composition – These capsules are prepared by using a standardized extract of herb Shilajit (Asphaltum). Shilajit is a mineral substance of dark brown color, found at higher altitudes.

Benefits – These capsules help to overcome the weakness occurred in the body due to diabetic neuropathy and also help to increase the stamina of the body against stress.

Dosage 2 capsules, twice in a day with plain water or milk

2. Ashwagandha 

These capsules show wonderful results in the treatment of diabetic neuropathy.

Herbal composition – These capsules are prepared by using the standardized extract of herb Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera).

Classical Reference regarding Ashwagandha

Ayurvedic Treatment of Diabetic Neuropathy

(Reference– Bhavprakash nighantu, Edition of 2010: Verse 189-190, Page no. – 393-394)

Meaning – In this verse, various synonyms regarding Ashwagandha and its benefits have been explained. Ashwagandha has various synonyms – Varda, Balda, Hahira, Vrahkarni, Kusthgandhini, and Baji. It is astringent and bitter in taste with hot potency. It enhances the spermatogenesis, manages the emaciation and is a good energy provider. It manages vata and kapha doshas. It is helpful in inflammation and leucoderma  It has anti-ageing property.

Benefits – These are as follow

  • Ashwagandha is the best adaptogenic and stress-busting herb and has good medicinal importance.
  • Ashwagandha helps to increase the strength and stamina of the body, thus helpful in treating diabetic neuropathy.
  • Ashwagandha is very helpful in treating the symptoms associated with diabetic neuropathy, which are – Pain in calf muscles, neck region, shoulders, numbness in legs and feet, weight loss and fatigue.
  • It also improves the erectile dysfunction and sexual weakness occurred due to diabetic neuropathy.

Dosage1 capsule two times in a day with plain water after meals.

3. Chanderprabha vati

This is an amazing natural herbal product by Planet Ayurveda which is a blend of 23 ancient herbs,  safe to use and is not having any side effect.

Herbal composition – These capsules are prepared by using herbs like shilajit (Asphaltum), Guggul (Comniphora mukul), Haridra (Curcuma longa), etc.

Benefits– These are as follows

  • These herbs are very helpful in balancing the root cause of diabetes which is, vitiated Vata and Kapha doshas.
  • These are helpful in nourishing the nerves, damaged due to diabetic neuropathy and also help to increase the strength and stamina of the body.
  • These are helpful to improve the erectile dysfunction and sexual weakness occurred due to diabetic neuropathy.

Dosage – 2 tablets two times a day after meals.

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Dr. Vikram Chauhan (MD-Ayurvedic Medicine) is an expert Ayurveda consultant in Chandigarh (India). He has vast experience of herbs and their applied uses. He has successfully treated numerous patients suffering from various ailments, throughout the world. He is CEO and Founder of Krishna Herbal Company and Planet Ayurveda in Chandigarh, India. He researched age old formulas from ancient Ayurvedic text books to restore health and save human beings from the worst side-effects of chemical-based treatments.