Herbal Remedies for Diabetic Neuropathy

Diabetic neuropathy is a complication that poses damage to nervous system. It is caused due to prolonged alleviated level of blood sugar in the body. This complication can affect various parts of the body and the damage can vary from mild to severe. Till now no allopathic treatment has proven to be very effective in curing this disorder. In case of this disorder, ayurvedic treatment is considered to be the preferred option.

Diabetic Neuropathy is further divided into four types of diabetic neuropathy. All kinds of Diabetic Neuropathy have different symptoms.

Let’s briefly look at the types of Diabetic Neuropathy along with their symptoms:

  • Peripheral Diabetic Neuropathy: It basically refers to damage to the peripheral nerves. Most commonly the nerves of feet and legs would be affected in this case. One can experience loss of sensation, numbness and also pain in the parts of the body that are affected.
  • Diabetic Proximal Neuropathy: Under this condition, the nerves of thigh, hips and buttocks are affected. One can feel weakness in the legs and also pain in the affected part.
  • Autonomic Diabetic Neuropathy: One can feel dizziness and can also faint while standing. Some patients can also experience sexual difficulties like problem in attaining erection, vaginal dryness, and ejaculation problem in men, difficulties in arousal and orgasm in women. Can also face problem in digesting food.
  • Mononeuropathy Diabetic Neuropathy: On this condition, there is damage to specific type of nerves. Long term pressure to a nerve due to swelling or any kind of injury can lead to this disorder. One can experience pain in the chest, thighs and abdomen.

In addition to this, one must opt for herbal remedies for diabetic neuropathy:

Diabetes Neuropathic Cure Pack

  • Ashwagandha: It is very effective in controlling all the movement of the body including nerves and is very helpful in enhancing physical and mental stamina of the body.
  • Shilajit Capsules: This herb is considered the best anti oxidant and is very effective in flushing out all the harmful particles from the body. It is considered the best supplement for the overall maintenance of the body.
  • Chadraprabha: This herb is very effective in keeping body healthy. It controls overall body health including nervous systems. It heals the weakness caused due to diabetes.

Planet Ayurveda is providing Diabetes Neuropathic Cure Pack which consists of effective herbs for the treatment of diabetic neuropathy.

Let’s look at the constituents of this combo pack.

  1. Ashwagandha Vegi Capsules
  2. Shilajit Vegi Capsules
  3. Chanderprabha Tablets

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Home Remedies of Diabetic Neuropathy

  • Go for regular check up in order to control diabetic neuropathy.
  • Keep your sugar level in check.
  • Exercise regularly and try to keep a healthy weight. It can help your body to use insulin better.
  • Eat healthy food; you can take high fiber food for it can keep your metabolism in check.
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