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Chaple syndrome also known as Primary intestinal syndrome and also known as Waldmann’s disease which is an important cause of protein losing enteropathy. Chapel syndrome is found in many rare individuals and they occur as a part of a multisystemic genetic disease. The etiologies of many lymphatic dysplasia syndromes associated with the chapel syndrome have been identified. Familial cases and the occurrence at the time of birth suggest genetic etiologies in certain cases. So let us discuss this disease in detail as under.

Chaple Syndrome


This disease with activation of the complement and angiopathic thrombosis is the chaple syndrome that is identified as a monogenic form. And loss of CD55 is a key regulator of the complement system which leads to a predominantly gut condition. Similarly to other complement disorders namely paroxysmal nocturnal and hemoglobinuria and atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome, chaple disease involves pathogenic cross activation of the coagulation system which predisposes individuals to severe thrombosis. The disorder usually manifests in childhood which can be life threatening. Even for these autoimmune disorders acharyas in ayurveda suggest many ayurvedic herbs for enhancing immunity.


Chaple syndrome is caused by mutation of complement CD55 gene which leads to loss of protein expression


Chaple syndrome is characterised by severe protein losing enteropathy leading to hypoproteinemia. Symptoms include abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite,weight loss,edema. Many of the patients suffer from malabsorption which causes deficiencies in iron, calcium, magnesium, vitamin D and vitamin B12. severe thrombotic vascular occlusion may also be found in this disease.


Patients with the chaple syndrome are generally diagnosed with a very common combination of clinical presentation and histology, and genetic testing. assessment of the intestinal biopsy samples revealed extensive and suggest a diagnosis of chaple syndrome. Patients are more prone to large-vein thrombosis.


Once the diagnosis is made the treatment is based on the individual’s clinical conditions. In modern medicine the disease is managed by a humanized anti-C5 monoclonal antibody and complement inhibitor, and it was shown to have beneficial outcomes over an 18-month period.


Planet ayurveda is providing a good therapeutic approach to this particular disease. The products of planet ayurveda are 100% safe and easy to use. These following products are made under the supervision of experts and also have good results in all type of disease planet Ayurveda provides the following herbal and pure product for the treatment of this disease

  1. Ashwagandha Capsules
  2. Punarnava Capsules
  3. Pitta Balance
  4. Immune Booster
  5. Wheat Grass Powder
  6. Swaran Vasant Malti Ras
Chapel 'S Syndrome

Product’s Description


It contains ashwagandha (withania somnifera). It is the best product for  neuralgia and has best results in stress disorders. It is useful in debilitating conditions, fatigue,stress,anxiety,palpitations,ageing and nervous breakdown. It acts as a nerve tonic enhances physical as well as mental stamina it brings strength back to muscles relieves the muscles and calm down the system it acts as a natural rejuvenator that helps maintain proper nourishment of the tissues particularly muscle and bone it is regarded as a first class adaptogenic tonic in one of the world’s greatest herbal medical system ayurveda . it is also known as winter cherry improves the body’s ability to maintain physical effort and helps the body adapt to various types of stress and it is the best herb for balancing vata in the body .vata governs all movements in the body including the movements of nerve impulse throughout the nervous system it acts as a nerve tonic which enhances physical as well as mental stamina. It can be given to growing children as well as old age people.

DOSAGE-1-2 capsules once or twice a day with lukewarm water.


It contains punarnava( boerhavia diffusa) . It is the best herb for maintaining kidney is a rejuvenative and also used in impaired urinary functions. It naturally helps the body to expel fluids so best for edema. It also helps relieve water retention and aids in weight loss. It also helps to promote healthy liver functions . Punarnava is also useful in ascites, congestive heart failure and swelling due to arthritis. Punar means again and nava means new. So it rejuvenates the cell rather than only eliminating water from the it is useful even where the cells of various organs are damaged. This herbal formulation is also very useful in urinary tract obstruction, kidney failure due to any reason and accumulation of fluid in the body. It clears away the obstruction in the urinary tract and is also act as anti-infective

DOSAGE-1-2 cap once or twice a day with lukewarm water.


It contains praval pishti(coral),akik pishti(agate), jawar mohra pishti(compound), giloy satva ( tinospora cordifolia) etc it balances the fire element in the body unusual heat feelings in the body , burning feet and hands. Aggression, anxiety, anger management hyperthyroidism and hyperactivity syndromes, hair loss, premature graying of hair, eye weakness. According to Ayurveda, pitta represents the fire element in the body. The fire in the universe performs the functions of breakdown of compounds into smaller molecules releasing energy. Similarly the metabolic enzymatic functions in the body are all governed by pitta dosha. Too much consumption of alcohol , heat producing food, spices,anger and aggression leads to its imbalance. This cause blood pressure, skin diseases, infections, mental exertion , eyesight problems, hair loss and metabolic problems pitta balance helps to restore the balance of fire energy in the body leading to excellent results in such conditions.

DOSAGE-1-2 cap once or twice a day with lukewarm water.


It contains grapeseed (vitis vinifera), cow colostrum (bovine colostrum),bhumi amala (phyllanthus niruri), amalaki(emblica officinalis). It builds long lasting immunity in childrens, elderly, females and adults, an immunity wall for the whole family. It protects against free radicals, aging, chemicals, pesticides, recurrent infections, and cleanses the system of toxins. Immune booster as the name says builds the immunity quickly. It is very useful in childrens who get recurrent throat, sinus infections. It works wonderfully for asthmatic patients, females who get recurrent urinary tract infections and anyone who is in an immuno-compromised state. Cow colostrum works together to build a very strong immune system . The herbs work to keep the system free from free radicals and toxins. Together they give strength to the cellular defense mechanisms to fight dreadful diseases like cancers, diabetes, asthma, infections, aging, inflamed liver and so on.

DOSAGE-1-2 capsules once or twice a day.


It is rich in vitamins, minerals and natural antioxidants. Fights diseases like cancer, diabetes and many others. It is popular as green blood as it is rich in natural nutrients which help the body to make new blood.makes the blood alkaline which does not let the bacteria and viruses. It helps in detoxifying the organs and blood helps to clear the skin of planet ayurveda The powder in micro sized particles quickly metabolises and releases a gush of vitamins, minerals, anti oxidants in the blood, which work like a coordinated army to fight cancer, diabetes,ulcers, bleeding disorder and age related disorders. There is no disease which is not healed by wheat grass powder. It can be hair loss, aging, premature graying of hair, wrinkles, blemishes, ulcers, acidity , colitis, hepatitis, cancers of all types, skin ailments, metabolic, hormonal disease, infertility and weakness. It helps a lot to cope up side effects of radiotherapy or chemotherapy and so on

DOSAGE- 1tsp twice a daily with lukewarm water.


Swarana Vasant Malti Ras is an very effective immunity booster and acts as an antibiotic medicine which is used for the  treatment of chronic fevers and various syndromes,  general fatigue, weakness after fever and any wayward disease such as tuberculosis and  heart diseases. Vasant Malti Ras which is Swarna Yukta has its very great and  curative action in splenomegaly, liver enlargement, hepatitis A, B, C and other types as well in  malaria fever, productive cough,  weakness, cervicitis and other uterus infections and chronic headaches .

DOSAGE-1 tab  once or twice a day with lukewarm water.


The above information is true and has been provided a good therapeutic approach in this particular disease. The products are made under supervision. The products of planet ayurveda are pure and 100% safe. The products given above are fully safe and have no side effects. Planet ayurveda is giving a good approach to this disease by giving 100% safe, pure and good products.In case of any query kindly visit For more queries, you can send your queries to our email id

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