Ayurvedic Treatment Of Clostridium Difficile With Remedies


Clostridium difficile is a bacterial infection that can result in serious inflammation of colon or colitis. The characteristic of Clostridium difficile or C.diff is that this infection usually starts after taking a course of antibiotics or while one is having them. This infection can sometimes prove to be fatal. Older adults who have been hospitalized or those who have been living in care facilities for a long time are usually affected by C.diff infection. However young people outside the healthcare facilities can also get this infection. In this write up you can read all about Clostridium difficile and its herbal treatment and management by Planet Ayurveda.

Clostridium Difficile


Clostridium difficile or C.difficile is a serious colon bacterial infection which usually affects elderly people after use of antibiotics however other age groups can also get affected. Sometimes the damage can be severe and fatal.


As per the concept of Ayurveda, metabolism and digestion are governed by the gastric fire, i.e. Jathar agni. Immunity against infections, i.e. Ojas also depends on Jathar agni. Also the doshas, i.e. Vata, Pitta and Kapha play an important role in the causation of the disease. Here this infection is caused due to weak Jatharagni causing imbalance in the digestion and immunity.


Symptoms of C.diificile can range from being mild to severe. Some of the signs and symptoms are:

  • Diarrhea
  • Pain, cramps or tenderness in stomach
  • Blood in stool
  • Fever
  • Nausea
  • Weight loss
  • Loss of appetite
  • Dehydration
  • Increased heart rate
  • Increase in white blood cells
  • Kidney failure
  • Pus in stool


The bacteria named C.difficile enters the human body through the mouth where they begin their reproduction in the small intestine. After reaching the large intestine they start releasing tissue damaging toxins which cells of the intestine resulting in formation of inflammatory cells patches.

These bacteria outside the human body can be found in soil, Fibromyalgia animal or human feces, water, contaminated food and water and unwashed hands.


Certain factors can increase the risk of getting infection

  • Spending long time in healthcare facilities like nursing homes or hospitals.
  • People who comes in contact with human feces and further touching bed sheets, clothing or surfaces.
  • Older adults living in hospitals for long time.
  • Taking antibiotics for long time.
  • Not washing hands properly at such public health care centers.


Diagnosis is based on the basis of signs and symptoms which indicate towards the infection. Further your doctor advises for laboratory tests like stool tests which will reveal presence of C.difficile in stool.


Conventionally C.difficile is treated by antibiotics, however this antibiotic will be different from the previous one (if a person was taking any) to treat infection. However in severe cases surgery can be suggested and done where the inflammation is widespread, in case of organ failure or toxic megacolon.


As doshas are imbalanced and Jatharagni is imbalanced the main aim of the Ayurvedic treatment is to restore the balance of doshas and Jatharagni. There are many herbs and natural components which possess the natural ability to treat infections and balance the doshas.


Planet Ayurveda is a very well known name in the field of herbal pharmaceuticals not only in India but in various parts of the world. Here numerous herbal products and medicines are manufactured and used to treat many chronic and acute ailments of the people since about two decades. All of these herbal medicines are prepared using authentic and pure herbs which are free from any kind of chemicals, additives, preservatives, dye, colors and yeast. For C.difficile Planet Ayurveda offers a combination of herbal remedies which are potent in natural management of the infection.

  1. Kutajghan Vati
  2. Vatsakadi Churna
  3. Mahashankh Vati
  4. Arjuna Capsule
  5. Praval Panchamrit
Ayurvedic Treatment For Clostridium Difficile

Products Description

1. Kutajghan Vati

Kutaj (Holarrhena antidysentrica) is the main herb used in the preparation of Kutaj ghan vati tablets. These herbal tablets help in treating diarrhea and hence are very therapeutic for C.difficile.

Dosage: Take 2 tablets twice daily after meals with plain water.

2. Vatsakadi Churna

Herbs like Vatsak (Holarrhena antidysenterica), Bilva (Aegle marmelos), saunf (Foeniculum vulgare), anar (Punica granatum), dhania (Coriandrum sativum), chhoti elaichi (Elettaria cardamomum), Nagarmotha (Cyperus rotundus) and jaiphal (Myristica fragrans) are used in the preparation of Vatsakadi churna. Vatsakadi churna is helpful in aiding good digestion, treats loose stools and corrects the functioning of the digestive system.

Dosage: Take 1 teaspoon twice daily after meals with plain water.

3. Mahashankh Vati

These herbal tablets helps in correcting digestion, relieving inflammation of intestines, relieves pain and cramps and stimulates appetite. Mahashankh vati is prepared using herbs like nimbu (Citrus limon), saikharika (Achyranthes aspera), amla (Phyllanthus emblica), chitraka (Plumbago zeylanica) etc.

Dosage: Take 2 tablets twice daily after meals with plain water.

4. Arjuna Capsule

Terminalia arjuna is the herb used in standardized extract form to prepare these amazing herbal capsules. Arjuna capsules help in preventing and treating blood in stool owing to their astringent property. These capsules also balance the doshas in the body.

Dosage: Take 1 capsule twice daily after meals with plain water.

5. Praval Panchamrit

This herbal formulation helps in treating inflammation, healing wounds, relieves digestive troubles like anorexia, bloating, loose stools, indigestion and belching. Praval panchamrit is prepared using Mukta bhasma (Pearl bhasma), shankha bhasma (Conch shell bhasma), Praval bhasma (Coral bhasma) and Latex of arka (Calotropis procera).

Dosage: Take 1 tablet twice daily after meals with plain water.


Clostridium difficile can prove to be life threatening if not treated timely and correctly hence early diagnosis and proper treatment is necessary. All the herbal remedies mentioned above by Planet Ayurveda can help in managing the ailment effectively without causing any further harm to the body. However self medication should not be done and all the medicines should be taken under medical supervision.

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