Ayurvedic Treatment for Antiphospholipid Syndrome


Phospholipid is a compound lipid present in the body that contains Fatty Acids, alcohol, phosphoric acid from where it has got the name and also Nitrogen base. It helps in making up 2 percent of the total dietary lipids and is very important for making the protective barrier around the body cell. In fact, the phospholipids are synthesized in order to form cell and organelle membrane in the body. They make structures around the blood and body fluids where fat is enclosed and is transported all over the bloodstream. But what happens when lead phospholipids are not working properly and the immune system is instead attacking the lipids particularly the phospholipids. It gives rise to a disorder known as Antiphospholipid syndrome and through this article we are going to discuss this in detail along with its Ayurvedic treatment.

Antiphospholipid Syndrome

What is Antiphospholipid Syndrome?

Antiphospholipid syndrome is an autoimmune disorder which usually affects the coagulation system. The clotting is formed from the protein present in the body which is called anti-phospholipid antibodies which are formed by the person’s own tissue. It is responsible for forming inappropriate activation of the clotting cascade and recurrent formation of the thrombus in the body. Antiphospholipid is mostly seen in women which results in pregnancy complications.

The damage resulted by the clotting can differ depending on the site where the clot is formed. For example, small clots formed in the heart repeatedly can thicken the valve and damage them. This results in repeated cardiac problems. This results in many other health problems in the body.

What are the Signs and Symptoms?

Some common signs and symptoms seen are

  • Formation of blood clots in the legs due to DVT which can result in swelling, redness and pain. These clots can even travel from legs all the way to lungs resulting in pulmonary thrombosis.
  • It can lead to stroke in young patients who are suffering from antiphospholipid syndrome.
  •  It can cause complications in pregnancy like dangerous high blood pressure, miscarriage and repeated stillbirths.
  • Just like stroke there can also be Transient ischaemic attack which can last for a few minutes.
  • Red rashes can also form on the skin which can look like a net like pattern.

Some Other Rare Symptoms Like

  • Cardiovascular disease which can cause damage to the heart valves.
  • Neurological signs like migraines, dementia, chronic headache and seizures which can block the flow of blood to the brain.
  • Antiphospholipid can cause a decreased amount of blood cells which is important for clotting. This can result in repeated bleeding especially from the gums and nose along with that it can also cause bleeding in the skin which may appear as red spots.


  • This can result in reduced flow of blood to the kidney and causing Kidney failure.
  • Decreased flow to the brain causes a stroke and even neurological damage which is permanent, this can also cause loss of speech or paralysis.
  • High blood pressure can cause pulmonary embolism.

What Causes Antiphospholipid Syndrome?

Antiphospholipid syndrome is basically an immune system where the antibodies mistakenly start to attack the blood and form more clots. These antibodies are useful in protecting the body from bacteria or viruses.

This syndrome is basically passed from one family member to the other and is a genetic disorder.

Risk Factors

This includes factors like:

  • Women are more likely to suffer from Antiphospholipid syndrome as compared to Men.
  • People who have Autoimmune disorders like Sjogren’s syndrome or Lupus are more likely to suffer from antiphospholipid syndrome.
  • People who have infections like HIV/AIDS. Lyme disease and Hepatitis C are at risk.
  • Patients who take certain medications like quinidine for rhythm regulation or hydralazine for hypertension may develop Antiphospholipid in the later stages of their life.

How is Antiphospholipid Syndrome Diagnosed?

  • It is important to check for clots in the body and it is important to have blood tests.
  • For the confirmation of having the syndrome one must get antibody testing.

Herbal Remedies for Antiphospholipid Syndrome by Planet Ayurveda

Ayurveda provides herbal remedies that are 100 percent pure, natural and vegetarian. All the herbal medicines are made under the supervision of an MD Ayurvedic Doctor that are free from Chemicals, preservatives and additives. Each medicine is clinically tested making it free from side effects and also safe to use. Here are the list of medicine for Anti-phospholipid syndrome:

  1. Arjuna
  2. Gotu kola
  3. Manjishtha
  4. Navkarshik Churna

Antiphospholipid Syndrome

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Product Description

1. Arjuna

It is formed from the extract of a single herb called Arjuna (Terminalia arjuna) which is mainly located in North India. This herb is very useful in clearing out the clogs from the artery which is very common in patients with Antiphospholipid syndrome. It is useful in improving the health of the heart and improving circulation which helps in reducing the risk of developing any kind of heart disease.

Dosage: One capsule daily with water after meals.

2. Gotu Kola

It is one of the best herbal medicines which helps in feeding the nervous system with nutrients like Gotu Kola (Centella asiatica). They help in making the body healthy and reducing the risk of developing varicose veins. Gotu Kola is rich in nutrients like Vitamin A, B, E, K and magnesium along with that it has sterols, tannins, glycosides, triterpenes and Alkaloids which helps in regulating the function of Lipids. It also helps in removing the risk of causing Stroke which is commonly seen in Antiphospholipid syndrome patients.

Dosage: One capsule with water twice a day after meals.

3. Manjishtha

These capsules are formulated with a single herb known as Manjishtha (Rubia cordifolia) which helps in purifying the blood as well as the body. It helps in boosting the immunity which is useful in fighting the syndrome and managing health. Manjishtha is one of the best herbal medicines for enhancing the blood circulation and making the skin healthy.

Dosage: One capsule twice daily after meals with water.

4. Navkarshik Churna

It is made from the combination of herbs like Haritaki (Terminalia Chebula), Giloy (Tinospora cordifolia), Daruhaldi (Berberis aristata), Neem (Azadirachta indica), Katuki (Picrorhiza kurroa), Vacha (Acorus calamus) and many more. It helps in balancing the Vata and removing toxins from the body. It contains anti-inflammatory property and improves the immunity of the patient.

Dosage: Two tsp twice Daily with plain water after meals.

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It is concluded that the above-mentioned information gives you all the detail about this rare disorder. Antiphospholipid can cause dangerous health issues and Allopaths have no exact treatment for the disease. Ayurveda provides herbal medicine as mentioned that will remove the root cause of the disease and make the body healthy. It is better to consume herbal remedies and they won’t cause any side effects.

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Dr. Vikram Chauhan (MD-Ayurvedic Medicine) is an expert Ayurveda consultant in Chandigarh (India). He has vast experience of herbs and their applied uses. He has successfully treated numerous patients suffering from various ailments, throughout the world. He is CEO and Founder of Krishna Herbal Company and Planet Ayurveda in Chandigarh, India. He researched age old formulas from ancient Ayurvedic text books to restore health and save human beings from the worst side-effects of chemical-based treatments.