How Can Back Pain Be Managed In Ayurveda With Herbs!


Back pain is most common in today’s world even people miss their jobs and others regarding work or daily routine life. This back pain most commonly happens to housewives. Rather than using other allopathy medicines ayurvedic remedies are the best in pain relieving. Most of the people experiences back pain while doing heavy work like muscle pulling, sports injuries so today in this article we are going to discus back pain and pain relieving methods of ayurveda.

Reduce Back Pain


Back pain works from the backbone of the person also called the spinal cord which is the strongest part of the body which gives flexibility and strength to our body. It is joined with 24 bones which are known as vertebrae which are sitting on top of the other. Between these bones there is a disc cartilage and is surrounded by the strong ligaments. The spine running from top to down contains many facet joints. Spinal cord connects with the brain through the base of the skull. Sometimes pain may radiate to the whole back by the nerves which are present around vertebrae often. The back pain is not having only one cause but it occurs due to poor posture, lack of exercise resulting in stiffness of spine and some weak muscles, muscle strain. Mostly in older patients pain is due to spondylitis this happens to all as due to the aging process. The pain is due to thinner discs and in the older ones it leads to osteoarthritis. Back pain also related with pain in legs there may be the tingling sensations which radiates to back and cause back pain.


In our ancient science that is ayurveda the acharyas talked about how pain generates in our body and how it affects our body so let us discuss some ayurvedic aspects of acharyas in this topic.


Vayu is life, strength and sustainer of creatures and vayu is responsible for pains in our body. The patient with the normal vayu movements is in normal state, lives long for a hundred years and is less prone to disorders. If the vayu gets prakupita or are unbalanced they affect the body with disorders relating to their location and functions and take away life shortly. Although the disorders caused by vata are innumerable the important ones such as nail cracking and pain throughout the body. even though in body the back pain also develops from other habits too as per said ayurveda due to rough cold little and light food excessive coitus and faulty therapeutic procedures excessive elimination of impurity and blood excessive movements such as leaping jumping wayfaring and physical exercise wasting of dhatus excessive emaciation due to anxiety and illness uncomfortable bed and seat, anger, day sleep, suppression of urges, falling down from riding horses and other fast vehicles the vayu get aggravated and get filling up the vacant channels in the body which produces various disorders.


Following are the Causes of Back Pain

The back pain often without may be no cause the identification of back pain is may be through imaging studies commonly linked conditions are as under

  • Muscle and Ligament Strain: By repeating heavy lifting weights and by doing heavy work out and poor physical conditions, constant back pain causes severe back pain.
  • Ruptured Disc: This condition is usually seen in older patients the disc acts as the cushion between the two bones. It may bulge or it may get ruptured by doing heavy work and the disc is oftenly came to seen under x rays that get diagnosed by a doctor.
  • Osteoporosis: It also present in old age patients and it may develop painful fractures in future. The bones get porous.
  • Arthritis: If the arthritis is present in the spine of the body the spine get narrowing and the condition develops that is spinal stenosis.
  • The back pain often occur with following cause the identification of back pain is may be though imaging studies commonly linked conditions are as under.
  • Muscle and Ligament Strain: By repeating heavy lifting weights and by doing heavy work out and poor physical conditions, constant back pain causes severe back pain.
  • Ruptured Disc: This condition is usually seen in older patients the disc acts as the cushion between the two bones. It may bulge or it may get ruptured by doing heavy work and the disc is oftenly came to seen under X-rays that get diagnosed by a doctor.


Following are the risk factors of Back Pain

  • Excessive Weight: The excessive weight gain is one of the main factors of back pain. Some patients who are suffering from obesity and due to obesity there is a pressure exerted by body on discs which leads to thinning of discs. Over all it is a stress exerted by a body to its own spine and leads to back pain.
  • Diseases: The diseases like arthritis and spondylitis and osteoporosis is the one of the major factors to initiate this disease.
  • Improper Lifting: Gym going youngsters are more prone to back pain due to insufficient knowledge of lifting and pushing the weights. Specially the legs exercise is very heavy to push and in overweight of pushing legs exercise may leads to this disease.
  • Smoking: It is the most common factor associated with the back pain it may cause because the smoking oftens more coughing and may lead to herniated discs. Even the studies shows that the in very heavy chain smokers the blood flow to the spine get reduced and due to reduced blood flow there are increased risk factors to back pain.
  • Age: It is more common a person get older from 40 and above.
  • Lack of Exercise: Due to lack of exercise and some physical work muscles get weaker and even in continuously lying down on bed it is considerable the most cause of back pain.


  • Applying oil massaging over the painful area is the common and effective treatment for pain. Even the eranda patra is best for pain relieving after applying on painfull parts.
  • Exercise for overweight patients is very effective, mainly the low impact aerobics. By doing these exercises it can increase the strength and endurance of the back bone and may also allow the muscles to perform well.
  • Walking, running, swimming to obese patients help to reduce the fat depostion and bulk from body it is a good choice of activity to reduce back pains.
  • Do abdominal and back muscle exercise which strengthen the body and helps the condition to cure well.
  • The patients who are chainsmokers have to quit smoking for the better health and as well as the good blood flow to spine and even the reducing the numbers of cigarette in daily routine life is better for the increasing blood flow to whole body also.
  • A patient should stand smart and to maintain the proper body posture while walking and standing the good posture of body reduces the stress on discs and as well as reduces the lower back pain.
  • Avoid heavy lifting in gyms and work smart while doing weights. This could be very helpful for back pain. Especially in the gym going women.
  • Take shilajit as a rasayan with milk which nourishes the back is the best herbal medicine or we can say that fountain of youth by which it helps in maintaining anti aging factors and rejuvenates the power of body. It is one of the best and strongest supplements for both males and females. It is a very good product to reduce back pain. 85 of vitamins and minerals are found in shilajit which act as a natural stabilizer of a body.
  • Take a shuddha Guggul with milk help to settle down the pain actually the properties of guggul is based on the vayu and as we discussed earlier that back pain is caused by vayu and this guggul settle downs the pain in joints it is also helpful in the rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and helps to maintain the healthy metabolism of the body.
  • In the back pain acharya said about the regular use of rasayana therapy and nirgundi oil sek on that particular area.
  • The Femo plan of planet Ayurveda maintains the all hormonal balance of the body. It is a classical herbal medicine made from as per said by our acharyas. It helps in maintaining the weight and immunity of the body.


The above information given is true and effective in maintaining good body health. Even the remedies said above are very safe and easy to use. these prevention are very helpful in maintaining good body health. Specially it helps to maintain a good distance from allopathic medicines which gives many side effects. So as per modern demand go for herbal treatment and be safe with Planet Ayurveda.

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