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Anal Fistula and Its Non Surgical Herbal Cure

This article is based upon Fistula-In-Ano or anal fistula herbal cure in detail. Anal fistula occurs mainly due to previous or current anal abscess. Fistula is a tunnel or small channel that forms between the end of bowels, known as anal canal and the skin near the anus. Though it is said in modern science that anal fistula has only…

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Anal Fistula Herbal Cure with Recommended Diet

Here we are discussing about Anal fistula and its herbal cure. There is a detail explanation about herbal remedies that are effective enough to cure fistula in ano without surgery!! According to Ayurveda – Science of life, mentions about Doshas, means Vata, Pitta and Kapha (dynamic energies) change in response to our actions, emotions, dietary habits and seasons etc. when…

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How to Heal Anal Fistula Naturally with Ayurvedic Medicines

A human body has to suffer from lots of ailments during the life period both internally and externally but at times it is embarrassing to discuss about all the problems openly or share it with someone. Due to lack of knowledge and a mere sense of shame, one is always hesitant to talk about such problems to other people. Such…

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Diet in Anal Fistula, Fissure and Piles

The human gastrointestinal tract refers to stomach and intestines which is divided in to upper and lower GIT. It includes all structures from the mouth to the anus. Our bowel or intestinal tract ends with the rectum. Outside opening is known as the anus. We can say that anal fistula, fissure and piles are little defect in human anatomy, the…

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