Ayurvedic Treatment For Pyorrhea With Herbal Remedies

What Is Pyorrhea?

Pyorrhea is a dental condition in which there is plaque formation along gum lines. Plaque is a sticky inflexible film with bacterial growth that emits acids and toxins that are harmful to teeth and gums. It further leads to dental caries and loss of teeth. This is mainly a bacterial disease that infects the tissue around the teeth.


Ayurvedic Aspect Of Pyorrhea

In Ayurveda, we can correlate this disease with Dantvesta. This disease comes under the heading of Dantmoolgat roga. In this disease, there is a formation of puye (pus) and raktastrav (bleeding) from gums.

What Are The Causes Of Pyorrhea?

It is caused due to unhygienic habits or we can say that the primary cause of pyorrhea is poor or ineffective oral hygiene. The other possible causes are:

  • Poor nutrition
  • Smoking
  • Underlying medical conditions such as diabetes, gastritis, typhoid, etc.

What Are The Symptoms Of Pyorrhea?

The symptoms of this disease are:

  • Redness of gums
  • Bleeding from gums
  • Sticky salivation
  • Swelling of gums
  • Pus between teeth and gums
  • Hypersensitivity of teeth
  • Bad breath

What Is The Diagnosis Of Pyorrhea?

The diagnosis is made on the basis of signs and symptoms

Planet Ayurveda’s Herbal Formulation For Pyorrhea

Planet Ayurveda provides a pyorrhea care pack for pyorrhea disease. This pack includes the following herbal products:

  1. Irimedadi Oil
  2. Gum Care Powder
  3. Boswellia Curcumin
  4. Neem Capsules
  5. Manjishtha Capsules

Ayurvedic treatment for pyorrhea

Products Description

1. Irimedadi Oil

This oil is a classical Ayurvedic preparation. It is used in the treatment of various gum problems. It is prepared from the ingredients such as Arimed chal (Acacia arabica), lodhra (Symplocos racemosa), Mulethi (Glycyrrhiza glabra), Khadir (Acacia catechu), Nagarmotha (Cyperus rotundus), Lavang (Syzygium cumini), etc. It is also helpful in bad breath. It maintains the proper hygiene of the oral cavity. It is mainly used in the treatment of dental pain and swelling, and controls bleeding from wounds.

How To Use: Massage this oil over gums with Gum care powder twice daily.

2. Gum Care Powder

This is a herbal formulation in powder form. This is an excellent herbal gum powder for healthy gums and teeth. It prevents the decay of the tooth. This powder removes the plaques from the oral cavity which is the main cause of pyorrhea disease. This powder is made from the following herbs.

  • Shunthi (Zingiber officinale): This is a wonderful appetizer. This herb maintains the hygiene of the oral cavity. It removes the toxins from the moth. This ingredient balances Vata and Kapha dosha.
  • Haritaki (Terminalia chebula): This herb has antibacterial properties and is useful in pyorrhea disease in which there is a buildup of bacteria in the oral cavity. Eventually, it prevents tooth decay. It pacifies Vata, Pitta, and Kapha dosha.
  • Mustak (Cyperus rotundus): It is helpful in tooth decaying. It removes the plaques from teeth and prevents cavities. It protects and strengthens the gums.
  • Khadir (Acacia catechu): This herb is widely used in oral disorders such as mouth ulcers, gingivitis, cuts, etc. It has strong healing activity due to its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antimicrobial properties.
  • Karpur (Cinnamomum camphora): It is a crystalline white compound with a strong pungent odor and taste. It acts as a painkiller and it helps in reducing gum pain.
  • Poog (Areca catechu): This is a wonderful ingredient for bad breath, pain, ulcers, and inflammation in the mouth. It balances Kapha and Pitta dosha. It improves salivation.
  • Maricha (Piper nigrum): This is an excellent ingredient for the digestive system. It is helpful in reducing plaque formation in the oral cavity. It reduces bad breath and provides relief from cough and throat problems.
  • Lavang (Syzygium cumini): It has antibacterial properties and helps in pyorrhea conditions by eliminating bacterial growth in the mouth. It is widely used in dental caries.
  • Dalchini (Cinnamomum zeylanica): It is helpful in dental caries. It has bacteriostatic properties thus it stops the bacteria growth in the affected teeth.
  • Sphatika (Alum): It is widely used in bleeding disorders, thus helpful in gum bleeding. It is effective against the treatment of mouth ulcers.

Dosage: Use like toothpaste twice a day.

3. Boswellia Curcumin

It is a polyherbal formulation used in the treatment of inflammation and pain. It is helpful in subsiding the pain and reduces the pus in the cavities of teeth. It is made from two wonderful herbs like.

  • Shallaki (Boswellia serrata): This herb has anti-inflammatory actions. It reduces the inflammation in the pyorrhea problem. In this disease, there is swelling around the tooth cavity. It reduces inflammation and provides relief in pyorrhea.
  • Curcumin (Curcuma longa): This is a wonderful antiseptic herb. It is very helpful in any kind of infection in the body. In this disease, there is a formation of plaques in the cavities of teeth which is a result of infection. This herb reduces infections and is also helpful in reducing pain as it has analgesic properties too.

Dosage: 2 capsules twice a day after meals.

4. Neem Capsules

It is a single herbal formulation. It is prepared from the standardized extracts of Neem (Azadirachta indica). It has blood purifying properties. This herb boosts dental and oral health. It reduces the risk of dental caries. This herb is used in mainly all skin disorders because it has Pitta balancing properties. It heals digestive ulcers also. It is useful in dental caries. It is also useful in skin itching, skin pain, etc.

Dosage: 2 capsules twice a day after meals.

5. Manjishtha Capsules

It is a single herb formulation. It is prepared from the standardized extracts of Manjishtha (Rubia cordifolia). It is used in the treatment of skin and digestive problems. It helps in reducing free radicals in the body thus helpful in various diseases. Due to these properties, it is beneficial in dental caries too. It relieves pain and swelling also. It enhances blood circulation and detoxifies the body.

Dosage: 1 capsule twice a day after meals.

How does this pack help with pyorrhea?

This pack provides complete relief from Pyorrhea by reducing the bacterial growth in dental caries. This pack includes herbs that are also responsible for improving the digestive system. The herbs have blood purifying properties too thus preventing the plaque formation that is built up along gum lines.

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