Tankan Bhasma – Ingredients, Method Of Preparation & Uses


Tankan bhasma is made from the borax powder after the processing and purification, by the process of purification and marana it increases the potency of the borax on the body, removing all the toxic effects on the body. Bhasmas are very important in ayurveda as its particles are in the size of nanometers due to which it can travel in the microchannels of the body and is better absorbed. These bhasmas are potent in very low doses so it is also beneficial for the people who are not able to take many medications.

Ingredients Used In Tankan Bhasma

It is made by using the following ingredients:

  1. Tankan (Borax)

Description Of The Ingredient

1. Tankan (Borax)

It is alkaline, drying, sharp and piercing in nature. Borax is heavy to digest, hot in potency and has a scraping action, Causes purgation, increases digestive fire. Removes the toxic effects of the poison from the body. It is good for the heart, improves complexion, helps in ovulation etc.

Method Of Preparation

Following method of preparation is used for making this formulation:

  1. Borax is taken and is heated in a pan without adding anything till all the moisture has evaporated from it.
  2. It is further heated till it gets fluffy

Medicinal Properties

It has the following medicinal properties mentioned below:

  1. It acts as an expectorant and removes all the cough
  2. It is also an anti-inflammatory
  3. Stimulates the digestive fire
  4. It increases urine so acts as an diuretic
  5. It also acts as an antispasmodic
  6. Burns fat from the body
  7. Kills the microbes hence it has an antimicrobial properties
  8. Acts as an antiemetic

Dosha Karma

It helps in pacifying the kapha and vata dosha from the body

  1. Taste – Pungent and salty
  2. Virya(Potency) – Usna (Hot)
  3. Vipaka (Resultant taste) – Katu (Pungent)
  4. Therapeutic effect – Expectorant


125 mg to 250 mg of tankan bhasma is to be administered with honey or ghee. Else it can be given with lukewarm water.

Classical Indications

According to classical texts it has been recommended to use in the following conditions such as:

  1. In abdominal disorders (For purgation)
  2. For respiratory disorders as it acts as an expectorant
  3. Bleeding or inflamed gums
  4. Udaradhyaman (Severe abdominal pain)
  5. In decreased digestion
  6. Ulcers in mouth
  7. Wounds
  8. Vomiting


This medication can be indicated in many conditions where there is excess accumulation of the cough like rhinitis, cough, asthma, bronchial asthma, pneumonia, COPD etc. It can also be used in wound healing, abdominal pains, dysmenorrhea, dandruff and bad breath. It can also be used for urinary tract infections. It can also be used to wash the vaginal area to cure any kind of infection. It has an antispasmodic effect so it can be used in the treatment of dysmenorrhea. Local application of tankan will help in resolving the problem of dandruff.

Tankan Bhasma

Side Effects

It does not have any known side effects, but it should only be taken after the prescription of an expert ayurvedic doctor.


It is an ayurvedic mineral-based medication which has been made from only one ingredient in the bhasma form. It is very effective in treating the above mentioned disorders even if it’s taken in a very low dose. Planet ayurveda has tankan bhasma which is made from the pure borax and it has been passed through a quality test. It is also free from preservatives and minerals.

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