Are you constantly troubled with stomach pain, nausea and frequent loss of appetite ??  If it is, you should read below.

The term itis stands for inflammation. Thus gastritis refers to the condition of inflammation of the gastric mucosa or the swelling of the tissue lining your gut. This disease is chronic and occurs with gradual manifestation over years and most often seen associated with bacterial infections. It can also occur as an autoimmune response, where the body misunderstands its own cells as non-self cells. It is accepted by researchers that the bacterial contact with gastric lining  occurs when the individual consumes food or water contaminated with the bacteria in the form of feces, vomit or saliva of an already infected individual. It takes a long time for the infection to establish and by the time we comprehend the situation, it might have already moved on to much more severe conditions hampering complete digestive and absorptive mechanisms of the body.

Signs, symptoms and treatment

The most common signs seen in atrophic gastritis include frequent episodes of stomach pain, nausea and vomiting, general weakness associated with unpredicted weight loss, iron deficiency anemia, stomach ulcers, and loss of appetite. Depending on the complexity of the situation conditions like, weakness, debility, dizziness, chest pain, heart palpitations and ringing sound in the ears may be observed. In most cases treatment is done to provide symptomatic relief to the individual. Treatment usually focuses on the elimination of the bacteria causing the infection by inducing antibiotic therapy. Medications to neutralise the excessive acidic environment are also used to induce faster healing as acidic medium slows the pace of healing. Like any other disease it is easier to prevent atrophic gastritis than cure, by undertaking simple methods like washing hands before meals, checking for proper sanitation before having food and others.


According to Ayurveda the optimal condition of your digestive fire not only kindles appetites but also keeps all disease away, while when it is faulty results in all the snags the right proportion of Pitta, Samana type of Vata and involvement of Kapha for protection of the gastric tract is equally most important for optimal digestive fire.  In ayurvedic view the condition may be understood as AmlaPitta, a disease occurring due to an aggravated Pitta entity further declining in its quality and increased quantity of the Ranjaka Pitta. The condition occurs due to consumption of more astringent, hot spicy foods, untimely food patterns and ingestion of food without proper digestion of previously ingested meals. With all of this, the Agni of digestive fire gets vitiated and tends to take Dravatwa or a more fluid nature that becomes more acidic on stagnation. This acidity is felt as a burning sensation with sour belches up your chest in many individuals. This is often left unattended by many for their lack of time, not knowing the extent of damage it is doing to your digestive mechanism.

The main idea for treatment in ayurveda is to achieve homeostasis of the bodily entities and improve nutrition and digestive mechanisms while lowering the stress levels and increasing immunity. The treatment protocol includes lifestyle modifications, food regulations and purification therapies followed by optimization of the vitiated digestive fire, both at gastric level and at Dhatu or tissue levels. With the medicines, a rightful adaptation of better lifestyle regulations has to be willfully accepted for the digestive fire to function effectively. With food and regimen, the mental status of an individual is of equal importance to achieve fire, for when affected with mood fluctuations, the Vata entity is also hampered and further severe conditions like bloating may arise. 


Planet ayurveda has introduced effective formulations that helps to maintain the optimacy of the bodily entities especially Pitta and protect the body from further progress of the disease. These include

1. Mahashankh vati

The incinerated couch shell is the most ideal medicine that helps to ignite and normalize the digestive fire. This multi drug herbo-mineral combination includes all the drugs that help to normalize the digestive capacity of an individual. While kindling the appetite, the drugs used in this combination removes the toxins from the body and stimulates cramilative action. 

Dosage- It is advised to consume 2 tablets twice daily 10 minutes before a meal or as directed by your ayurvedic physician for optimising your digestive fire.

2. Sanjeevani vati

This is an ancient multi-drug formulation that helps to flush the endotoxin or Ama produced as a result of improper digestion and clear metabolism to clean the clogged channels of circulation. Amla Pitta occurs due to fermentation of undigested matter combined with bile, sanjeevani vati restores an optimal digestive mechanism. 

 Dosage- It is advised to consume 1 tablet twice daily after a meal or as recommended by your ayurvedic physician.

3. Avipattikar churna

Purgation is the most ideal treatment in means of purification for eliminating aggravated  Pitta dosha. This churna is a purgative with carminative action that removes the excess quantity of Pitta as feces and is really effective in conditions of hyperacidity and gastritis.

Dosage-It is recommended to consume a half teaspoon with water twice daily before meals or as directed by your ayurvedic physician. 

4. Digesto Plan syrup

This syrup is made with naturally potent herbs that helps to normalize the digestive fire, for all of them have an astringent flavour with a hot potency. This combination helps to optimise digestive and liver metabolism of an individual.

Dosage- It is advised to consume two teaspoons twice daily after meals or as directed by your ayurvedic health care provider.

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Ama, the resultant of improper digestion, is the root cause for all fluvations from the normal function of the digestive fire. Just as Ama can be really destructive, the healing process can be initiated with a positive attitude and the right modifications. It is important to remember that Ama will never be formed in the presence of a well kindled digestive fire, hence adopt the goodness of ayurveda in your food and regimen to always keep your body healthy and fit, free from any endotoxins.

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