Cellulite in simple words is an accumulation of fat under the skin of thighs and buttocks in females. It has a dimpled appearance and is a cause of cosmetic concern especially in females. It usually affects middle aged women as with advancing age there is a tendency to gain weight in the lower half of the body below the waist region in females. The criss – cross pattern of the collagen fibers in females is accompanied by the bulging of the fat depots from in between the fibers leading to the appearance of cellulite. Here we will discuss about the natural herbs and herbal medicines for cellulite management which is an agonizing problem in females across the world.

Let’s have a look at the herbs that work well for this


Tomatoes are rich in lycopene. This compound aids in the natural structuring and strengthening of collagen fibers. The skin in females is thin and with age this thinning worsens as a result the underlying fat depots tend to bulge out of the skin which lead to the appearance of cellulite. The lycopene in tomatoes is very useful in that it improves the skin texture by promoting the collagen synthesis thereby, reducing the appearance of cellulite.


According to certain modern theories, accumulation of cellulite is a result of a long term collection of toxins in the body which have not been removed or detoxified. Flax seed are bulk forming food product that encourage bowel cleansing which also leads to the removal of the excess wastes and toxic materials that accumulate inside the body as a byproduct of metabolism.

In addition to this, Flax seeds are a rich source of hormone modulating substances called “Lignans” that are very useful in lowering estrogen levels in the body. Studies suggest that raised estrogen levels in the body are linked with water retention and increased tendency to develop cellulite in the body.


Parsley is another herbal remedy that helps in the treatment of weight reduction and cellulite management. Parsley works as a diuretic and detoxifies the body by flushing out the water soluble toxins from the body. It also improves liver functioning and helps maintain blood sugar levels within optimum limits. Parsley should be consumed on a regular basis for the management of cellulite. It can be taken in a dose of 2 -3 gms per day at least three times daily. For consumption, it can be made into a salad with pomegranate seeds and pineapple or it can be made into an herbal tea for that purpose.


Green tea is a very popular health care herb that works wonders for people looking to shed the extra weight from their body. It is a great balancing agent that stimulates the metabolism and promotes the burning and utilization of fat cells in the body. Green tea also has immense detoxifying properties which help in gradual reduction of cellulite from the body.


It is another herb that is very helpful for weight reduction and fat metabolism. It helps to detoxify the body by improving the blood circulation and promoting the skin tightening and firming. It helps maintain the youthful ness of the body. The active component of the plant are Triterpenes that are responsible for this herb’s function.


From the above discussion we head on to five quick tips that help in the reduction of cellulite in a natural way without requiring any surgical enhancement or chemical application.

1. Exercise the lower part of the body on a regular basis. This should involve a combination of aerobic as well as skin toning exercises that are targeted at toning each and every thigh and buttocks muscles. A set exercise routine can be formed on an individual basis by consulting an expert fitness trainer who can help in the toning of the muscle fibers and increase the muscle mass of the body.

2. Drink water as and when you can and in ample amounts. Water is very helpful for the maintenance of optimum hydration levels in the body. Water helps burn fat and keeps the skin hydrated and glowing. It also prevents the limping of skin due to ageing which is a common problem as we grow older.

3. Coconut oil massage is another popular option that helps reduce cellulite over time. It is very effective for the treatment of fat depots under the skin. Regular massage with this oil promotes mobilization of fat cells which are drained into the nearby lymphatics to be eliminated by the body via urine and feces.

4. Honey is another effective remedy that helps control cellulite. Local application of honey on the affected area helps to manage cellulite by improving the skin texture and smoothing it. Regular application of honey on the affected area before bathing is very effective for this.

5. Apple cedar vinegar oil is also an effective herbal remedy for the treatment of cellulite. Apple cedar vinegar oil can be mixed with two parts water and applied on the thighs and buttocks. Regular massage has been found to be very beneficial in a large number of patients.

The above mentioned natural herbs and home remedies for cellulite reduction are one of the most effective ways of dealing with fat depots in and around the thighs that are a big stigma for mature women worldwide. The use of these remedies has been very effective as they have been tested by many patients around the world.

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