Let’s Curb The Pain Of Crohn’s Disease with Some Tips

The day gets ruined if the stomach is upset. And all the time you can think of is about the discomfort you are going through. Having a healthy gut makes your day and in the same way not having one disrupts the whole day. The disturbed gut can be due to a lot of reasons, it can be diarrhea, constipation, acidity, and one such condition is colitis.

Crohn's Disease


Colitis disease is also known by another name called Crohn’s disease. It is a chronic condition and is characterized by inflammation in the colon region. It disrupts the bowel movement and the lining of the colon is affected. It is of four types Ulcerative Proctitis, Proctosigmoiditis, Left-sided Colitis and Pancolitis.

As per Ayurveda, disturbance in the pitta dosha causes a lot of discomfort. Pitta is present in grahani and therefore this disease is compared to grahani diseases. Vitiation of Vata, Kapha, or pitta dosha in the region causes a lot of symptoms and discomfort that are similar to Crohn’s disease.


Every disease exhibits certain traits that make it easy to be identified. Some of the symptoms of Crohn’s disease are varying and depend on the gravity of the inflammation occurring in the site where it is affected. Some symptoms that can be seen in this condition are Diarrhea, the stool discharged may have blood or pus, Cramps in the stomach, and colic region, they may have the urge to defecate frequently, the weight of the person may decrease drastically, constipation, feeling of weakness and may have chills and fever. There are four types based on the region where the inflammation occurs, based on which it can be identified.


Every disease manifests in the body due to one or other reasons but in the case of Crohn’s disease, the reason for its manifestation is not clear. Usually, it is seen when the person has a poor immune system and as a result, the person is unable to overcome or fight against minor diseases. If any bacteria or virus enters the body, it invades and can be a reason for the destruction of cells in the alimentary tract. In some cases, this condition is caused as it may have been a companion in the family history, so it can be passed on from one generation to another.


Crohn’s disease is a condition that should not be left unseen, if left untreated it can lead to severe conditions which will make it difficult to revert that situation. This condition can lead to colon cancer as during this condition the cells of the colic region are affected adversely this may make it difficult to repair and when this condition continues, it can lead to cancerous cell manifestations.

With time the condition of the walls of the colon gets so worse that movement of intestinal contents becomes difficult and may cause blockage of the contents. Malnutrition is another condition that can occur, the intestine is the region where maximum absorption takes place, if the cells are affected then it becomes difficult to be assimilated. Complications of this condition can also cause fistula and anal fissures. Fistula happens as the inflammation can go down and hampers the passage of stools this, in turn, makes it difficult and causes fissures.


Colitis can be very disturbing and painful if left untreated, the flare-up of this condition can be calmed by following some tips. Let’s know about some:

  • Doing Yoga: Doing yoga can be a very effective way as this practice not just helps you calm down your irritated gut but also helps in maintaining peace of the mind. Busting the stress is a very crucial step towards overcoming any diseased condition. If your mind is not strong then your body will resist the positive change as positivity of thinking brings positivity of hope and betterment.
  • Drinking Lots Of Liquid: Intake of liquid is suggested as it can be assimilated easily and helps in maintaining the water content of the body. Balanced water content is required as it helps in having a healthy bowel movement and helps in digestion as well.
  • Try Light Meals: Adopt having a light meal rather than having a heavy meal. Having a meal like this gives the body time to assimilate food and can be digested effectively.
  • Ease The Bowel Movement: Food that is rich in protein is very difficult to digest and makes it difficult to pass out of the body. So intake of fibers is suggested as they are digested easily and can be defecated. Banana and melons are very rich in fibers and can be incorporated into the diet to have a healthy bowel movement.
  • Avoid Dairy Products: Dairy products are difficult to digest for people who suffer from colitis as the digestive power will be less so dairy products should be limited.
  • Avoid Things Like Alcohol And Smoking: This can worsen the condition.
  • Always have a check on the condition and should visit the physician and medications should be taken without delay.
  • Ayurvedic treatments like panchakarma can be done to remove the aggravated doshas that are present in the body as they will ease the pain and would make the body more accepting towards medicines.
  • Having supplements that have turmeric as content as the former has lots of medicinal uses and is effective in reducing inflammation in different regions of the digestive tract. It even imparts a better and stronger immunity.
  • Fish oils are very effective as they help in increasing digestion and also help in maintaining a good immune system. It is even helpful in treating mind-related problems like stress and anxiety.
  • Incorporating probiotics can also bring relief as healthy bacteria in the body helps in easy digestion.

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Try these tips, get relief and live a pain-free life.

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