Herbal Remedies for the Treatment of Blastomycosis


Blastomycosis is a systemic disease caused by a moisture-growing fungus that affects both human beings and animals. This fungal infection hampers humans and animals (Dogs) similarly. Blastomycosis affects many body organs in the body. Dogs with Brain involvement can be risky and can also cause death if more than three body systems get involved. Yet, t is not always a fatal disease and is recovered easily with proper treatment. But the disease can occur again within six months due to various causes listed in the article. In this article, we will also discuss proper Ayurvedic Treatment for Blastomycosis.


Blastomycosis is caused by a fungus that grows in the soil. You may wonder how the fungus can enter your dog’s body. Fungus releases its spores into the surrounding environment, which can be inhaled by you or your dog and can cause Blastomycosis. The body acts like a host and allows the replication of fungus spores. The disease affects various body organs including the whole respiratory system, eyes, lymph nodes, brain, liver, etc. As the fungus grows and spreads inside the body, it affects the organs accordingly. The symptoms worsen depending on the severity and spread of the disease inside the body of the host (Human or dog).

Ayurvedic Aspect

Fungal diseases are a result of an unhygienic and moisture-filled environment that leads to the development of such fungal agents. Ayurveda focuses on maintaining proper hygiene to avoid the occurrence of the disease in any way. Agents’ entering the body through the respiratory tract affects the whole respiratory system which can be again recovered by Ayurveda through different therapies and herbal medications. Different organ failures can be managed through different herbal medications accordingly.



Blastomycosis is a fungal disease that is caused by an agent found in the soil known as "Blastomyces dermatitidis;. This fungal agent enters the airways of humans or animals through the environment. Thus exposure to unhygienic places should be minimized and precautions taken.


The symptoms depend on the severity and extent to which yeast has spread in the body. Less spread can affect only a few organs and lead to slight symptoms, while a vast spread of fungus in the whole body can affect various organs and lead to severe symptoms including-

  • Problems in the respiratory tract
  • Difficult breathing
  • Fever
  • Swollen lymph nodes
  • Loss of appetite
  • Weakness
  • Weight loss
  • Enlarged testicles in male humans and dogs
  • Difficulty in urinating
  • Limping
  • Problems in eyes
  • Blindness
  • Pus-filled skin nodules
  • Dry cough


To avoid the misunderstanding of Blastomycosis with other fungal diseases, a proper investigation is performed including-

  • History taking
  • Physical examination
  • Complete blood count
  • Blood culture
  • Other blood tests
  • Urinalysis
  • Ultrasound
  • X-rays
  • CT scan
  • Biopsy from skin lesions


The Treatment for Blastomycosis includes Antifungal medications along with some medications for Respiratory tract problems- Oxygen therapy.

  • Symptomatic treatment to deal with the problems in different body organs like- testis, eyes, liver, heart, brain, and others accordingly. 
  • Intravenous injections are used in some cases.
  • Surgical removal of skin lesions

Herbal Remedies for the Treatment of Blastomycosis by Planet Ayurveda

Planet Ayurveda is an Ayurvedic drugs manufacturing company that has been preparing and treating its patients naturally for the past 2 decades. All the naturally prepared medicines are completely natural, and thus do not contain chemicals, added preservatives, and other harmful toxic chemicals. Proper testing of drug dose working capacity is done after the preparation and before the release of drugs into the market, nationally as well as internationally. This is the main aim and reason for the success rate of treating diseases on Planet Ayurveda.   

Herbal Supplements for Blastomycosis Herbal remedies for the treatment of Blastomycosis

Product Description

1. Gandhak Rasayan

Pure form of Sulphur (Gandhak) is used in the preparation of these Gandhak tablets of Planet Ayurveda. Gandhak is a supportive herb for all types of bacterial, fungal, skin infections, and respiratory disorders. These tablets are recommended in dogs with Blastomycosis to maintain proper respiratory health and simultaneously reduce the skin lesions filled with pus. These tablets have a medicinal impact on urinary tract-related problems and stomach issues, and enhance immunity. This rasayan is an effective formulation to keep Vatadi doshas in balance.

Dosage – Give 2 tablets twice daily after meal with plain water.

2. Mahamanjisthaghan Vati

Maintenance of healthy blood circulation and good skin quality is the main purpose of these tablets that are clinically prepared from the natural and pure extracts of the ayurvedic herb Manjistha (Rubia cordifolia). Manjistha has detoxifying properties that clean the blood by eliminating toxins from the body. It allows the free flow of clean and fresh blood in the whole body among all the body organs.

Dosage – Give 2 tablets twice daily after meal with plain water.

3. Kaishore Guggul

This Guggul preparation has its main ingredients as Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia), Vidanga (Embelia ribes), Indian jalap (Ipomoea turpethum), Guggul (Commiphora mukul), etc. These tablets balance Vata and Pitta doshas which will eliminate the abnormal symptoms of Blastomycosis. It will remove toxins from skin pores and will improve skin lesions. These tablets will also maintain correct levels of uric acid, reduce inflammation in body organs, remove toxins from the blood, and correct any abnormality in any body organ functioning. Thus, these tablets are of great use in such diseases as Blastomycosis.

Dosage – Give 2 tablets twice daily after meal with plain water.

4. Dermo Plan Syrup

This is a special patent Ayurvedic preparation of Planet Ayurveda for the treatment of skin disorders. Blastomycosis is a fungal skin disorder with many internal organs involved. Herbs such as Sariva (Hemidesmus indicus), Khadir (Areca catechu), Shahtara (Fumaria officinalis), Chopchini (Smilax china), etc are used to prepare this wonderful syrup. Consumption of this syrup as directed will help to treat the skin lesions in dogs suffering from Blastomycosis.

Dosage –  Give 2 teaspoons of syrup twice daily.


Blastomycosis is not a very fatal fungal disease and can be easily recovered with proper medications timely. The dog starts showing improvement in symptoms within a few weeks accordingly. The treatment is started under the supervision of an Ayurvedic doctor and is stopped with his guidance only. Multiple organ involvement Blastomycosis is needed to be handled with more care. Any negligence can lead to worse outcomes. For more queries visit us at www.planetayurveda.com  

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