For How Long Have You Been Working For The Rightful Method For Management Of Colitis

Most people with relapse and remission in their constantly bothering stomach pain ends in the roadway to colitis. Colitis is the inflammation of the colon, the first part of the large intestine. Ulceration may be small or big lesions that hamper peristaltic motility. Depending on the extent of inflammation and site of lesion the severity of the condition varies. Most of the time people do not see the presence of the disease until the symptoms root deep and cause irritability at an individualist level. It is important to know the origin of our pain to diagnose it to the best. 

Patients Often Face With

The exact cause for the formation of this malady is unknown to man,  but it is understood as an autoimmune disease. Where the immune system misjudges gut cells as invading bacteria and processes it’s Lysis. Despite having varied manifestations, Yet some common symptoms seen across patients involve diarrhea alongside pus or bloody stools,  abdominal pain and cramping usually in lower abdomen,  rectal pain and rectal bleeding while passing small amounts of stool, urgency to defecate but inability to defecate despite urgency associated with constipation and unaddressed weight loss.

If you have severe abdominal pain and diarrhea with bleeding stools that do not respond to any counter top medications  it’s high time you get your gut tested. 


Modern Management Protocol

Although ulcerative colitis is not a serious malady, it comes with very serious complications. Advanced imaging techniques and a few blood tests are used to establish this disease. Resent used here is to provide symptomatic relief to the patient, the cause being autoimmune, nothing at the root level can be treated,  but immune modulators can be administered.


Ayurveda  thoroughly understands each disease through their corresponding Doshic predominance seen across their symptomatic manifestations. Generally all diseases are comprehended as a result of drastic fluctuations in the levels of bodily entities of Vata, Pitta and Kapha. A disease can only be manifested when the right environment which is apt for the condition is generated within the body, something like lowered immunity, as per ayurvedic classics it is understood as the malfunction of Agni, the digestive fire. Every other disease gets manifested only due to low powered digestive fire. For different entities of the same digestive fire is responsible for functional happenings of all tissue elements for their power of conversion.

While explaining the importance of digestive fire in every maldy, it is especially the key content while dealing with ailments particularly of the digestive system. The condition of Ulcerative Colitis may be considered as a subtype of the Ayurevdic Disease Grahani. While some authors do opine it as Duodenitis, colitis has also been opted by few others. Grahani according to ayurveda is the Seat of the digestive system which propels the entire digestive mechanism. We may consider this point as the entry of portal vein to deepen our understanding relating to the subject. Thus when the digestive fire is compromised so is the liver and vice versa, an impending viscous cycle.  



Ayurveda’s motto is to protect the health of  the healthy and restore the health of the diseased. To attain this a set of special medications in each disease has been mentioned as Argeaushada meaning the vital key. The vital key relating to Colotis is the regevinative preparation called Prapatti. All classical ayurvedic references for treatment of colitis describe parpadi as an important constituent for its ability to penetrate through clogged channels and normalize the function of digestive and metabolic systems of the body.

Recent research (1) done in the field of ayurvedic management for colitis has found Parpadi to be very effective at a small dose itself. Parpadi being a purely mineral to  mineral herbal combination is administered in milligrams with mostly honey, milk, ghee and other Anupana according to the condition of the patient. Parpati are prepared by melting mineral and herbal drugs to fine liquid and poured over banana leaves and pressed. The thin flaky product is called parpadi.

Being this thin it is a minute particle size that can easily pass through the entire system. As minerals at their finest ion form is present in this medication, it does not have to pass first pass mechanism at digestive level to offer effect. When any other medication is administered in ulcerative colitis  the general digestive ability of the body is hampered so the medicines will also not be  thoroughly broken down to get absorbable form, being in ready to act form is the most suited advantage of this formulation. Unlike other ayurvedic medications these do not have any taste or smell in particular making the consumer equally relaxed while taking the medication. The dose of this particular medication is also very mild and advisable for all age groups and people with varied degrees of body strength.

While undertaking a treatment protocol for this maldy along with Prapadi, other Pitta alleviating and wound healing medications as well as their mutual combinations are  used. While internal medications are always of much importance, externally to shape the body, techniques mentioned in daily regimes and seasonal regimes are advised to be followed by the patients. Furthermore even though modern science understands the cause as idiopathy, ayurveda sees it as the uncontrolled surge in Pitta entity, so the individuals will be advised to take all Pitta lowering diet and regimen from then on. 

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