Eosinophilia Natural Treatment and Cure With Herbal Medicine

Eosinophilia occurs, when the amount of eosinophils (kind of white blood cells (WBCs)) in the blood or body tissues increases. Eosinophils are created naturally in the bone marrow, in the blood stream and gut lining. They assist the body to fight against any sort of diseases or infections from outside. Normally, 5-7% of eosinophils are present in WBCs. But, if the count increases, it can produce health problems.


Causes of Eosinophilia

Due to the excess presence of eosinophil count in WBCs, it can result into several health issues like hay fever, life risking tumors, allergies, lung diseases, inflammation of blood vessels, lymphoma, anti-body deficiency or skin troubles.

Symptoms of Eosinophilia

There are certain symptoms, which inform individuals about the disease. These are abscesses, mouth sores, pneumonia, weight loss, numbness, enlarged lymph node, night sweats, etc. In case of Eosinophilia due to asthma; breathlessness, increase in gasping may be observed. In case of parasitic infection, there can be diarrhea, cough, fever, rashes and abdominal pain.

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Eosinophilia Care Pack

Planet Ayurveda’s Ayurvedic Medicines

This medicine produced by Planet Ayurveda can prove to be helpful in curing the disease. It assures no side-effects to the body. The natural treatment to the ailment is given below.

1. Aller-G Care Pack

It has superb anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory herbs, which heal the disease. It is made up from the extracts of pure herbs named as haridra, shirish, neem and ashwagandha.

  • Shirish is used to take care of all the poisonous elements within the body and process them out.
  • Neem has liver detox, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-diabetic, blood purifier, anti-allergic and antiseptic properties in it. All these features make it a beneficial herb. It is also used to cure skin diseases, eczema, psoriasis and acne.
  • Haridra is full of anti-inflammatory feature, which helps in refining. It yields same results as that of neem. It cures respiratory tract allergies too.
  • Ashwagandha has withaferin and withanolides as natural steroids. The herb gives a cooling effect to allergic reactions and gives power to the body. Moreover, the immunity system of the body is also improved by it. These herbs are combined in systematic series to manage severe allergic reactions due to asthma or any skin allergy or respiratory allergy or pollen grain allergy.

Dose: One can take 1 capsule twice daily after meals with warm water.

2. Praanrakshak Churna

It is prepared from the ancient Ayurvedic herbs rich in anti-allergic property. Shirish, vaasa, anantmool, dalchini, bharangi and madhuyashti are merged in apt amount to make this supplement. Vaasa and madhuyshti discontinue mucous from the body. It proves to be good in curing cough, stops bleeding in cough and healing respiratory tract issues. It is a fabulous cure for asthma, treats breathlessness, bronchitis and any other respiratory allergies.

Dose: One can take 1 tsp. twice daily after meals with warm water.

3. Tulsi Capsules

It is a divine herb and is used in religious purposes too. It has many amazing medicinal effects. It has properties like anti-allergic (due to ursolic acid), anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial (due to oil eugenol). Hence, it is a very good element in treating immunological problems of asthma and types of allergies. Not only this, it is beneficial in healing other diseases like cough, fever and common cold, sore throat, respiratory disorder, kidney stones, heart disorders, stress, mouth infections, insect bites, skin diseases, headaches, teeth disorders, eye disorders etc. It prepares the body to fight against infections.

Dose: One can take 1 capsule twice daily after meals with warm water.

4. Immune Booster

Immune Booster Capsules of Planet Ayurveda are packed with extracts of Grape seeds(Vitis vinifera), Cow colostrum(Bovine colostrums), Bhumi amla(Phyllanthus niruri) and Amalaki(Emblica officinalis). This wonderful dietary supplement is recommended to support healthy defence mechanism, circulatory system and respiratory system. It also balances vitiated body tri energies and maintain their equilibrium.

Dose: One can take 2 capsules twice daily after meals with warm water.

5. Laxmibilas Ras

Laxmibilas Ras is one the herbal medicine which is best for upper respiratory tract infections. The ingredients it contains are Shuddha Parad, Abhrak bhasma, Bhang(Cannabis sativa), Dhatura(Dhatura metel) etc.

It is also very useful in severe allergies and as allergies require long term medication it can be very effective and long lasting medicine. In upper respiratory tract infections it clears the passage and cures the mucus lining day by day. Laxmi vilas also plays a very important role in heart diseases also it has cardio productive properties especially in arrhythmic heartbeats and pulse and prevents from the other heart complications and improves proper functioning of heart also.

Dose: One can take 1 tablet twice daily after meals with warm water.

6. Septrin Tablets

Septrin tablet is pure ayurvedic medicine which helps to maintain indigestion and other stomach problems. It also enhances the immunity of the body. The ingredients are turmeric(Curcuma longa), tulsi(Ocimum sanctum), ginger(Zingiber officinale), guggul(Commiphora mukul) etc.

It contains herbs which are very effective in reducing bloating and also helps in asthmatic patients. It is also helpful in upper respiratory tract infections and allergies due to turmeric. It contains ginger which is very helpful in proper digestion of food and maintains equilibrium of the stomach.

Dose: One can take 2 tablets twice daily after meals with warm water.

The Ayurvedic medicines produced by Planet Ayurveda are recognized by many well known global organizations. To prepare these medicines, a team of experts from all over the world is formed by Planet Ayurveda. This, thus ensures good results to any sort of health hazard.

Stay blessed with Planet Ayurveda and natural herbs. By following these Ayurvedic medications one can get relived and live a tension free life

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