Ayurvedic Treatment of Lumpy Skin Disease in Cows & Buffaloes


After the pandemic spread by covid-19 there comes another havoc, Lumpy Skin disease. Lumpy skin disease has caused devastation in India. This havoc has mostly affected cattles. This disease is spreading like fire. This disease has killed around 75000 cattles. It is a viral disease and communicable. The virus mostly affects cows, buffalos and deer. Lumpy skin disease is widely spread through blood-feeding insects like certain species of flies and mosquitoes or sticks. Main symptoms include fever and nodules on the skin and that can lead to fatal cattle. There is no transmission from cattle to human beings (non zoonotic infection). So let’s discuss here in this article all about lumpy skin disease with its causes, its spread, its management in modern as well as Ayurvedic aspects.


Lumpy skin disease was an epidemic first seen in Zambia in 1929. Initially it was thought to be a hypersensitivity reaction to insect bite or some poison. Later on in 1943 and 1945  additional cases were reported in Zimbabwe and the Republic of South Africa. Nearly 8 lakh cattles were affected in a pan zoonotic  epidemic in South Africa in 1949 and the country suffered huge economic loss. And in 1980’s it spread to Kenya, Tanzania, Sudan, Somalia and so on. Bangladesh reported its first case in 2019 and about 5 lakh cattles were affected. India saw its first case of lumpy skin disease in April 2022 in Gujarat’s kutch.and it spread in around 15 states in india. India has reported 97000 cattle deaths in three months.

Lumpy Skin Disease


Lumpy skin disease is an infectious or contagious disease caused by a virus. The virus belongs to Poxviridae also known as Neething virus. The disease is mainly characterised by fever, multiple nodules and enlarged multiple nodules on skin and mucous membrane. Mucus membrane of respiratory tract and gastrointestinal tract is also involved. The nodule measures about 2-5 cm in diameter. The infected cattle may also have edema, swelling in their feet and be lethargic. The transmission of Lumpy skin disease into cattles is through contaminated food and water and through flies, mosquitos, wasps etc. additionally cattle also suffers from lowered milk production, infertility, abortions, poor health, chronic deability and sometimes its fatal.


Lumpy skin disease is a viral disease of cattles. The virus belongs to the family Poxviridae and genus Capripoxvirus.


  1. Presence of typical skin nodules
  2. High fever
  3. General malaise
  4. Sudden reduction in milk production
  5. Sudden fall in weight
  6. Lesions in the mouth
  7. Excessive nasal and salivary secretion
  8. Chronic disability
  9. Lead to death of the cattle


  • Laboratory tests to detect the DNA of the virus or antibody


  1. Pseudo lumpy skin disease caused by Bovine Herpesvirus 2
  2. Bovine papular stomatitis caused by Parapoxvirus
  3. Cowpox
  4. Pseudocowpox caused by Parapoxvirus
  5. Demodicosis
  6. Papillomatosis
  7. insect or tick bites
  8. Dermatophilosis


Control and prevention of lumpy skin disease depends on four steps:

  1. Quarantine (movement control)
  2. Mass vaccination
  3. Slaughter campaigns
  4. Having management strategies


  1. There is no effective protocol to manage the lumpy skin viral disease, so prevention is the only way out
  2. Secondary infection can be treated with antibiotics (topical as well as injectables) and NSAIDS (non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs).

Ayurvedic Aspect and Management of Lumpy Skin Disease

Ayurveda is an ancient science existing 3000 years ago. Ayurveda has solutions to any kind of problem. Lumpy skin disease as mentioned in Ayurvedic text is an Aupsargik rog (communicable disease). Aupsargik rog as explained by Acharya sushruta:



Sushrt nidan)

Above text explains that Aupsargik disease is a communicable disease that is spread through direct contact or contaminated objects. Spread of the disease from one person to another through mere physical contact, expired air, sharing food  with others by sharing plates, sharing bed, clothes and sharing cosmetics & the spreading of the disease is correlated to a condition janpadaodwans, mentioned by acharya Charak in the text. Janpadodhwans is a unique concept explained in ayurveda as destruction or demolition of the community. It explained four factors that are essential for the life of living beings: vayu (air), jal (water), desh (land) and kala (seasons). Among all these factors kala is the main factor. Viciation or alteration in any of these factors causes an outbreak or epidemic or pandemic.

To controlling the spread of janpadaodwans the basic management regime includes Rasayan chikitsa (rejuvenation therapy), doopan karma (fumigation) to purify viral particles in the air, dev archana (prayers to god), daan (charity), daya (compasion to living beings), sadvrith palan (good deeds), vaad chikitsa (sound therapy) and various other therapies. The rasayan herbs like ashwagandha (Withania somnifera), giloy (Tinospora cordifolia), amla (indian gooseberry), Haritaki (Terminilia Chebula) etc.

Many classical Rasayanik preparations like chyawanprash, amalaki rasayan, pipli Rasayan, bhallataka rasayan, triphala rasayana, brahma rasayana, haritaki rasayana, gandhak rasayana  are very effective to boost up the immunity.


Planet Ayurveda is a GMP-certified herbal company that prepares pure and natural Ayurvedic formulations in many forms like liquid,  Powder, syrups,tablets or capsules. Our products are free from chemicals, binders, fillers, and dyes and free from any side effects. Products manufactured in Planet Ayurveda are 100% pure and made from herbs that are potent and hundred percent effective. Planet Ayurveda works globally and medicines are delivered worldwide.  Planet Ayurveda has been manufacturing various preparations of natural herbs and these all are prepared under the proper guidance of experienced MD Ayurveda experts. The formulations are prepared here, are strictly according to the ancient Classical texts, and are very effective in promoting health of the patient. The herbal products made with love by Planet Ayurveda for lumpy skin disease are discussed below.


Herbal Supplements for Lumpy Skin Disease Herbal Supplements for Lumpy Skin Disease


Gandhak rasayan prepared by Planet Ayurveda is a classical formulation in vati form (tablet) that contains shuddha gandhak (purified sulphur). Its noble ayurvedic formula does wonders for people with skin disorder. Gandhak also acts as potent antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antipyretic. It provides relief with the symptoms like itching, redness, rashes, blisters, burning sensation. It is very effective in Lumpy skin disease. It heals the skin and gives healthy skin. This is a wonderful herbal preparation to manage Lumpy skin disease.

Dosage: Two tablets twice daily with lukewarm water


Neem capsule is a magical herbal preparation by Planet Ayurveda. It’s a boon to skin diseases. It is formed from the extract of a single herb neem (Azadirachta indica). As we already know about the  skin properties of neem , it is bitter (tikta) and astringent (kashaye) in rasa (taste) and has a cold potency. It balances the pitta dosha. And if pitta dosha is in a balanced state, rakta dhatu (blood) is also in a balanced state and pure. It purifies the blood and has antioxidant properties (saves body from free radicals). It has antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties that reduces the modules or lumpy growth in lumpy skin disease.

Dosage : Two capsules two times a day


Giloyghan vati is a classical formulation prepared by Planet Ayurveda. It consists of extract of giloy (Tinospora cordifolia) which consist of Rasaynic (rejuvenation) properties. It effectively balances the doshas of the whole body. It is bitter (tikta rasa) in taste. It balances the pitta dosha inside the body. One of its synonyms is Amrita that means immortality (simply means increasing life of a person). It detoxifies the body, purifies the blood and possesses anti-inflammatory properties. It is very effective in managing the lumpy skin disease.

Dosage : Two tablets three times a day


Kanchnaar Guggul is a wonderful herbal formulation prepared with reference to the classical Ayurvedic context since it is a classical Ayurvedic formulation and is effective in managing granthi ( gland) vikaras. Some of the ingredients include Kachnaar (Bauhinia variegata), Bibhitaki (Terminalia bellerica),  Amalaki (Emblica officinalis), Haritaki(Terminilia Chebula) and many other powerful ingredients. It pacifies all three vitiated doshas vata, pitta and kapha. Guggul and other herbs possess anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. This is very useful in managing the symptoms of Lumpy Skin disease.

Dosage : Two tablets three times a day

Contact Planet Ayurveda to provide you the costing / ordering and delivery information at – costing.planetayurveda@gmail.com or call at +91-172-5214040 Or Check Website – www.PlanetAyurveda.com


lumpy skin disease has become a matter of concern worldwide. As we already have discussed the details about lumpy skin disease that has a viral origin and killed thousands of herds. Also affecting the economy since the movement of the cattles is restricted. The complete cure is not there but effective ayurvedic herbal preparations can increase the life span. Mass vaccination is the best effective method to manage the dying population. This disease situation can be correlated to the janpadodwasn referred to by Aachrya Charak. The herbal formulations prepared by Planet Ayurveda are magical to potently manage the Lumpy skin disease. To save cattle health, choosing ayurveda is the best.

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