How awful is that feeling to addenet meeting or be on a date on a heavy stomach

How annoying is it when you have to attend an important event in the evening but your bowel just doesn’t get out, making you leave for your favorite party on a heavy and bloated stomach while getting stares across the table for the bump on your tummy. How about the time when you wanted to use the washroom now and immediately the urge just vanished into thin air. Consider that time when you badly wanted to poop cos you could not evacuate it in the morning. All of us might have faced these situations for Regular bowel is a luxury for many people.

Due to all the stress we take in from everywhere combined with the modern sedentary lifestyle gut health is an important question to answer. The constant episodes of constipation or diarrhea or even full stomach bloating are all signs indicating the pathetic state of our digestive mechanism. Bowel is the last stop your food takes while travelling down your gut. Being the last stop it is the most important in terms of overall health in general.


How to tackle it at root level

While understanding bowel irregularities, a thorough knowledge about their most obvious causative factors have to be considered. Constipated bowel can occur due to diminished water content in your diet combined with the consumption of more dry foods that have very low fiber content.  Snacking on your infinite pile of stress is another common cause for irregular bowel evacuation. Ignoring the urge to urinate, or defecate or pass flatus is another reason for constipated bowel. Often forgotten or left to forget, but yet understood as an important factor according to ayurvedic principles is the habitual sedentary lifestyle of an individual which has an overall impact on the health of an individual. Excessive consumption of oil seeds like almonds, cashews or walnuts without much water intake is another common reason for irregular bowel manifestations and their complications.

Ayurveda’s say on bowel

Ayurveda accepts Agni, the digestive fire, as the most important functional entity of the body. As for any derangements in the functionality of this fire it affects the entire body in the form of various disease manifestations ranging all extents. Improper digestive fire is the root cause for all diseases in the body especially those of the digestive tract, and here the bowel. When the capability of the digestive fire is compromised with untimely food consumption, unwholesome food and repeated intake of incompatible food combinations combined with the exercise free to sedentary lifestyle, the fire is literally tortured to function at its optimal potential. It’s when these combinations hamper the Agni to its maximum it affects the first outcome of food, the bowel and gradually affects the preceding outcomes of food, the regular mechanical functioning of the body.

While we assume bowel to be the first outcome of food, it is actually not so. The food consumed, first gets converted in the presence of the digestive fire into the Rasa entity which nourishes the entire body. But in the absence of a well functioning Agni, the quality of Rasa Dhatu or entity formed is diminished so is the nourishment factor for the other tissue entities. This dilemma within the body is perceived initially through bowel is for this reason the bowel is taken as the first outcome of digestive fire. Thus when the bowel is compromised the health is always compromised.

If you consider you can get it all back to normal

As we know the reasons and conditions for derangements we should now find for salutations to overcome this situation to always keep the body healthy.

  • Achieving regular bowel evacuation starts simply by organizing the garage run by your digestive fire. Always remind yourself to have timely meals giving ample thought about the food you are going to consume. If only you are very hungry go for a hearty meal else eat only what your fire can digest. Try not to burden your Agni with every other thing you dump down your mouth.
  • Never forget to take your drinks and avoid all the caffeine as much as possible. You can opt for better options such as herbal ginger tea which gives the same energy boost as that of a coffee and at the same time stimulates the digestive fire to function well thus ensuring better bowel evacuation. If you’re in the midst of a meeting and don’t have the time to eat anything, instead of going on an empty stomach, consider a natural fruit juice to do the job.
  • Do not consider it a shame to take time to pass your natural uges and never hold them back. Its true farting in public might sound too absurd, but gradually you will get the right result if you allow your urges to pass  naturally rewarding you with the most accurate bowel evacuation.
  • Lastly but most importantly stop snacking on your pile of stress and always consider your daily dose of exercise. Be it a few seconds, take that time out from your desk job to stretch your legs. Indulge in daily medication techniques to calm your nerves while incorporating yoga in your daily routine. Studies have proved that yoga helps to calm the mind and also stimulate the digestive fire while optimising the general body mechanism.

Of Course if you have been struggling with an improper bowel for some time now, it’s important to check with your ayurvedic practitioner before considering other techniques. But for the others Ayurveda heals by honoring the bodily entities of the body, when they are normalized, the body aligns within and thus results in better bowel evacuation. Keep your gut intact to keep the body intact.

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