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Winter is the time for comfort, good food and warmth for the touch of a friendly hand and talk beside the fire: it is time for home”, perfectly lines written by British poet “Edith Sitwell” describing the nutshell of winter season. In Ayurveda, whole year is divided into 6 ritus i.e. Shishira (cold and dewy season), Vasanta (spring), Grishma (summer), Varsha (rainy), Sharda (autumn), Hemant (winter). Winters are related to Sheet ritu i.e. Hemant and Shishira ritu. In this article we will discuss the Immune system, Immunity, reason behind reduction of immunity in winters and how Ayurvedic medicaments help to increase Immunity.


Immune system is the body organ system that fights or protects our body against various kinds of disease. The record of every microbe is kept by the immune system. Immune system recognizes the microbe and quickly works against it.

Low Immunity

Main components of immune system are

Antibodies: Antigens are produced by Antibodies they detect or recognize the microbes, kill them and protect the body from it.

White blood cells: identifies various kinds of microbes, fungi, bacteria throughout the body and launches an immune attack.

Thymus: blood is filtered and monitored by thymus. It is responsible for production of white blood cells and T-lymphocytes.

Bone marrow: Bone marrow is responsible for the Production of red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets.

Spleen: spleen is responsible for the filtration of blood. Spleen removes microbes from blood and also destroys red blood cells.

Lymphatic system: this system of immune system works throughout the body. This system manages body fluids. The various components of lymphatic systems are lymph node, lymph vessels and lymphocytes i.e. White blood cells.

Immunity – Immunity may be defined as the ability to retard a particular disease. Resistance is exhibited by the host against the foreign antigen towards injury caused by microorganism. It is the state or quality of being immune.

Immunity are of two types

1. Innate or Native immunity

Resistance possessed by an individual by birth i.e. inherited.

2. Acquired or Adaptive immunity

Resistance acquired by an individual during life by recognizing and selectively eliminating specific foreign molecules. It provides a second line of defense against infections.

Immune system disorders

Dysfunction of the immune system may cause inflammatory diseases, autoimmune diseases. If the immune system doesn’t work properly it may lead to Immunodeficiency. The ability of the immune system to fight against several infectious diseases is not present in Immunodeficiency. Some examples of Immunodeficiency disorder include; AIDS, leukemia etc.


What could be a better opportunity for viruses and other infections to manifest if they are provided with the combination of cold weather, sluggish immune response and low Vitamin D levels. Well, winter is here and it provides the same opportunity for various flu and allergies. The decreased level of Vitamin D in the body and persistently cold environment will force the person to stay indoors which leads to lack of physical activity and also reduces the proper functioning of the body tissue and thus ultimately leads to reduction in immunity and making the body more susceptible to infections.


बलिनः शीतसंरोधाद्वेमन्ते प्रबलानलः। भवत्यलपेधनो धातुनः स पचेद्वायुनेरितः।। (अष्टांग हृदय सूत्र स्थान ३/१७-१८)

This shloka means, Due to the obstruction offered by external cold climate in the person with a strong body built as the heat is not able to escape from the body which results in increase in “Jatharagni”. Then if a little quantity of food item is supplied to increase Jatharagni, it will increase more and start digesting the other dhatus (body tissues). This will cause Vata prakopa janya dhatu kshaya. (i.e. depletion of body tissue due to Vata dosha vitiation) which ultimately leads to “ Oja kshaya” i.e. decrease in immunity.

Basic Methods of Ayurveda to Increase Immunity

1. General Measures

  • Daily practice of pranayama, Yogasana, Meditation for at least 20 minutes.
  • Some spices are commendable in cooking for example: Jeera (cumin), Haldi (Turmeric), Lehsun (Garlic) and Dhaniya (Coriander).
  • Drink plenty of warm water.

2. General Ayurvedic measures to increase immunity

  • (Turmeric milk) once or twice a day.
  • Use of Rasayana such as Chyawanprash in the morning.
  • Use of Kadha or Herbal tea made from various herbal ingredients such as; Dalchini (Cinnamon), Tulsi (Basil), Kali Mirch (Black pepper), Shunthi (Dry ginger) and Munakka (Raisin).


Planet Ayurveda provides 100% pure and safe herbal remedies such as, “Ayurveda Immunity Combo” to increase or boost up the immunity of the body. Planet Ayurveda’s products are natural and free from any kind of binder, preservatives, colors etc.

Herbal Remedies suggests by our experts to increase the immunity of body

  1. Ashwagandha Ghan vati
  2. Giloy Ghan vati
  3. Shwas Ambu chai
Herbal Remedies for Low Immunity
Herbal Remedies for Low Immunity

Full description of herbal remedies suggests by our experts

1. Ashwagandha Ghan vati

Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera) is responsible for the improvement of the body’s defense against the various infectious diseases by improving the cell mediated immunity. Because of its antioxidant property it is also responsible for the protection of cellular damage caused by free radicals. Ashwagandha acts as a nerve tonic which enhances physical as well as mental stamina. This is also known as Winter cherry that is helpful in building up immunity.

Dosage: 2 tablets twice daily with plain water after meals.

2. Giloy ghan vati

Giloy (Tinospora cordifolia) is an important herb used to increase the immunity of the body. It is used to make the immune system stronger as well as the respiratory system. Besides increasing immunity it is also responsible to fight against infectious diseases at a faster rate. One of the most helpful properties of Giloy is its anti- pyretic nature, which means it can be used in the treatment of various life threatening fevers such as Malaria, Dengue etc. It is also responsible for the purification of blood.

Dosage: 2 tablets twice daily with plain water after meal.

3. Shwas Ambu chai

Planet Ayurveda provides Shwas Ambu Chai made up of various herbal ingredients such as: i. Ginger or Adrak: Ginger (Zingiber officinale) is perfect immunity booster due to the active agent present in the ginger i.e. “Ginger”. Vasa (Adhatoda Vasica) is used to increase the immunity of the body. Main active agent present in Vasa is vasicine. Dalchini:Dalchini (Cinnamomum Zeylanicum) is also known as an immune stimulator. Dalchini is also used due to its Antioxidant property. Lavanga or Clove: Clove (Syzygium Aromaticum) is used to enhance the humoral immune response. Tulsi (Ocimum Sanctum) is responsible for enhancement of the natural killer cells and T- helper cells activity and boost up the immune system. Marchia (Piper Nigrum) contains Vitamin C which obviously increases immunity. It also has Anti-Inflammatory and Antibacterial properties. The combination of all these ingredients are used in Shwas Ambu chai; a great immunity booster.

Dosage– 1 cup twice a day


At the end of this article we can see that lack of immunity may cause several types of Immune System related diseases. In Ayurveda, Herbal remedies are the perfect immunity booster and are used to enhance the immunity. Herbal medications used to enhance immunity have no any kind of side effects. Herbal medicines are made up of 100% pure herbs that may lead to more effectiveness.

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