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Feeling unusual with your urinating habits lately? Does your bladder betray you with wrong yet strong pressure to pass urine and make you end up in passing urine in very little quantity along with burning sensations? Though these symptoms could indicate multiple illnesses related to the urinary system, it could be recurrent cystitis hidden under. Presence of blood in urine accompanied by pelvic discomfort can confirm this condition. Urinary system always requires your special attention and must be cared for accordingly. Recurrent cystitis can be treated easily with Ayurveda and can be healed rightly in the most natural ways possible.

recurrent cystitis

What Is Recurrent Cystitis

Recurrent cystitis is usually defined as the urinary tract infection (UTI) that is caused by bacterial invasion which occurs as episodes. It usually affects the lower part of the urinary tract and causes several inconveniences and associated secondary clinical conditions to the patients. This leads to resolving associated medical conditions or illness as well. This ultimately leading to or presenting externally as inflammation of the urinary bladder or of other parts of the urinary system as well is mainly found in women. This condition can occur in both men and women too. Prolonged usage of urinary bladder catheters and other kidney infections involving bacterial roles can all lead to recurrent cystitis. Sexual intercourse is also considered as a reason for bacterial infections of the urinary bladder in women.

Know The Signs And Symptoms

Recurrent cystitis actually include common symptoms of cystitis though can be easily looked for by noticing most of them mentioned below.

  • Feeling pressure in the abdominal region.
  • Urge to urinate frequently yet pass very less amount.
  • Presence of blood in the urine.
  • Urine with a pungent odor.
  • Cloudy appearance of urine.
  • Low fever along with urinary troubles.
  • Severe pain in my back.
  • UTI accompanied by nausea or vomiting.

How Does It Mostly Affect Women

Though there aren’t properly defined reasons, still recurrent cystitis is mainly found in women. Some of the reasons are as follows:

  • Use of spermicides can cause infections leading to cystitis.
  • In women during post menopause, the estrogen level decreases gradually and that results in loss of tissue strength in organs. When this leads to loss of tissue strength in the urinary bladder and associated areas, chances of cystitis increases.
  • Use of diaphragms during protected sex is said to increase chances of recurrent cystitis.
  • Not emptying your urinary bladder after sex.
  • Other than these urinary diseases like kidney stones and often occurring UTI (urinary tract infection) can lead to cystitis as well.
  • Hormonal changes in pregnant women can also lead to urinary tract infections (UTI).

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Though consulting a physician is always the best option, there are certain habits which you can try out easily if you find yourself troubling with urinary infections or to keep it simply healthy always. These can be adopted even when you diagnose signs of cystitis by yourself or your close ones.

  • Drinking plenty of water or taking in a good amount of fluids is the very first and key step to follow as a routine. This is insisted by the physicians to flush out the bacteria that have invaded the urinary system. After all, consumption of water is always good for your body.
  • Avoid using applications on your genital areas like scents or other birth control accessories in females like spermicides. It’s always better to consider the opinion of a physician before using such products.
  • Urinate frequently and always try to not pause the urge.
  • Consumption of cranberry juice is considered as the best option to remove bacteria from your body.
  • Keep your body, especially your intimate areas clean and germ free always.

How Does Ayurveda Help To Cure Recurrent Cystitis

Undoubtedly Ayurveda is the most traditional medical line that has always helped its followers and admirers to build a healthy body and mind since ages. Its experience and victory, being the same age, has never failed to satisfy the health of people. Such a medical line would be the best for you to cure recurrent cystitis as it will help you not only to cure this disease but also to keep your urinary system healthy in the most possible way. Consulting an Ayurveda physician, you would be introduced to many daily life routines and the best of Ayurveda packs to come out of cystitis. Let’s look into the most effective ayurvedic pack for recurrent cystitis by Planet Ayurveda.

Recurrent Cystitis care pack includes:

  1. Chandraprabha Vati
  2. Kanchnaar Guggul
  3. Rencure Formula
  4. Mutrakrichantak Churna

(dosage might alter according to your physician’s prescription)

recurrent cystitis care pack
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Products Description

1. Chandraprabha Vati

This pure vegetarian formulation by Planet Ayurveda is the best drug to clear your urinary system as it mainly focuses on kidney health. Since it additionally supports reproductive health, would be the best for women. Patients of high BP are advised to take the drug as per your doctor’s prescription.

Dosage: 2 tablets, two times a day.

2. Kanchnaar Guggul

This herbal formulation mainly functions to expel toxins out of your body and hence support your urinary system. This product by Planet Ayurveda is tested to be vegetarian and free of artificial colors. People with sensitive stomachs are advised to take this drug only as per your doctor’s prescription.

Dosage: 2 tablets, two times a day.

3. Rencure Formula

This is a very effective herbal formulation prepared according to ancient recipes. This is considered as the best herbal formulation for kidney health as it’s involved in keeping the associated diseases away. This preparation by Planet Ayurveda is tested to be free from artificial additives. It supports both urinary and reproductive systems.

Dosage: 2 tablets twice a day.

4. Mutrakrichantak Churna

Functioning to protect urinary tract health, this herbal formulation has been used as one of the best medicines for recurrent cystitis by physicians. It’s also involved in maintaining the overall health of the body. It is tested as 100% vegetarian and free from artificial additives by Planet Ayurveda.

Dosage: 1 tbsp in warm water or as per your doctor’s prescription.


The body toxins should be shown the right way out at the right timings. That is in fact one of the best ways to keep your urinary system’s health under regulation. Keeping yourself hydrated and following an ayurvedic lifestyle will only bless you with longevity. Let’s flush out toxins and bring in health with Ayurveda! In case of any query kindly visit

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