How to Treat Stargardt Disease Through Ayurveda


The eyes are an important organ for your body and health. They allow you to see and enjoy beautiful nature. But some eye diseases are so serious that they can cause permanent or temporary vision loss. One of those diseases is Stargardt Disease. Stargardt Disease is a genetic eye disease in which vision loss starts in childhood, but in many conditions, if the condition is managed on time with ayurvedic medicines then they may not lose vision until they are adults. Though it is a rare genetic disease, it can only be managed and not cured due to the involvement of genes. In this article, we will discuss various causes, symptoms, and ayurvedic management of Stargardt Disease


Stargardt Disease is described as a condition in which fatty tissue accumulates on the macula. The macula is a small part of the retina that controls the central vision by translating the light into an image. Vision loss is found in children from childhood (birth to 6 or 12 years of age), whereas the symptoms also start in adulthood. In the beginning of fatty material accumulation on the macula, a blurred and distorted vision is seen. This is a sign of the beginning of Stargardt Disease, the precautions and methods to control further vision loss should be done quickly. There is no cure for Stargardt Disease, but the vision can be managed with the help of various methods and therapies.

symptoms of Stargardt Disease

Ayurvedic Aspect

Pitta doshas subtype ‘Alochak Pitta’ is the main dosha that is seated in the macula of the eye and controls its proper functioning. Any disturbance or aggravation in the Pitta dosha will hinder the image and central vision process. The Pitta dosha vitiation occurs due to the wrong lifestyle and Apathy Ahar Sevan (Unhealthy and improper diet intake). Pitta is seated in the eyes and Alochak Pitta is in the macula (Retina) of the eye. Any aggravation in Pitta leads to disturbance in Alochak Pitta and all remaining four Pittaj subtypes that show various abnormal symptoms in the body functioning. Dietary modification and pacification of Pitta dosha are done to normalize the functioning of the eyes. Pitta Shamak herbal drugs are prescribed to the patients along with many external therapies for better results and good vision health. 


The cause of Stargardt Disease is genetic

  • Vitamin A deficiency
  • Absence of gene ABCA4
  • Excess accumulation of fatty material on the macula


Common symptoms of Stargardt Disease are

  • Vision loss is seen in childhood (Peripheral vision loss)
  • Central loss of vision
  • Black spots in the center of the vision 
  • Light sensitivity
  • Color blindness
  • Eyes need time to focus


The diagnosis is done physically through

  • Eye examination with dilatation
  • Color vision testing
  • Fundus photography
  • Genetic testing
  • Electroretinography (ERG)
  • Optical coherence tomography (OCT)


There is no particular treatment and cure for Stargardt Disease in modern pathy but some methods are taken to manage/ slow down vision loss.

  • Vitamin A supplements
  • Low vision aids
  • Rehabilitation

Ayurvedic treatment

Ayurveda treatment for Stargardt Disease includes many treatment modalities. These measures are prescribed for the recovery of patients. It manages the overall vision condition of the patient in maximum cases-

1. Panchkarma therapies

Panchkarma therapies are done to increase vision and strengthen the eyelids and other surrounding muscles by nourishing the nerves around the eyes. Aschyotana, Akshi tarpana, Putpaka, Netr dhara, etc therapies are performed to improve eye health naturally.

2. Anjana

A herbal lepa is applied on the waterline of the eyes, which controls vision loss.

3. Yoga

Certain yogasanas also strengthen the eyes and improve vision, such as Tratak.

Herbal remedies for Stargardt Disease by Planet Ayurveda

These ayurvedic medicines are used to manage vision loss in the patient. Planet Ayurveda provides effective management for Stargardt Disease. Planet Ayurveda is a herbal manufacturing company in India. The company is internationally certified and people worldwide are consuming the medicines. The medicines are prepared according to the ancient methods that are briefly laid by the government in their guidelines. Planet Ayurveda provides various medications for the management of Stargardt Disease-

Herbal Supplements for Stargardt DiseaseHerbal Supplements for Stargardt Disease

1. Brahmi Ghrit

This herbal ghrita is used to improve intelligence, and balance all three doshas. It is prepared with Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri), Danti (Baliospermum montanum), Saptala (Acacia sinuata), Kumihara (Embelia ribes), etc. The ghrit improves learning skills, memory, stress, and speech techniques, in children. This is very beneficial for children suffering from Stargardt Disease.

Dosage-  Take 1 tablespoon twice a day after meals.

2. Angel Eye Vitale Under Eye Nourishing Cream

This patent cream of Planet Ayurveda is specially manufactured for its application beneath the eyes on the delicate area. It contains Badam ka tel (Almond oil), Vitamin E, Grape seed oil, and many other ingredients that will nourish the eyes and better the eye’s health. This cream can be used by people of all skin types.

Method of Application- Apply and massage the cream under the eyes twice daily.

3. Saptamrit Loha

This ayurvedic formulation is prepared from Loha Bhasma (Iron calx), Mulethi (Glycyrrhiza glabra), Triphala (Amalaki, Vibhitaki, and Haritaki). The tablets balance Pitta dosha in the body which is very helpful in managing the general health of the eyes, treating anemia, any inflammation, and vision related problems. These tablets are highly prescribed for the management of eye problems such as glaucoma, cataract, myopia, night blindness, color blindness, and other skin and digestion-related issues. The intake of tablets will ease the symptoms of color blindness, and progressive vision loss in Stargardt Disease.

Dosage– Take 2 tablets twice daily.

4. Kamdudha Ras Moti Yukt

This ayurvedic formulation contains Mukta Bhasma (Purified pearl), Shuddha Gairik, Giloy satva (Tinospora cordifolia), etc. It helps to balance Pitta dosha in the body, thus will manage all the eye and vision-related problems. Thus these pills are very beneficial in managing vision loss in children with Stargardt Disease.

Dosage- Take 2 pills twice daily. 

5. Amalaki Rasayan

This rasayan consists of pure extracts of Amla (Emblica officinalis). As amla is a rich source of natural vitamin c, it acts as an antioxidant. The tablets are used to keep eyes healthy and reduce eye stains, eye fatigue, blurred and distorted vision-like symptoms, burning sensation in the eyes, and several other issues of the eyes. Capsules have rejuvenating properties and are highly recommended in eye diseases including cataracts, glaucoma, Stargardt Disease, etc.

Dosage- Have a capsule twice daily with water.

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Above mentioned ayurvedic medicines and therapies are efficient enough to control vision loss and other associated complications of eyes in Stargardt Disease. Our doctors are constantly working on the management of the progression of such diseases. The treatment provides relief to the patients safely, without side effects. For safe and better ayurvedic management and any related queries

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