Feeling like you miss your active sexual life with your partner these days? A tiring day which used to end with good moments along with your partner would have gradually turned into something not your really into. Probably you feel inactive physically as age passes by. You feel too old to refresh your chemistry with him or her. Probably you have been trying to improve yourself physically every day but you find yourself mentally taken away from that cheesy moment. Some of you would have started blaming your age when the intercourse becomes painful or difficult. Being a 40 plus women, you find it hard to satisfy your partner’s sexual desire like you used to do before or your body might be failing you to complete the intimate fun rides you used to go for before.


Menopause can be confirmed when you haven’t had a monthly period in 12 months and the years preceding it, known as perimenopause. You may notice that your libido, or sex drive, changes as you approach menopause. During this period what happens is that, your estrogen levels drop. Menopause can have a number of negative effects on libido. Your testosterone and estrogen levels both drop throughout menopause, making it more difficult to become aroused. This modification can create a significant impact on your sexual function. It can decrease your desire and make it more difficult to become aroused. Reduced hormone levels are the most common cause of decreased libido following menopause. It can also cause the vaginal canal to become less elastic and induce dryness, which can make intercourse uneasy. Lower estrogen levels cause a decrease in blood circulation to the vaginal area, which might impact vaginal lubrication.



Having good libido, reaching maximum satisfaction, sex that doesn’t cause infections, not being prone to severe STDs (sexually transmitted diseases), not having dangerously many partners and taking proper care and cleanliness regarding genitals of intercourse are signs of healthy sex life. Good sex life always comes with good immune system, low blood pressure, better heart health, good libido and better sleep.


It does decrease the estrogen levels and causes vaginal discomfort but besides that there are certain other health situations that accompany it. Even in the case of physical activities, arousal could be affected very badly. It can also cause vaginal atrophy, or thinning of the vaginal wall. Sleeplessness, mood swings, headache, anxiety, stress, urinary bladder troubles, weight gain etc. There are also chances for vaginal tumors or other severe abnormalities to occur. Lack of sexual pleasure can put some of the women in mental depressions or disturbances as well. Genital infections might also appear.  


Never panic or lose hope if you find yourself losing pace of making love or interested in physical pleasure like before as you approach menopause. Know that every women’s desire on sex and life would be very different depending on how the mental and physical constituents are arranged in. Understand that as you get start with your menopause, its normal for you to feel aversion to sex. Know that it’s not simply you but your hormones playing with your mind and moods. Probably communicating this with your partner will help you work on your chemistry. Adopting relaxation tricks like sensual massaging, trying different positions while intercourse and masturbation can help you to a good extent. It’s good to hope for your needs as your sexual intimacy can be brought back anytime and that’s why we recommend the best medical line ever, which is Ayurveda. Ayurveda, the science which has made people try on from home remedies to highly sophisticated herbal formulations to heal their ailments. Tradition has always stayed as a trustworthy custom to everyone and nothing carries it better than Ayurveda.


To start with, its always good if you try consulting an Ayurveda doctor and communicating it rightly. According to Ayurveda, sex is one among the 3 pillars essential for existence of life. The branches of Ayurveda like vajikarana chikitsa or vrishya chikitsa, related to the name, is based on improving your libido and maintaining your sexual health. These issues can be treated naturally, you should get to know more about it as Ayurveda offers many herbal formulations that can make wonders in your life. Read along to get introduced to the important drugs and formulations.

Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera)

Being a nervous controller or soother, it helps women in menopause to relax leading to improvement in sexual desire and also helps in arousing oneself. This drug is also said to cure vaginal dryness.


Though hard to believe, ladies’ finger (Tribulus terrestris) has proven to be good to elevate your libido and sexual desires in menopausal women.

Fenugreek (Trigonella foenumgraecum)

Just like any other ayurvedic traditional herb, fenugreek is good for general health while it is also said to help women in arousal and vaginal dryness. Also involved in regulating mood swings.


This is a herbal formulation that has the basic content as a radish like root vegetable since ancient times. It helps to heal sexual dysfunction in females and also reduces anxiety and stress. Hence this becomes the best product for women at menopause.

Red clover (Trifolium pratense)

This drug is highly recommended one by gynecologists as it improves your sexual health and aids in maintaining libido and overall mood. Hence this can be one among the best choices for women heading to or in menopause.

Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus)

This herb, considered as the women’s tonic, is said to be effective for female sterility, increase libido and promote ovulation. This is also used as anti-inflammatory to sex organs.

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Other than the above-mentioned herbal formulations, there could be medications with which a good Ayurveda physician can help you to overcome your problems related to menopause and sex life. Going through tough sex life is natural and can be solved. Don’t let age be a barrier or bother to you. Get to know Ayurveda and satisfy yourself.

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