Herbal Remedies for Cheyletiellosis Treatment


Cheyletiellosis is a disease that occurs in cats, rabbits, dogs and in humans. The causative organism of this disease is Cheyletiella yasguri in the dogs, in cats Cheyletiellia blakei and in rabbits is Cheyletiella parasitovorax the disease is also named as Walking dandruff’, due to skin scales being carried by mites. The disease is more commonly seen in the areas where the fleas are less prevalent. This disease is transmitted by direct contact with the affected organisms. In animals parasites are very common and some of them stay at skin level and others are present internally. These parasites irritates the skin and results in itching, flaky skin and pruritus. Let’s discuss in detail about cheyletiellosis and its ayurveda treatment by herbal remedies.



Cheyletiellosis is the highly contagious disease which is spread by the parasites that occurs in the animal’s body. The disease mainly occurs in cats, dogs and rabbits, but the condition may also occur in humans because cats and dogs are very close to humans so these animals spread this disease in humans. This condition is also known as the ‘Walking dandruff’ because there is an appearance of large mites. In Ayurveda three main doshas are very important ie. Vata, Pitta and Kapha and if any disease occurs in the body that is because of the imbalance of tridosha. In this disease aggravation of Vata dosha causes flaky skin, aggravation of Pitta dosha results in redness and swelling and aggravation of the Kapha dosha results in itching.

Cheyletiellosis in Humans

Cheyletiellosis in humans is caused by the direct contact with their pets. In humans the disease results in excessive itching over trunks, buttocks and back and there is also a presence of red patch over the skin.


  1. The disease is caused by parasites and  mainly occurs in dogs, cats and rabbits etc.
  2. Humans are affected by the animals.
  3. In Ayurveda the disease occurs due to the aggravation of the Tridosha ie. Vata, Pitta and Kapha.
  4. It is also called as ‘Walking dandruff’


Causes of this disease mainly involves

  1. The main causative organism of the disease is ‘ Cheyletiella  yasguri’.
  2. In humans, direct contact with pets is the main cause.

Sign and Symptoms

Symptoms in animals includes

  1. Scales on skin
  2. Hair loss
  3. Excessive itching
  4. Dandruff
  5. Scurf

Symptoms in human are

  1. Itchy red skin
  2. Itching over buttocks, trunk and all over the back.


Physical Examination

Physical examination is used to check the level of the disease.

Skin Biopsy

Skin biopsy is also done for the investigation of the specific organism.


In the management of Cheyletiellosis the topical products mainly include: Fipronil spray(not used in rabbits), Selenium sulphide shampoo and limes sulphur. These medicines are helpful in management of Cheyletiellosis.

Ayurvedic Overview of Cheyletiellosis

Ayurveda is a science which not only heals humans, but ayurveda also serves animals. As we know that Cheyletiellosis is a highly contagious disease and spreads by parasites to animals (dogs,cats etc). In humans this disease is spreading through pets. In Ayurveda there is no such kind of reference which suggests the management of the animals. But some of the Ayurvedic physicians had explained about the structure, functioning and management of the animals. In Ayurvedic point of view this disease is caused by Jivanu (ie. parasite).

As relation with the Tridoshas, the condition is mainly characterised by aggravation of Vata, Pitta and Kapha dosha. Due to aggravation of Vata dosha Flaky skin occurs, aggravation of pitta involves: in swelling and redness and Kapha dosha aggravation results in excessive itching. In the management of this disease Ayurveda works on the aggregated dosha’s, Ayurveda produces some herbal remedies which pacify the aggravated dosha’s. Some of the Ayurvedic formulations are: Mahamanjisthadi ghan vati, Khadirarishta, Mahamanjishthadi kwath, Chopchini pak, Nimbadi kwath and Suranjan avaleha etc. these all medicines are very effective in the management of the cheyletiellosis.

Herbal Remedies for Cheyletiellosis by Planet Ayurveda

Planet Ayurveda produces herbal remedies of Cheyletiellosis which have their great effect on this disease. These herbal remedies are pure, natural and have non side effects. The formulations are formulated under MD. Ayurveda experts, these formulations work on the aggravated dosha, and pacify the imbalanced doshas. The disease is prevented by making hygiene ie. by proper bath, healthy food and healthy clothes etc. Planet Ayurveda’s herbal remedies are listed below which are very effective in this disease and also boosts the immunity.

Product List

  1. Kaishore Guggul
  2. Gandhak Rasayan
  3. Dermo Plan Syrup
  4. Mahamanjisthaghan Vati
herbal remedies for Cheyletiellosis



This herbal formulation mainly works to maintain healthy skin. Ingredients involved in this formulation are: Vidanga (Embelia ribes), Haritaki (Terminallia chebula), Ginger (Zingiber officinale), Red physic nut (Baliospermum montanum) and Guduchi herb (Tinospora cordifolia) etc. These ingredients are present in this formulation which makes the skin healthy and also improves the immune system.

Dosage: 2 tablets twice daily after meal with plain water


Gandhak Rasayan is the formulation made by a single herb and consists  of ingredients namely:  Shuddha Gandhak (Purified Sulphur). This formulation has its great effect on this disease because Gandhak rasayan purifies the skin and removes all infectious agents from the skin, this formulation also provides smoothness to the skin and is very helpful in Cheyletiellosis. This product by Planet Ayurveda has great results in this disease.

Dosage: 2 tablets twice daily after meals with plain water.


As the name says of the syrup, it works on the purification of the skin and removes all infective agents. Ingredients involved in this formulation are: Sariva (Hemidesmus indicus), Khadir (Areca catechu), Giloy (Tinospora cordifolia), Neem (Azadirachta indica) and Shobhanjan (Moringa oleifera) etc. The formulation purifies the skin and also works on the blood purification.

Dosage: 2 TSP twice daily after meals with plain water.


This formulation has its great effect on Cheyletiellosis, helps in maintenance of good skin.The ingredient present in this formulation is: Mahamanjistha (Rubia cordifolia) The formulation also helps to maintain healthy blood circulation.The product purifies the blood and also regulates the healthy blood circulation.

Dosage: 2 tablets twice daily after meals with plain water.

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Cheyletiellosis is the condition which is mainly present in animals like rabbits, dogs etc. The condition is characterised by parasites and dogs, cats and other animals are very prone to parasites thus this disease rapidly transmits into these pets. The disease is transmitted by direct contact, In humans this disease is transmitted by their pets. This condition is very common and it’s better to manage this initially, and when disease progresses it’s quite difficult to manage. The disease is managed by taking proper hygiene, healthy food and by daily bath, taking daily showers nourishes the skin and removes the infection from the skin. As we have already discussed, In Ayurveda Cheyletiellosis occurs due to aggravated Vata, Pitta and Kapha dosha. Planet Ayurveda offers natural remedies for Cheyletiellosis, these medicines pacifies the aggregated doshas and also improves the immune system. Herbal remedies by Planet Ayurveda are pure,natural and has no side effects.

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